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  • @Robert Harris My 18-year old's first time with Vertigo last night. Enthralled. I made him watch the restoration credits and then my 1984 LaserDisc. "Dad, who is this Harris guy? He's a freakin' genius! What else has he fixed? And do you have the soundtrack?" Next time he's home from college, it will be his first time watching Lawrence of Arabia.
    I have chosen to show "Golddiggers of 1933" as the inaugural film to show off my new home theater built to replicate the 1920 movie palaces. Completed with stunning DECO proscenium arch, gold contour curtain, and sheer traveler and surrounding atmospherics. Still working on sound balance and navigating multiple remotes.
    Why haven’t the Astaire/Rogers RKO classics been restored and released on blu-ray…??? (I know that “Swingtime” is on Criterion)…
    Hello for years I have been following leads about the 1954 Versi
    on of "A Star is Born". I was wondering if you could private message me.
    Dear Mr. Harris, Have you seen the New Tex Avery Vol.2 Bluray yet ? If so how does it look to you ? Thanks, Rick ;)
    Probably been answered before, but finally got around to viewing tCriterion edition of It's a Mad(4) World, and your work, as always is invaluable- great to a least hear the audio of the Keaton-Tracy and Barry Chase scenes with the stills. Still wondering, however, as apparently it's never been recovered, what the sequence was with Howard DaSilva, Phil Silvers and the mine, and where was it placed in the edit?
    Robert Harris
    Robert Harris
    That seems to be a sequence for the re-make, now in development.
    Mr. Harris
    Regarding the 1950 unreleased film “Hello God” with Errol Flynn. From Wikipedia: this was a lost film, but in 2013 it was discovered in the basement of the court of New York City. 2 of 7 cans of the movie had deteriorated, but five survived and are at the George Eastman House film archive for restoration.

    Are you aware of this film? do you know of any restoration work underway?
    MR Harris! - As YOUR input is ALWAYS highly regarded - This is the sentence I go by these, days; "Upgrade from Blu-ray - Absolutely!" Please remember to add this - as often as possible - when appropriate - otherwise your blue ray disks stay's ;)
    Dear Mr. Harris.

    At long last, Scott of the Antarctic has been beautifully restored, and I would love to hear your thoughts on the (unfortunately) Region 2 Blu-ray. I have a few Blu-rays not available in the US and wish the studios could work out their rights issues.

    Jason Blosser
    Somewhere in southern Indiana
    Hi Robert,

    Whatever did you conclude about the release of ONE FROM THE HEART, which remains exclusive to the Coppola box set? Yours was a rave, while some other sites blasted the transfer...

    1. Why has LOVE WITH THE PROPER STRANGER been languishing in a VHS sourced 1.37 version? Nominated for 5 Oscars. A subject matter that is still very much controversial. It was never on DVD..... A Blu Ray would be extraordinary.

    2. I purchased the Blu Ray of the "restored" LION IN WINTER in the UK. The sound mix is a disaster. Is there a chance that the problem can be rectified before a US release?.
    Hello, Mr. Harris

    I would like to ask you 2 questions, but if you are too busy, I wont be mad
    1. I study photography and I chose to do an assignment on DIGITAL and ANALOGUE restoration.Can you reccomend (preferably) some books or internet sites to me?
    2. I would like to contact Warner Archive-do you know any address that I could write to?-I tried Facebook and other networks,but no answer.

    There is a terrific book relating the restoration of almost all of the 1954 A Star is Born. Theatres complained of 3 hour length. They wanted to get an extra showing each day so WB made some cuts including a song. After searching most of lost footage was discovered including the song. There was also a complete 3 hour soundtrack that was found. To fill in the scenes still lost still pictures were used.
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