1. B

    Need receiver recommendations. Help!

    Hi there. New to the forums. Just got a really good deal on some Klipsch speakers and was looking for some recommendations on a receiver. I don’t mind buying second hand (used). It will be 5.1. Would like Apple airplay and Bluetooth for music from my apps as well as playing my QC 35 headphones...

    Help Support the Puppetoon Animation of George Pal on Blu-ray

    Coming! The Puppetoon Movie Volume 2! Your continued contributions are very much appreciated. Screen Credit for all Donors Details here: In the 1930s and 1940s, long before Academy Award®-winning genius George Pal made classic features like The Time...
  3. DeV1Se

    Need help configuring a TV / Soundbar / XBOX One

    Hi, new to the forum, hoping someone can offer some advice on how I can set up my TV / Soundbar / XBOX One X to get the full feature set. My setup is: LG 4K Smart TV (HDMI ARC, Optical - Not Atmos) LG Soundbar (Dolby Atmos, No 4K Passthrough) XBOX One X My predicament is that I got the...
  4. J

    Need help building Karaoke System

    I am looking into putting together a Karaoke System for my wife for Xmas. I got a Hisense 65" H9F, SVS speakers and sub and a very old Denon AVR-2803 receiver. I read it is not a good idea to connect karaoke to a good AVR/speaker system, as the speakers could be damaged. But this is for my...
  5. D

    Need help with atmos idea

    I just bought Klipsch r25fa which are standing front speakers with up firing speakers built into the top. I feel that I would do much better installing ceiling speakers. My question is can I remove the driver and horn from the r25fa and install them in the ceiling? Should I make a box for them...
  6. Dave_QP

    Problem with LG OLED55E6V Picture

    HI All I'm having a problem with a lighter bar top and sides of my LG OLED55E6V picture, it can't be seen all the time, is this something the picture cleaning will fix or do I need to go see the shop I bought it from? Any advice would be greatly appreciated :) Thanks Dave
  7. J

    Help needed with my new Sony X700 UHD player

    I picked it up today and went thru all the setup. It will not display the home screen, with all the apps. Any idea what could be the problem ? Thanks.
  8. JaredSD

    I could really use your help with panel positioning (I need to eliminate echo)

    First off, let me introduce myself. My name is Jared and I am newer to this site. I have loved home audio/video project for many years! I recently built a house, and it is the first time I have ever dealt with a high vaulted ceiling. There is quite an echo in the room, and it’s not cool. As you...
  9. Bob Furmanek

    Help Save Abbott & Costello’s AFRICA SCREAMS!

    Continue reading...
  10. D

    Need help setting up sound, please

    I have a Sony 65" tv and a Denon AVR-S720W receiver. I plug the cable cord from my wall to my Xfinity cable box. I connect an HDMI line from the cable box to port 2 in my tv (there is no part 1). I then connected an hdmi line from port 3 in my tv to the cable port in my receiver, but no...
  11. T

    SONY STR VA555ES (Gold) Firmware/Software/ UPDATE Help

    SONY STR VA555ES (Gold) Hello, Hy All... I need to be the last Software, FIRMWARE update to the SONY STR VA555ES Please give it to me link or uploaded file to the last firmware for SONY STR VA555ES Sony1_01 by TxJamfi posted Nov 24, 2019 at 9:32 AM
  12. Radioman970

    s-video to HDMI conversation help

    I need serious help with Christmas coming up since I have a big set of old Russian fantasy movie DVDs I love to watch this time of year. Some are PAL and I have to use my Phillips DVD/VHS to watch. But right now it's connected with composite and everything looks terrible. I have a big...
  13. J

    Help: upgrading to Atmos

    Planned system: TV = Samsung 78" Amp = Denon X3500H or X4500H Speakers = Klipsch RP-600M Sub = 1x SVS PC13 Ultra Center = Klipsch RP-504C Surround = Mission M7DS Bipolar Atmos Height 1 = 2x Klipsch in-ceiling CDT-3650-C II Atmos Height 2 = 2x Klipsch in-ceiling CDT-3650-C II Note1: This will be...
  14. MielR

    I need help identifying this 1976 TV variety show...

    I figured there is probably no better place to come than here for a crack team of TV experts who can identify which TV variety show this was. It's a photo of KC and the Sunshine Band circa 1976, and I'm wondering if anyone recognizes the distinctive curved pillars on the set? Thank you!
  15. A

    Help Me Find 3 lost/rare episodes of Bear in the Big Blue House

    If anyone can help me find 3 lost bear in the big blue house episodes, I will compensate them somehow. My kid loves this show and I am trying to find the last 3 episodes that are lost. Season 4 Episode 13 - Appreciation Day Season 5 Episode 3 - Great Ball of Firefighters Season 5 Episode 4 -...
  16. C

    no sound - I'm at a total loss, please help

    Little rundown..... I have a Denon Receiver AVR-1513. I have an LG 55LN5100 TV At one point, I had my TVCable box, PS3, and DVD player all hooked up. When I changed source, the sound would come through the surround sound speakers, and not through the TV, unless I had the stereo off. Which...
  17. bagheera74

    Need help deciding between Klipsch RP600 and Martin Logan 35XT

    Hello All, I was able to audition the ML 35XT at a magnolia this weekend. I was comparing it to the amazing KEF R3 which is way out of my budget. I actually found that I preferred the Martin Logans because I like the airy trebel sound over the warm filled out mid range that the R3 is able to...
  18. A

    Need help with subwoofer Altec Lansing Dell ADA-995

    i have Altec Lansing Dell ADA-995 what i would like to know is if i could put a Y splitter on the Front Left and Front Right going to the Sub Out on a Reciever, and is this safe to do?
  19. Adry007

    New Member and I need help

    Hi all, This is my first post and I'm new to all the Hts so here come my first question I about to buy this 5.1 system: heco vogue but I'm wondering if I need to buy an AV receiver or I can just connect it directly from the TV via RCA output? Thanks in advance
  20. Frodo88

    HT-E6750 Help

    Hi, I purchased this system several years back and it was good, recently moved house and went to set it up but I've lost the manual (which I've found the download for) and the calibration cable. As a result I'm not sure how I can set it up... Is there a procedure that I can go through to...
  21. Arthur S

    A little help with Pay Pal Friends and Family...

    I sold a piece of gear and need to finalize payment. Can anyone help me to understand if I can use Pay Pal Friends and Family?
  22. N

    Installed home audio wiring help

    Hello, My in-laws contractor installed ceiling speaker inside and outside and ran all the wiring for home audio. Four white jacketed speaker wires and a black jacketed wire go from laundry (where receiver will be) to an outlet in the den by light switches. Also, three blue and three black cat...
  23. S

    Home Theater Help

    What are you looking for (Speakers, Subwoofer or Both)? Both Primary Use: 30% Music, 70% TV & Movies Desired Configuration: 5.1 to 7.1 Room Size: 18x12 Is the room open to other areas of your home: No Do you already have an AV receiver or amplifier? No What's your budget (low to high)...
  24. Divyam

    Ideal Viewing distance help - 135/150 inch screen

    Hi all, I am planning to build a dedicated HT with a 7.2.4 setup. My room size is 21 ft x 15 ft x 9 ft. I will use the room for movies, music and games (33% each) My final components are as follows: Projector JVC DLA NX7 Screen Elite AR150H2-AUHD / Elite AR135H2-AUHD Receiver Marantz 8012...
  25. H

    Advanced Atmos Configuration Help Needed

    Hello all, thank you for your time. I really need help from some serious home theatre audiophiles, with my atmos configuration. I have read many forums and many people’s 2 cents, and I’m still stumped. I am hoping to do 5.2.4. My home theatre space is 21 feet long by 13 feet wide, with a...
  26. John*Wells

    Need Help picking a web TV Choice

    I moved back to Florida in May (Tampa Bay area) . i am living with friends and bought a Roku TV. Between Sling, Hulu and Youtube, which one is best for live TV? IM leaning to youtube because it seems to have the most Sports Networks Espn Sec Net and so on .. I have youtube Premium for 9.99 Per...
  27. R

    Need Help Identifying DVD Case Style

    Hello all, I need some help identifying what kind of DVD case this is and if you know of any manufacturers or suppliers who still produce them. (See attached pictures). The case reminds me of those old Disney VHS Molded plastic clam shell cases, but I am having no luck finding something...
  28. C

    new house that has speaker system. I need help figuring it out

    I moved into a new house, it was a model home in the past in the community. I found that there are built in speakers in 3 different rooms. Downstairs, there is a cabinet with wires for the speakers (I need to figure those out too). But we also noticed that there is a wifi being transmitted in...
  29. V

    Help me adjusting my projector

    I am mounting Optoma WU515ST to a ceiling and currently I am getting this shape. Please help me how do I adjust my projector so that the shape becomes square rectangle? Please see my attached image. The white grid lines is the current showing. I like it to be like the red rectangle
  30. R

    Newbie Needs Help Please

    ello All! Well we are closing on our house at the end of June and for the first time ever we have a dedicated theater room. We have had Magnolia come out and they were way to expensive $25K. Unfortunately I don’t know any of my friends who have theater rooms so I cant pick there brains or go...
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