1. E

    Please help me figure out how to use my built-in home theatre speakers

    I have an older Sony Home Theatre (Model HCD-C-450) and I am hoping to use the built-in wall speakers of the house I recently bought. The wall plates are incredibly confusing and I'm not sure which connectors/adapters to use. The wall plate looks foreign to me, the jacks look like they require...
  2. battlebeast

    Help finding a cat movie

    I’m looking to find a movie about an old lady who keeps hundreds of cats all over her house, and in one scene she opens a closet and a bunch of cats hiss at her. It would have been no later than 1970. Any help would be great!
  3. G

    Help connecting DTV box to a Kenwood vr receiver

    I recently picked up a used Kenwood 1080VR receiver so I could run my TV sound through it. I have DirecTv and my TV is a Samsung UN32M5300AF. On the rear of the DTV box there is an orange digital audio port and of course a hdmi port. On the back of the TV there is an optical cable port. I...
  4. Kip P.

    Hoping All Can Help :-)

    Hi all, Kip P. here. Well, I have finally had it with commercial movies theaters -- noisy people, bad food smells, spilling drinks, cell phone talking, crowded lines, and more. I'm ready to go the home-theater route, and I need your help. I'll post in the newbie section, but basically, I...
  5. R

    Help with choosing monitors

    Hey all! I'm currenty looking to upgrade my monitors. I play / DJ vinyl and I'm looking to start taking production more seriously as well. I have 2x Audio-Technica LP 120s (original cartridges) and Allen & Heath 43C The room is about 3.8x6.5m and my desk is against one of the 3.8m walls with...
  6. T

    Marantz power help.

    So I have an old Marantz SR 7300 that I am having problems with. Plugged in, I see a red standby button. However when turning the unit on, you get a click a couple seconds pause, and then the unit turns back off. No display on the front or any other lights, sounds, etc. Thinking it was the...
  7. D

    Need help to calibrate my screen jvc dt-v 1710 cg

    Hi, I have buy a JVC jvc dt-v 1710 cg and i have reset the settings :( i have try to calibrate the screen with the good values but the result is very bad, can you help me ? i have these parameters: IMG_0531 by docasse posted Apr 28, 2019 at 7:57 PMIMG_0532 by docasse posted Apr 28, 2019 at 7:57...
  8. disctrip

    I need help with my Japan "Harry & Tonto" Blu=Ray

    Can anyone help me. I purchased the 'Harry & Tonto" Blu-Ray from Japan and I can't figure out how to remove the Japanese Sub-titles. The start up menu is all in Japanese.Please tell me there is a way.
  9. Dev62

    Sony STR-DH500 Setup Help

    Hey all, a friend just recently gave me his Sony home theater system and I was wondering if i could seek assistance on the audio front. I have 4 speakers hooked up via the surround sound ports on the back via speaker wire. I also have 4 HDMI devices hooked up and I have the HDMI output going to...
  10. E

    Help choosing amp for rear surround speakers for pioneer Vsx-39tx elite

    Have pioneer VSX-39TX ELITE what amp (affordable) would I need to power rear surround Klispsch T30's? Fronts are Klispsch KG4's Sides are Pioneer CS 911's Center phase tech Powered sub SA-W303 Very confusing trying too figure out amp, pre-amp, integrated, ect any help would be appreciated...
  11. Joe Caps

    Help twilight time song of bernadette

    Ii have been thinking of getting the now expensive twilight time version of
  12. B

    Help Planning 5.1 Surround Setup

    I'm planning an in-wall 5.1 surround sound setup for my game room. I have 4 Polk 265-RT speakers for front/backs and a Polk 255C-RT for the center channel. 65" TV. Game room layout attached or can be seen here: The wall where my TV will go is only about...
  13. Shane Come Back

    Projector Woes! Please Help! (Optoma HD143X)

    It's been awhile since I've posted anything here... My current projector that I've been using since 2006 - and still produces a DAMN good image for a 13 year-old, 720p native machine - is a Panasonic TH-AE900. It was considered the best projector in its class at the time. It's been thru a...
  14. A

    7.1 Side Surround Help!

    Hey everyone, I'm trying to figure out what would be best in a 7.1 setup for side surrounds. I currently have RC62, RF600 L+R, and R15Ms for my rears. I found a good deal locally used for RF82s ($500 CAD) which I was thinking I could move the 600s to the sides and use the 82s as mains. I also...
  15. flycaster

    Need help with new sound/video wiring

    Not sure where to post this need for help, but as it has to do with my Panny P50V10 (almost 10 years old and still has a beautiful picture,) why not here? Although my set has the capability of of accessing the internet and to stream, I have hardly ever used this function. Recently, my HOA...
  16. Alamoudi.moh

    Help to choose Onkyo HT-S7800 vs Yamaha RX-V 685 with build

    Hi all, I hope everyone is doing well and enjoying their weekends. I would like to upgrade my home theater set from my very basic LG to some of the mid-range sets. I have few options in mind, depending on where i live.Options are 1. Onkyo HT-S7800 2. Yamaha RX-V 685 with separate speakers...
  17. B

    Need help with speaker placement

    Good afternoon, We are rebuilding part of our master bedroom. The area we sleep in is raised two steps above the rest of the master bedroom. We have a pass through fireplace being installed and there are 5' wide steps on either side leading up to the sleeping area. I have attached a copy of...
  18. Dave>h

    Help - Subwoofer constant thumping

    Hi, Recently purchased an older M&K sub for my home theater. Has worked flawless until recently when it has developed a thump, like a heart beat. IT comes and goes. I haven't done a lot of experimenting but I have the following facts: 1) when I unplug the RCA connect to the sub, noise goes...
  19. S

    Need help in building an entertainment wall

    We just moved into a pre-owned house and we are looking at building an entertainment wall in the living room. The wall is 22 feet by 12 feet. We will get an 82 or 85 inch TV, since we will sit about 18 feet back. I have talked to stereo stores and wall designers, but neither offer good advice...
  20. P

    Help with new Vizio P55-F1and old Denon AVR-1613

    Just picked up a P55-F1 Vizio and having a devil of time getting it to work correctly with my Denon AVR. I have an old AVR-1613. Yes I know it doesn't support 4k but I don't have a 4k source yet other than streaming via the P55 options (Amazon, Vudu, etc). When I plugged everything in, I ran...
  21. T

    Help with AV receiver, I think?

    Hi, Was wondering if anyone here could help me please. I recently came across an old system which is a Bravia BDV-IT1000 (I believe) I have all the speakers and the sub but I can't find the receiver? Will any receiver work with these or could someone recommend one please? Not looking to spend...
  22. L

    Help with dimensions for a new home theater setup

    I am trying to purchase my first projector. We have a dedicated room with no windows. I have been dreaming about the LG HU80KA. I just measured my wall for a 150" screen. That's so big. I don't think I realized. I'm wondering if there are resources for how far away to sit and how far...
  23. J

    Help me please

    I was wondering if anyone knows who sings this song.. It's from the film captain Corellis mandolin and it's the "Carlo" scene in the tent while they are shaving etc... I can't find any information about this anywhere! I have found the scene video on YouTube but it doesn't tell me who sings it. I...
  24. Armand_Boivin

    New projector recommendations - help plz

    I currently have an epson home cinema 8350 projector, that i have had for 8yrs. I am looking to upgrade to a smart 1080p/4k projector to use with roku or amazon fire stick. It will be primarily used for tv/movies/console games. I would like something that will do well in a room that gets...
  25. Thornhill

    Need help incorporating a Fire TV Stick into an older setup

    Hello All, I’m looking for a little guidance here. I am having trouble incorporating a Fire TV Stick into my home theater setup which includes a 9 year old Panasonic Plasma model # TC-P58v10 and a 15 year old Rotel receiver model # RSX-1055. The specific problem I am having is getting...
  26. seanrt

    DTS Help or Guidance

    I have a Yamaha receiver that I used to be able to activate the DTS mode and get sound. The speakers at the time were left and right front/rear speakers with center channel. Connection for audio is toslink optical to. Panasonic blu-Ray player. Currently I only have the center and front left and...
  27. E

    Help with old and new componenets

    I am attempting to connect the following components as a surround sound system: Insignia TV (approx. 6 years old), Sony DVD Home theater system (DAV-DX255), Karaoke machine (CAVS DVD-203G INX2), an older Wii, a Pioneer PL 990 Phono, and the Amazon Fire Stick. The problem(s) I am having is I...
  28. M

    Soundbar Help

    We have a Yamaha YAS-207BL sounbar / subwoofer in our living room. It's connected to our Samsung Smart TV with an optical connector. We got this last year after bunches of research and it seems a great unit. I am wondering, however, if we should use HDMI to hook it up verus optical? At...
  29. daydai76

    Passive sub replacement help

    Please help !! So I have a 1.2 cf ported passive sub box which had a dual voice coil 6 ohm 10" sub annnnd that sub crapped out on me. So can I use any old sub to replace it ? For right now looking at $50.00 price range something like Boss Audio or SSL even saw a Skar Audio 10" for $45.00. Please...
  30. brosborough

    Help with living room setup

    Wow, I have not really looked at home theater setups since maybe 2005 I think? So much has changed. Research is your best friend but i could sure use some help to narrow down what I should be looking at. Here is what I have and what i am looking for. Pioneer Plasma PDP-5010FD TV. Onkyo...
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