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  1. Jaurhead

    Designing the space - speaker and sub placement.

    Buckle in - this is a lengthy one. TL;DR: Building a flex theater with ridiculous aspirations and need help with speaker, sub and sound panel placement based on room layout. The idea was to have a generic entertainment space, so I wouldn't technically call this a "home theater," more just a...
  2. T

    Svs sub older but capable pb2-isd

    Running 5.1.2 . Klipsch all around (rf3's and rc3 rs3.. Klipsch ceiling heights) Denon 3500x. My sub sounds good most of the time. Music bass sounds tight and clean. For movies most of the time bass is good. But at times(hacksaw ridge gunship shooting scene for example). I get some rattling when...
  3. J

    Sub is make static sound

    Hi, I have an Energy subwoofer that is making a static sound, like white noise, when nothing is connected and when connected. It is a powered subwoofer and no other speakers have this sound when hooked up. The Onkyo amp is new and does not produce this sound in any of the other speakers...
  4. morasp

    Sub Woofer question

    I'm looking at a budget 5.2 Sony STRDH receiver but it requires a powered sub. I have an older Titan II LE powered sub from my two channel system that I'm not using. It has frequency and level adjustments and RCA line inputs. Would it work with the Sony or do I need to buy a new sub?
  5. Colin Dunn

    Dual sub observations (SVS PB-2000)

    For years, I have dreamed of going to dual subs. Yesterday, I finally got to try dual subs for myself, and the experience was a little different than I expected. No regrets, but a few observations. First of all, when I re-ran Audyssey on my pre-pro (Marantz AV7703), it had me set the volume...
  6. J

    Looking for a budget sub

    I'm looking to buy a 12" sub for 75% home theater and 25% music. Budget about $250 or less. What do you guys recommend? I thought about these. 1) BIC PL200 II 2) BIC F12 3) Dayton Audio 12" 3) Premier Acoustics PA-150
  7. T

    New guy question on multi sub wiring

    Hello all. Thanks for letting me come play. So I'm going to be wiring a 7.2.4 system. My question is about the subs. I want to in-wall pre-wire 2 separate sub locations for each of my 2 sub feeds off my receiver. I want to do this for placement options. For example I want to wire sub 1 for say...
  8. J

    2 Sub outputs on receiver and 2 inputs on 1 subwoofer..use both?

    My receiver (Denon AVRX3500) has left and right subwoofer outputs. I just purchased a subwoofer that has left and right inputs. I don't really want to use a second subwoofer. Should I connect cables to both inputs from both outputs on the receiver or should I just connect one of the two channels?
  9. daydai76

    Passive sub replacement help

    Please help !! So I have a 1.2 cf ported passive sub box which had a dual voice coil 6 ohm 10" sub annnnd that sub crapped out on me. So can I use any old sub to replace it ? For right now looking at $50.00 price range something like Boss Audio or SSL even saw a Skar Audio 10" for $45.00. Please...
  10. B

    Dual SVS PB-2000s or Single SVS PB-4000?

    I'm looking at purchasing either dual SVS PB-2000 subs or a single PB-4000 sub. Which is better? The prices are similar, the PB-4000 is $300 more ($1,900 vs $1,600). This is for movie watching only and will be paired with a 7 channel SVS prime system. The living area is large and open floor...
  11. S

    Need help with identifying this sub and amp

    I have absolutely no idea about this sub and amp, was given to me and I’m trying to figure out what it is. Maybe someone can help?
  12. Reierson

    Miller & Kreisel Full theater, sequential serials. 3 S150's, 4 S150T, 1 Sub

    With great sorrow, I have to sell my M&K theater. Sonically it is perfect, no blow speakers. They were bought from a dealer 3 years ago and have been used rarely. The Tripoles are mint condition, the S150's may have a little scuffing on the outside due to being mounted in the ceiling. I have...
  13. Uncle Freddy

    7.1 Surround / wireless or wireless interface for current speakers & sub

    greetings, my wife and I are moving into our new house that has a great room configuration, we are going to be using our 52-inch flat screen for our 7.1 surround sound system, our problem is radiant floor heat and my inability to freely drill holes and and pull wires .... question to The Forum...
  14. Jeff LaChapelle

    Sub to go with Bose satellitle speakers

    hello all - im buying a house that comes with 5 bose satellitle/double split cube speakers and am trying to find a reasonably priced sub to match with them as the acoustimass bass module and receiver do not have HDMI. The room is 22x24 and id like thr bass to just sound full - i dont need rock...
  15. M

    New Receiver Yamaha RX-V583 + SUB NS-SW050 with old speakers from Philips 7540

    Hello, I planned to upgrade my home cinema sound. I am currently using the Philips 7540 and I wanted to have a better sound. The plan was to use the 5 speakers from my old cinema system and just upgrade the receiver and the sub, so I bought the Yamaha RX-V583 and as subwoofer the Yamaha...
  16. E

    Old Sub woofer's cable is not compatible with the "sub woofer out" in the AVR

    Hello everyone, our old LG "home theater in a box" sub woofer's cable is ran through a hole and sealed with a wooden wall from one side (We can't access it to change the cable) and from the other side (the one you connect to the receiver) it has a weird jack: How do we fix this so we can...
  17. P

    Problem with Velodyne HGS-15 powered sub

    In the beginning, it was making a loud buzzing, or fluttering sound that could be affected by tapping on the cone which lead us to believe it was the accelerometer. Since then, we have removed it. How can I replace this part?
  18. Jurassicparkfan

    LG Soundbar retro fitting a Sub possibility's?

    I purchased a LG LAS260B last year and I'm now finding myself wanting some sub goodness, the LG LAS465B looks identical and comes with a sub. So my questions are: 1. Is it the same soundbar unit 2. Can I use this LG Sub with my soundbar 3. Can I connect other brand subs to my soundbar Many...
  19. DaleI

    Rear Speakers and Sub not working in 5.1 System

    I cant get any sound from my rear speakers or sub in my 5.1 system. I have a Samsung 75mu8000 TV. Only the 3 front speakers work. The rear surround speakers and sub are configured correctly. I tried the setup mike that came with the Denon receiver and each channel plays. But when I play one of...
  20. A

    Connect Passive Onkyo Sub Woofer to New Onkyo Receiver

    Need some help and options in connecting my old passive Onkyo sub woofer which just has the black and red connection at the rear (model# SKW-391) to my new Onkyo receiver (model# TX-NR656) which provides connection only to an active (or powered) sub woofer. Thanks
  21. pfar

    Looking for a new sub

    I currently have a 12" Klipsch sub that points towards the floor. I have noticed that it doesn't have the same punch that it used to and it vibrates quite a bit. My budget is around $1,500 - 2,000 for a new sub. I had an email sent to me the other day recommending a sub. Here is the link...
  22. B

    Sub Woofer Help

    Greetings everyone. I found an interesting thread here on Subwoofer connections and wanted to inquire about my personal situation. Will be receiving keys to new home that was pre-wired for SS. I was told that i won't be able to install in-wall sub, because coax was run for pre-wire. My...
  23. squal16

    Sub Front Panel Came Off

    Hi, I had the front wood panel of a Klipsch unglue and vibrate out of the casing (see picture). I can put it back in, but in use, it vibrates loudly. All the wires are still plugged in correctly. Suggestions? I have some Gorilla glue, would using that to glue it back in work?
  24. D

    Looking to replace my Polk PSW 125 Sub

    Hey everyone, I'm looking to upgrade my Polk Audio PSW 125 sub. Anything on the market i should be looking at? I do live in a 1 bedroom apartment (need to keep that in mind lol). I have: - PSB Imagine C - Centre. -Martin Logan Motion 10 towers(may replace soon with PSB Imagine X1T or X2T)...
  25. G

    Opinions - Def tech Pro Sub 800 or Klipsch RSW 12

    I'm new here. I have a budget setup in my garage. Yamaha receiver, Klipsch quintet, was using a cheap Sony $160 sub which filled out the low somewhat but I want something with a little more punch for $400 or less. I picked up an open box Def Tech Pro Sub 800 for $360 And I have to say I'm...
  26. T

    Pairing soundbar w/older sub wirelessly?

    Ok, first post here, and I know almost nothing about wireless technologies. I've been trying to read up and learn what I can, but at times I run into issues where I must be misunderstanding some of the particulars regarding wireless tech. I had a decent theater system up until 2010 but nothing...
  27. SarasotaWill

    Bowers and Wilkins PV1D sub

    I'm selling a one year old Bowers and Wilkins PV1D subwoofer. I'm located in the Sarasota Fl. area. Sub is in perfect condition with original manuals and programming cable. Price new $1699 + tax = $1818. I'm asking $1100 OBO Please feel free to text me at 941-304-9455
  28. Dan Rudolph

    Sub died: Replacement advice

    I have a JBL L8400P. I got it in April 2009 and it just had its third failure. The first was a melted voice coil and the second was a friend amp. Now, it goes out of stand-by, then immediately back in, which makes me think a capacitor failed, but haven't taken it apart yet. So my question is...
  29. U

    Sub cuts out sometimes with yamaha ax v995 receiver

    I have the yamaha 5.1 AX v-995 receiver that I've connected up with a Bose accoustimass 5 series ii, including the base module. It works fine, and gives good omnidirectional bass at low volumes. However, the sound cuts out entirely when the volume is played a little louder - not even close to...
  30. AbhiBasu

    Subwoofer with no pre out or sub out

    So! I an pretty new to vinyl and audit systems as a whole. Till now, my life was simple and included all in one speakers and amps. Now, however, I have managed to get myself into a mess. So, I have a Audio Technica LP120 turntable that connects to a Yamaha RD220 receiver. I have two brand...