New TCL 6-Series TVs with Dolby Vision Available May 1st

US-based TCL has announced what it claims to be ‘the most anticipated TV of 2018’, the new 4K UHD 6-Series, coming available by May 1st.  First made public at CES 2018 in January, the incredibly affordable Roku TV 6-Series ‘strengthens TCL’s  reputation for picture performance’, and will include increased Contrast […]

Downsizing Blu-ray Review

“An interesting failure” is how a fellow Home Theater Forum member Jake Lipson described Downsizing. And that’s a fair assessment. There are wonderful ideas at play and a unique perspective in exploring those ideas. But the film falters in its conceptual approach. There are many facets to Alexander Payne’s examination […]

The Maze 3D Blu-ray Review

The Maze, produced at Allied Artists with an obviously modest budget and brief production schedule, still proves to be a moody, involving little thriller, and the 3-D Film Archive has resurrected this shuddery tale with all of its most appealing qualities intact.

The Dark Crystal Blu-ray Review – Recommended

The Dark Crystal is a unique film, an original dark fantasy acted out completely by puppets. Created from the ideas of Jim Henson and images of Brian Froud, the movie tells the story of how two young gelflings on a distant planet journey to restore the shattered crystal of their world.   There are hints of Lord [...]

I, Tonya Blu-ray Review – Recommended

I, Tonya is a truly guilty pleasure. It’s certainly a very good movie, and it’s loaded with some great performances, particularly from Allison Janney. And it’s about a recent event in Olympic ice skating that most people still remember pretty well. And yet, one still walks away at the end of the experience feeling [...]

Decline in Pay TV Subscriptions = Increase in Digital Antennas

It might seem counter-intuitive in this era of on-demand entertainment and easy subscription services, but new data from market research firm Park Associates indicates that the percentage of US broadband households using digital antennas has been steadily increasing year-on-year, having reached a 20% residential deployment by the end of 2017. […]

The DVD day’s are numbered.

The DVD day’s are numbered. Just like the Laser Disc,VHS Tapes. I still like my movies & TV shows in my hand…Yes I have Amazon, Hulu, Warner Archives, NetFlix, FilmStruck. But i still buy DVD’s. Laser Disc. And have over 250 VHS tapes. But like the VHS Tapes & Laser Disc. […]

The Handmaid’s Tale Season One Blu-ray Review

Politically poignant, The Handmaid’s Tale is compelling, heartbreaking, enraging and angering television. A superb production supports a top-rate cast, led by Elizabeth Moss’ outstanding performance. It’s a cry against the savage mistreatment of others, railing against the heights (or rather, depths) of hypocrisy of those who claim the moral mantle […]

Weekly RoundUp 3-20-2018

  Where to find the Best Deals on Movies & TV Shows on 4k/UHD, Blu-ray and DVD…   The Features – Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle – 2017 – Pitch Perfect 3 – 2017   – The Passion of Joan of Arc – 1928 – Downsizing – 2017   – […]