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  • A belated thanks to you guys for the "Father is a Prince" heading photo you set up for that Warner Archive Blu-ray Wish List thread I started in November. A great group shot of Grant Mitchell, George Reeves and Jan Clayton - with a Reeves autograph to boot. Nice work.
    Hello Ron,

    I'm writing to you because I'd like to know if you can allow the get the Edit option of the forum to be permanent and not temporary.
    It allows to correct the typos of a text or add more texts.
    Dear Ronald,

    I would like to post this info on the thread dealing with Raintree County (1957) but lack the computer skill to do so. Thanks, AJ Murphy

    I have bought a number of DVD issues of this movie. The one with by far the best image quality is sold from Austria. It is a region-free full widescreen DVD-R with a German language title, Das Land des Regenbaums. It has German, English and Spanish sound tracks
    Dear Ronald, How long before I can comment on custom covers again ? I am blocked because of ... Worlds worst actor comment or $20.00 charge for a custom cover from F. Nissen ? ..Rick
    Hey Ron-
    I'm one of the early members from waaaay back in the late 90s. I went by the user name Erwin. I have no way of accessing this account because the email I used is no longer active. Is there any way I can get it back? :)
    Can you tell me if I am still Premium member, or has my membership expired? I cannot tell. Thank you.
    Trying to send you a PM, do I do it without becoming a part of a public access thread, as here?
    Hello Ronald ,
    We are not trying selling anything here, we only want to make friends here , and if any one interested , and you are okay with it , we would like to share some images of our player to those fans , and give them more options to choose their ideal equipment for their home entertainment .
    thank you for let us become a members of your forums , highly appreciated it .
    Best regards .
    Hello Ronald,

    I would like to post a review of my Marantz SR-8012 and I just want to make sure that is permissible and if there are any special rules that apply before posting a review or only reviewers allowed to do something like that? Also I would like to mention the specialist who was my adviser and helped me make my purchase possible.
    Hello. Just tried your signature 3D reviews link and got to a page that reads :

    Oops! That page can’t be found.
    It looks like nothing was found at this location. Maybe try a search?
    Looking for info/help!
    So i have ran the autotune setup on my system but what i noticed is that the receiver has an equalizer on it for making adjustments to each individual speaker. My problem is that there are like 15 bands but im only allowed to use 9 of the bands. The range is 25hz to 16k. Again these setting effect each speaker separately. Looking for some help on setting these for a better sound.
    Hello Ron:
    I just joined the Forum and posted a question regarding my audio receiver. Perhaps I didn't complete the posting process because I do not see my post anywhere. Can you help.
    Hi, Ron. I just screwed up on the header of a new thread, stating "Looks like we're good for a domestic Blu of NIGHT/CURSE OF THE DEMON." What I meant to write was, "Looks like we're good for an all-region Blu of NIGHT/CURSE OF THE DEMON. Might you kindly correct this, please, we posters cannot edit headers? Many thanks.
    Hello Ronald just wanted to say hello and hope you are doing well. I will be attending the Fox screening of the movie Heat that will have a Q&A with director Michael Man. If I get to ask any questions of Michael is there anything you would like me to ask regarding the movie? Screening is on May 2nd.
    I am learning about home theaters, audio and video equipment. Mostly on my own. Could you explain what "subwoofer trim" means, and does, in simple terms?
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