1. P

    Help with dimensions for a new home theater setup

    I am trying to purchase my first projector. We have a dedicated room with no windows. I have been dreaming about the LG HU80KA. I just measured my wall for a 150" screen. That's so big. I don't think I realized. I'm wondering if there are resources for how far away to sit and...
  2. RickyG512

    Atmos Setup: Rear sound coming out with the front, Please Help! :(

    Hi Guys, I have a Yamaha RX-A3070 AV Receiver and suffering from major atmos problems which is super super frustrating, please help! In reality, I have 5.1.2 Speakers, my 2 Atmos speakers are in-ceiling speakers firing down. On the amp I have it set to 5.2.2 Bi-Amp where it notices I don't...
  3. JT643

    Help With Dolby Atmos and Apple TV

    I am trying to get Dolby Atmos out of my new Vizio Atmos soundbar. Here is my hardware: Apple TV 4K Vizio Soundbar (SB36512) Eiki Projector (1080P - HDMI in only) My problem is that I can’t get an HDMI audio signal from my Apple TV and also to my projector. I have tried an HDMI splitter, but...
  4. J

    I need help with subwoofer compatibility

    So here is my problem I recently upgraded my subwoofer in my home theater and thats all good and all but if possible i would like to connect the old sub to my receiver in my office the only problem it that my receiver in my office does not have a subwoofer out (LFE) and the sub only has an LFE...
  5. D

    Need help with Impedance settings for Zone 2 with multi-room and in-wall volume knobs

    Hello, I have a speaker system installed when we built our home that includes a total of 8 speakers (Yahama with 8 ohm) and these are controlled in different rooms by 6 volume knobs (details below). In the 7 years we've had our house, I have blown 3 receivers so I've come to the conclusion that...
  6. A

    Wall mount speaker placement - Need some help!

    Hi everyone, So I’m trying to finally install my speakers after 11 years in my place. I can’t handle the floor standing setup so I reworded everything and that has made a heck of a difference in sound quality, but I am torn as to where to mount the speakers on the wall. I am aiming to...
  7. P

    Need some help on selection and setup

    I'm looking to cap off my new living room setup with a decent sound system, but I'm getting lost in the maze. I don't update often, so I'm always a little behind on technology. To use with a 4k blu ray player, do you have to have 4k pass through capability? Or do they just link via the TV...
  8. Joe S

    Need help to ID this song

    Used in an ad for a local marketplace, this portion appears to have been snipped from some track. I'd like to hear the whole song!
  9. backstabby

    3 front speaker mounting help

    hey guys so im needing help on where to put my 3 dali phantom s180 in wall speakers, at first i was going to put 1 to the left and right side of my monitors and last one under the desk i have been told this is a terrible idea what about all 3 above the monitors tho? the height from my floor to...
  10. Jeffreybomb

    Floor Plan Design Help

    I've been lurking for a loooong time and I've finally got a basement large enough to make what I think could be a really cool home theater. That being said, I've searched Google recently and I can't seem to find a straightforward answer. Who can I consult to help me lay out a floor plan that I...
  11. J

    Need help on multi-room speaker system

    Hello, I am in desperate need of some help, I have found nothing on the topic through googling and I am far from tech-savvy. I am in the currently in the process of having a house built. The home builders are installing speakers in two rooms of the house, 2 speakers in the kitchen on the main...
  12. S

    Help getting back into HT

    Good day fellas. My name is Sean. I am new to the forums but not new to HT. Anyway. Here is my question. I am just starting a home theater again. I have had many nice systems over the years. So far i have a Pioneer Elite VSX-21txh klipsch RF-62 II mains. Klipsch R-12SW subwoofer. My center and...
  13. Mr645

    Help choosing a receiver (Pioneer, Marantz, Denon)

    Need to upgrade a Pioneer VSX-32 to something that can pass 4k. I am using external amplification so need pre outs for 7 channels. the front mains are bi-amped and I am actually running 5.1 speakers. Anyway, the Pioneer LX-503 has the preouts as do similarly priced models from Marantz SR5012...
  14. olddog

    Down to a choice of L-R Mains in wall choices. Need help please

    Room size 25X30. Denon X 3300W doing the driving. Budget 600.00 Here is what I am down to Elac IW D61 Bose 891 Polk 265RT Klipsh R5502 Wild card I have never heard of?? Earthquake EWS-LA63 your help as always appreciated
  15. Peter McM

    Help, please - Leawo and external LG player

    Can't get Leawo free version to interact with my LG external blu-ray drive. Cyberlink 12 did the trick until recently. Any suggestions?
  16. A

    New system. Need help

    New House has a pre installed system. I have speakers and a surround sound system as well, but my speakers just have speaker wire and the wall port looks like this.. .. Need help on what to use to get everything set up and working?
  17. greggor

    Need Harmony Elite help

    I Purchased the Harmony Elite with the hub this weekend. All my devices are programmed and they work but I'm having an issue with the activities not turning all of my devices on unless the remote is pointed directly at them. My components are hidden so this is a real hassle. I'm sure the...
  18. G

    Need help with projector enclosure mount

    Hello Guys! I baught a projector enclosure from Deertv and received it yesterday. Now I want to buy a tripod mount for the enclosure at 150 x 150 VESA. Can you please recommend some types or link from Ebay or Amazon? Your kind advice is very important for me. Thank you. Gary
  19. Glorfindel

    Need Help with HT layout in Large Fireplace-centric LR

    I recently moved into a new house and brought all of my old equipment with me. I've been holding off on upgrading until we moved because I didn't know what size or shape room I would be putting my HT in. Well, now we have the new house, I am completely flummoxed with how to set up a viewing...
  20. B

    Yamaha Music Cast help please

    I have a rx-v683 and a wxa-50. Does anyone know if there is a method for wirelessly connecting the devices to each other and sending audio from the rx-v683 to the wxa-50 WITHOUT using the app? Thank you!
  21. O


  22. S

    Need help with identifying this sub and amp

    I have absolutely no idea about this sub and amp, was given to me and I’m trying to figure out what it is. Maybe someone can help?
  23. T

    Help requested with Yamaha RX-A760 video issue

    Greetings, I’ve got a conundrum I’m hoping somebody can help with. I built an A/V setup in my classroom centered around a PC (my build: Windows 10 Pro w/ a GTX 750 GPU), a Yamaha RX-A760, and an Epson EX 9200 projector. The computer sends a signal via HDMI to the RX-A760, which then sends it...
  24. T

    Help with using Sony STR‑DN840 with Sony XBR 75X900E

    I recently purchased the XBR 75X900E and love the picture but am having a few issues with sound and communication when integrating it with my STR-DN840 receiver. System at this point is really simple. Samsung Blu-Ray player hooked via HDMI to receiver. HDMI out of receiver to HDMI input on...
  25. S

    I need help with this

    Amateur alert........Just bought the Panamax 5300 to protect $8000 worth of equipment but I over looked something. This unit has a 15 amp circuit on that back that trips if it goes over. My whole basement (including the cave) is wired to a 20 amp circuit. So does this mean I can’t hook this up...
  26. R

    Help: Equipment Powering up - LG Home Theater/HT356SD

    The system has been working very well but for the past 4 days, it has started misbehaving. When i try switching it on with either the remote control or with its manual button in front, it lights up and then goes off. to my surprise when you do that repeatedly it finally comes on but goes to the...
  27. P

    Help needed: Audio setup with existing kit

    Hi, I need to figure out how to best cable up the combination of my kit. I'm trying to avoid having to replace my existing home theatre sound system. I originally had the following: 42" Sony Bravia TV (did not support ARC, used digital output) Sony BDV-E4100 Home Cinema (recent purchase...
  28. Carabimero

    Pick the best six-word story

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  29. T

    Speaker Placement help- 2/3 rows of seating

    Hi all, We are building a new house and this is our second home theater. My first one I did myself as a newbie so I'm still learning. I will be wiring in all the speaker wire in a couple of weeks and I'm wondering how I should be placing my speakers. We have 2 rows of seating with another...
  30. D

    Dual 18" ported box help if possible

    hi, Looking to build a box or any idea for my current setup. Basically got these near new after a few car audio trades so would like to use them if possible ported. I currently have 2 18" Re XXX subs ( yes car subs but working great :) ) Currently in a sealed box, parallel to a single 4 ohm...