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Need help deciding between Klipsch RP600 and Martin Logan 35XT (1 Viewer)


Jun 30, 2019
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Bryan Dempsen
Hello All,

I was able to audition the ML 35XT at a magnolia this weekend. I was comparing it to the amazing KEF R3 which is way out of my budget. I actually found that I preferred the Martin Logans because I like the airy trebel sound over the warm filled out mid range that the R3 is able to produce as a 3 way speaker.

My problem is that I have watched the many stellar reviews of the Klipsch RP600 on youtube and it sounds like it checks all my boxes of what I want in my upgrade but I am unable to find a store that has these on display let alone an A/B test to pit them against the ML.

I currently have a JBL northridge N26 II which has a very small horn type surround on a metal dome tweeter. These speakers are nice but I was wanting something new. I like the claims behind the ribbon tweeter in that it is faster and able to produce more detail. I like the idea of trying out a new type of tweeter after being with the metal dome for the last 15 years.

I should also say that I live in an apartment and I do have a sub but I usually have to listen to my system at low levels so I do not disturb the people below me.

Has anyone been able to test these two side by side. What do you think i should go with?

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