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Need help configuring a TV / Soundbar / XBOX One (1 Viewer)


Dec 17, 2019
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Carl Davies
Hi, new to the forum, hoping someone can offer some advice on how I can set up my TV / Soundbar / XBOX One X to get the full feature set.

My setup is:

LG 4K Smart TV (HDMI ARC, Optical - Not Atmos)
LG Soundbar (Dolby Atmos, No 4K Passthrough)

My predicament is that I got the Soundbar on a half price sale, was blown away by the Atmos spec for the price, but I didn’t understand the HDMI passthrough spec. I originally set this up so that the XBOX ran through the Soundbar via the HDMI passthrough, and the TV connects directly to the Soundbar via an optical cable.

It was only when I was playing on a game that usually looks great in 4K, and noticed the quality looked terrible. I checked the settings and found only 1080p was available. Seems my Soundbar doesn’t do 4K passthrough, so it looks bad but sounds great.

It’s a shame because this configuration was really seamless and worked great.

I’m wondering, is there a way of working around the 4K limitation? I can connect the optical from the XBOX to the soundbar, and then connect the HDMI out from the XBOX in your the rear of the TV. Now I have 4K and Atmos..... but then my TV is no longer connected to the soundbar. There is another socket on the back or the soundbar, which looks like a 3.5mm headphone jack.
I’d much prefer to just keep the TV Optical to the soundbar, and still connect the XBOX via HDMI. Would it be possible to use some type of HDMI splitter so that I can connect the XBOX to the HDTV for 4K, but also send another wire in to the soundbar so that I get the full benefit of Atmos through HDMI.

I know, the easiest solution is to just get a 4K passthrough atmos soundbar.... but when the ones I’m seeing for anything close to what I paid for this one are only half the spec, and more costly, I’d prefer to stick to what I already have. I just can’t live with the 1080p visuals on games when I’ve been enjoying 4K for so long.

Any help or suggestions are much appreciated

xx Brian xx

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Dec 18, 2017
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Connect the Xbox to the TV (HDMI) and the soundbar to the TV with an HDMI cable on the ARC input. Your soundbar can't actually play Atmos, it can only decode the signal and then it plays through 3 channels.


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