1. F

    The future of United Artists under Amazon's ownership of MGM

    Why did Amazon think they're smart enough to finally kill off United Artists Releasing by merging it into Amazon Original Movies or whatever after buying out MGM? Was it all because of COVID-19 leaving UA a faltering distribution company ever since all movie theaters closed in 2020 and that No...
  2. Adam Lenhardt

    Amazon Prime Gen V (The Boys Spinoff)

    From the world of "The Boys" comes "Gen V", which explores the training of the first generation of superheroes to know about Compound V, and that their powers were injected into them, rather than God-given. These young, competitive heroes put their physical and moral boundaries to the test...
  3. Adam Lenhardt

    Amazon Prime Untitled J. Edgar series (Bosch spinoff)

    Amazon Studios has announced that Jamie Hector, who starred opposite Titus Welliver on the original Bosch series, will reprise his role in an as-yet untitled spinoff following Harry Bosch’s former partner, Detective Jerry Edgar, when he is tapped for an undercover FBI mission in Little Haiti, Miami.
  4. Marc_Sulinski

    Apple TV or Amazon Fire TV Cube?

    I am looking to get a streaming device that supports HBO Max (at a minimum) with Dolby Atmos. My Samsung tv has HBO Max, but I cannot get an Atmos signal out to my receiver. It looks like the Apple TV box or Amazon Cube are the best options, but I don’t have experience with either and am...
  5. S

    Amazon Prime Has Anyone Had This Technical Problem with Amazon Streaming

    I ordered several Bond 4k films and all work but with From Russia with Love , I get the sound but a snowy video image (basically no picture). I uninstalled and reinstalled the Prime app but it didn't help - has anyone else come across this and were you able to fix it and how did you do it ?
  6. R

    Region free Blu-rays that are "not authorized for sale outside The USA" sold though Amazon outside The USA??

    So I live in Europe and want to buy a Blu-ray release through Amazon, but I noticed the back cover says: "Not authorized for sale outside The USA." Oddly the Blu-ray itself is region free. It's by Warner Brothers and I read that all their Blu-rays are region free. Doesn't that mean they want...
  7. The Vast of Night (2020)

    Title: The Vast of Night Genre: Fantasy, Mystery, Science Fiction Director: Andrew Patterson Cast: Sierra McCormick, Jake Horowitz, Gail Cronauer, Bruce Davis, Cheyenne Barton, Gregory Peyton, Mallorie Rodak, Mollie Milligan, Ingrid Fease, Brandon Stewart, Kirk Griffith, Nika Sage...
  8. Johnny Angell

    Fakespot and Amazon Reviews

    I just recently ran across this website that claims to review the reviewers, so I ran this thru their system. It gave the reviews a C grade but still gave the product 5 stars (as the reviewers had). I’ve emailed them to ask why a C and 5 stars together, but who knows if they’ll answer. There...
  9. Ronald Epstein

    Amazon Press Release: UPLOAD (Digital)

    Amazon Prime Video’s Upload Virtual Premiere Q&A Hosted by Late-Night Talk Show Personality Conan O’Brien Panelists: Emmy Award Winning creator Greg Daniels and cast Robbie Amell, Andy Allo, Allegra Edwards, Kevin Bigley and Zainab Johnson WATCH Q&A HERE Q&A IMAGES AVAILABLE HERE Q&A...
  10. Johnny Angell

    Dinosaur Island on Amazon Prime

    I just watched this movie on Amazon Prime. It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. I have never seen such good cgi dinos outside of the Jurassic Park movies. It’s not at their level, but very good. There is even a T-Rex or similar Dino dressed out in color full plumage, as some...
  11. Ronald Epstein

    Amazon Studios Press Release: Selah and The Spades

    Amazon Studios will release SELAH AND THE SPADES on Prime Video April 17th, 2020 Check out the Official Poster: Official Trailer Coming Friday, April 3rd Written and Directed by Tayarisha Poe Produced by Lauren McBride, Drew Houpt and Lucas Joaquin Starring Lovie Simone, Celeste O’Connor...
  12. PODER


    Last night I re-watched Horton Foote's brilliant 1918. It's one of the nine plays that make up his Orphan's Home Cycle, and one of the five which were filmed. Apart from being as close to perfection as any 90 minute viewing experience can be, it's now incredibly timely, as it deals with not...
  13. Ronald Epstein

    Amazon Launches ‘Prime Cinema’ for Early Digital Movie Releases

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  14. Ronald Epstein

    Amazon Prime Press Release: Les Misérables

    **Winner of the 2020 César Awards** "Best Film" "Best Editing" "Best Male Newcomer" Audience Prize Winner of the Cannes Film Festival 2019 Jury Prize Nominated for International Feature Film at the 92nd Academy Awards® Amazon Original LES MISÉRABLES hits Prime Video on April 10th, 2020...
  15. dpippel

    Amazon Deal of the Day - 4K Warner Titles - Batmans, Matrix, More

    Amazon has a Deal of the Day on several 4K Warner titles, including the four film Batman collection ($59.99), the Nolan Batman collection ($43.99), the Matrix trilogy ($35.76), and more DC titles...
  16. Johnny Angell

    A Question for 3D Nuts Who Have Given Up 3D

    We were there for some shopping and we checked out the 4K LEDs and OLEDs. I've always considered Visio to be the brand you buy if you don't have the bucks for better. They've raised their game, though the Samsungs and LGs are still better. The LCDs for Samsung and LG seem better than what my...
  17. Johnny Angell

    The Expanse - Amazon

    Saw a preview for this. Sci-Fi of some sort and it's reusing the title of a previous series. That's odd. When I starts I want to check it out. There's an actor in the trailer I recognize, but can't remember where from.
  18. Johnny Angell

    Sharing the iCloud?

    I have a bunch of photos I'd like to share with someone. Can I put them in a folder and share only that folder with the other party? And do they have to have an IOS device to access the photos?
  19. Robert Harris

    A Few Words About A few words about...™ Carnival Row - in Stream-o-Vision

    Try as I might to find Carnival Row, a new Amazon series, in a non-streamable 4k format, I failed. And as it sounded to be just up my row, an extremely dark, fabricated world - I discovered a methodology that worked. It's called "streaming." Somehow, Amazon, along with a couple of other...
  20. Mark-P

    Classic Sony 4K digital titles only on Amazon and FandangoNow

    Has anybody bought any of these? These are 4K titles that were originally on Sony's now defunct download service. They have never been on iTunes or Vudu, but Amazon and FandangoNow have them for sale. The problem is, of course that neither Amazon nor FandangoNow have desirable streaming...
  21. Jake Lipson

    Amazon Video "Insufficent bandwith" issues

    I use the Amazon Prime Video app to run HBO as a Prime Video Channel, simply because my Blu-ray player comes with the Amazon app built in but not the HBO app. I've used it several times, as recently as last weekend, without any problem. It works perfectly. Then suddenly a few days ago I got...
  22. Matt Hough

    The Boys (Amazon Prime)

    Is anyone else watching this? Pretty rough stuff with occasional bursts of humor. Eric Kripke of Supernatural fame is producing, and his style and substance is all over this. I'm only three episodes into this eight episode season, but it's filled with surprises.
  23. Ronald Epstein

    Amazon Prime Day 2019: 20% off 4k Titles 20% off applied at checkout
  24. G

    Man and Girl from U.N.C.L.E. on Amazon Prime

    Both The Man From U.N.C.L.E and Girl From U.N.C.L.E. are available to purchase on Amazon Prime. The odd thing is that Girl is available in HD whereas Man is only available in SD. This strikes me as odd as Man is a far superior series to Girl. Both series are available on DVD so I am not sure...
  25. Charles_Y

    LG OLED TV Amazon streaming app malfunctioning - advice needed

    I've had a LG OLED55EPUA TV since last summer that has been pretty good most of the time. However, I've gotten rather interested in streaming content from my Amazon Prime account and the app is proving to be a real problem recently with error messages which don't say anything. The image freezes...
  26. Robert Crawford

    Pre-Order Blu-ray/4K UHD Pre-Order Listing!

    Updated (09-26-23) 4K UHD/Blu-ray Pre-Order Listing: This Pre-Order Listing below is updated daily and will be sticky post in this area of the forum to maintain improved forum visibility as various members didn't know about the existence of this Pre-Order Listing. Just verify the release date...
  27. Radioman970

    Amazon UK has Marvel 3D 2 for £18

    They come up as £10 each in the cart.
  28. B

    The Abyss on Amazon Prime Cinemax channel?

    Has anyone viewed the Abyss via the Amazon Prime Cinemax channel and can comment on picture quality? Are there any other theatrical movies unique to the Cinemax channel? Thanks in advance, Trevor.
  29. MarkMel

    Tin Star - Amazon

    Was searching around for something to binge watch and came across this on Amazon. It has Tim Roth as the main character so I thought why not? I'm on episode 8 of season 1. It feels a little like Banshee but where Banshee had a consistent story line, Tin Star is kind of messy. The lead...
  30. Thomas T

    A shout out to Amazon Italy's customer service

    On March 1st, I ordered three (legitimate) DVDs from Amazon Italy of anamorphic titles that are only available in the U.S. in either full screen or non anamorphic wide screen. On March 7th, Amazon Italy sent an e-mail that it had been shipped along with a tracking number for USPS I Parcel. But...