Visiting Criterion Collection

For show notes, please visit our corresponding discussion thread.  Full Criterion visit documented in the podcast episode, available via the audio player below. Sam Posten and Home Theater Forum Co-Owner Ron Epstein visit Criterion Collection in New York.  Sam interviews Technical Director Lee Kline, Producer Abbey Lustgarten and Audio Supervisor […]

Austere releases slim 8K HDMI 2.1 cable

Portland-based Austere has introduced a new 8K HDMI 2.1 cable for “discerning” customers. This is the latest addition to the company’s portfolio of home entertainment accessories, and Austere promises the new cable is engineered to meet the highest standards of 8K UHD specifications, including a bandwidth of 48 Gbps and […]

VIZIO unveils SmartCast 4.0 and Voice Remote

VIZIO has announced SmartCast 4.0, the latest upgrade to the smart TV platform for streaming, system control, and entertainment sharing. The update should bring a faster, more personalized experience to SmartCast users allowing quicker access to entertainment options. The company is also introducing a new push-to-talk Voice Remote to make […]

THX: when the audience was listening

“We are the art gallery curators,” announced Tom Holman at the first home cinema dealer training I attended at Skywalker Ranch in Marin County, CA in July of 1995. Many readers will know that the mastermind behind THX (whose initials formed the ‘TH’ of the three-letter logo) probably contributed more […]

Ad Astra UHD Review

Marketing for Ad Astra appeared to suggest the central driving premise was baked around the search for life beyond the stars and a world-threatening event, but that isn’t really what the film is about. The threat to the solar system is a foundational layer upon which and entirely different journey […]

20th Century No Longer A Fox

Disney announced that it is dropping Fox from the names of the studios it recently acquire. Logo will also change. It will become 20th Century Studios. Not to be confused with 20th Century Pictures the studio that merged with Fox Films back in 1935. I would guess if they change […]

Room at the Top Blu-ray Review

The film that ushered in a new era in British filmmaking with its frank dialogue, earnest examinations of the class divide, and depictions of a looser sexual climate that was imminent in Western civilization was Jack Clayton’s Room at the Top.

All About Eve – Criterion Blu-ray Review

Few directors in Golden Age Hollywood were as literate as Joseph L. Mankiewicz. The younger brother of screenwriter Herman Mankiewicz, Joseph paid his dues as a screenwriter and producer for Paramount and MGM before arriving at Fox and getting the chance to direct as well. All About Eve, coming right […]