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Updated (09-30-23) 4K UHD/Blu-ray Pre-Order Listing:

This Pre-Order Listing below is updated daily and will be sticky post in this area of the forum to maintain improved forum visibility as various members didn't know about the existence of this Pre-Order Listing.

Just verify the release date of any 4K UHD/Blu-ray release and you can find Amazon links by release date.

If you notice any errors, please, notify me via PM and I will correct any error as soon as possible. Thank you.

(New Additions will be in Bold, Italic and in Red for one week only)


The Black Phone (4K/UHD) (Universal)

The Bride of Frankenstein (4K/UHD) (Universal)

Creature From the Black Lagoon (4K/UHD) (Universal)

Creepy Crawly (Well Go USA)

Don’t Look Now (Criterion)

Don’t Look Now (4K/UHD) (Criterion)

IP Man (LE Steelbook) (Well Go USA)

It Came From Outer Space (4K/UHD) (Universal)

It Came From Outer Space: Universal Essentials Collection (4K/UHD) (Universal)

The Mist (4K/UHD) (Lionsgate)

Mob Land (Lionsgate)

The Mummy (1932) (4K/UHD) (Universal)

Night of the Demons (4K/UHD Collector’s Edition) (Shout! Factory)

Night of the Demons 2 (Collector’s Edition) (Shout! Factory)

Night of the Demons 3 (Collector’s Edition) (Shout! Factory)

Phantom of the Opera (1943) (4K/UHD) (Universal)

Prey (20th Century Studios)

Prey (4K/UHD Steelbook) (20th Century Studios)

RWBY: Volume 9 (Warner)

Scream 3 (4K/UHD) (Paramount)

Scream 3 (Steelbook 4K/UHD) (Paramount)

Scream: 3-Movie Collection (4K/UHD) (Paramount)

The Sting: Universal Essentials Collection (4K/UHD) (Universal)

Talk to Me (2022) (Lionsgate)

Talk to Me (2022) (4K/UHD) (Lionsgate)

Universal Classic Monsters (LE Collection 4K/UHD) (Universal)

Zack Synder’s Justice League Trilogy (4K/UHD) (Warner)


The Boogeyman (20th Century Studios)

A Bronx Tale (30th Anniversary) (Tribeca)

A Bronx Tale (30th Anniversary Amazon Exclusive) (Allied Vaughn)

A Bronx Tale (30th Anniversary 4K/UHD) (Tribeca)

A Bronx Tale (30th Anniversary 4K/UHD Amazon Exclusive) (Allied Vaughn)

Forgotten Experiment (Well Go USA)

Friday the 13th (1980) (LE 4K/UHD) (Paramount)

Jackie Brown (Lionsgate)

Kill Bill: Volume 1 (Lionsgate)

Kill Bill: Volume 2 (Lionsgate)

King of Killers (Lionsgate)

Le Mépris aka Contempt (4K/UHD) (Lionsgate)

Le Mépris aka Contempt (LE 4K/UHD) (Lionsgate)

M3GAN: Unrated Edition (4K/UHD) (Universal)

The Night-Time Winds (Allied Vaughn)

Pumpkinhead (4K/UHD Collector’s Edition) (Shout! Factory)

Rosemary’s Baby (4K/UHD) (Paramount)

Sanctified (Filmrise)

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (1937) (4K/UHD) (Disney)

Strays (Universal)

Transformers: Rise of the Beasts (Paramount)

Transformers: Rise of the Beasts (4K/UHD) (Paramount)

Videodrome (4K/UHD) (Criterion)

Wallace & Gromit: The Complete Cracking Collection (Shout! Factory)

Westworld: Complete Series (SDS)

Yellowjackets: Season Two (Allied Vaughn)


3 Days in Malay (Well Go USA)

Bad Apples (Allied Vaughn)

The Best of Times (Kino)

The Blob (1988) (4K/UHD) (Shout! Factory)

The Crown: Season 5 (Sony)

The Desperate Hours (1955) (Arrow)

The Dive (Image)

Double Danger: Drop Squad/Waist Deep (Millcreek)

The Edge of the World (Milestone)

EO (Janus)

Freaks/The Unknown/The Mystic: Tod Browning’s Sideshow Shockers (Criterion)

Golda (Decal)

Gremlin (Allied Vaughn)

Haunted Mansion (2023) (Disney)

Haunted Mansion (2023) (4K/UHD) (Disney)

The Innocent (Janus)

Inside Man (Vertical)

The Iron Mask/The Three Musketeers (Cohen Media)

The Johnstown Flood (Allied Vaughn)

John Wick: Chapter 1-4 (Lionsgate)

Mortal Kombat Legends: Cage Match (Warner)

Mortal Kombat Legends: Cage Match (4K/UHD) (Warner)

No Bears (Janus)

Psych: Complete Collection (Universal)

Rabbit Hole: Season One (CBS)

Shrek: 6-Movie Collection (SDS)

Star Trek: Picard the Legacy Collection (Paramount)

Titans: Fourth Season (Allied Vaughn)

Titans: Complete Series (Allied Vaughn)

Twilight Saga: Five Movie Collection (Lionsgate)

Ultraseven: 55th Anniversary Anthology (Mill Creek)

The Walking Dead: Complete Series (Lionsgate)

The Way We Were (50th Anniversary 4K/UHD) (Sony)


Alien Outlaw (Kino)

Arizona (2018) (Image)

Beast from Haunted Cave/Ski Troop Attack (Film Masters)

Before Night Falls (Warner Archive)

Black Pit of Dr. M (Indicator)

Black Sabbath (60th Anniversary Re-Issue) (Kino)

Bone Tomahawk (Steelbook) (Image)

The Boys: Season 3 (Sony)

The Brainiac (Indicator)

Clearcut (Severin)

Christopher Strong (Warner Archive)

Color Out of Space (Image)

Cujo (40th Anniversary) (Kino)

Cujo (40th Anniversary) (4K/UHD) (Kino)

The Curse of the Crying Woman (Indicator)

The Dark Power (Kino)

Dark Winds: Season 2 (Image)

Decision to Leave (4K/UHD) (Mubi)

The Devil Doll (Warner Archive)

Fascination (LE) (Indicator)

Fascination (LE 4K/UHD) (Indicator)

Four Bullets for Joe (MVD)

Godzilla (1998 25th Anniversary Steelbook 4K/UHD) (Sony)

The Iron Fisted Monk (Arrow)

It! The Terror from Beyond Space (Kino)

Jailhouse Wardress (MVD)

Lips of Blood (LE) (Indicator)

Lips of Blood (LE 4K/UHD) (Indicator)

Lorna the Exorcist (Kino)

Meg 2: The Trench (SDS)

Meg 2: The Trench (4K/UHD) (SDS)

Meg: 2-Film Collection (SDS)

The Muppets Take Manhattan (4K/UHD) (Sony)

Murdoch Mysteries: Season 16 (Image)

The Others (Criterion)

The Others (4K/UHD) (Criterion)

Palmetto (Warner Archive)

Paramount Scares: Volume 1 (4K/UHD) (Paramount)

Red Dragon (4K/UHD) (Kino)

Ride On (Well Go USA)

Rock Around the Clock (Sony)

Salvation! Have You Said Your Prayers Today? (Kino)

Shaw Brothers Classics: Vol 3 (Shout! Factory)

Tombs of the Blind Dead (Synapse)

Two Small Bodies (Kino)

Vile (MVD)

The Witch’s Mirror (Indicator)

World of Giants: Complete Series (ClassicFlix)


The Alfred Hitchcock Classics Collection (4K/UHD) (Universal)

American Ninja (Kino)

American Ninja 2: The Confrontation (Kino)

Arnold (Vinegar Syndrome)

Blue Beetle (SDS)

Blue Beetle (4K/UHD) (SDS)

The Challenge (Re-Release) (Kino)

Coming Out (Altered Innocence)

Curse of the Screaming Dead (Vinegar Syndrome)

Dance Fools, Dance (Warner Archive)

Double Trouble (Warner Archive)

Enter the Ninja (Re-Release) (Kino)

Evil Judgement (Vinegar Syndrome)

The Films of Enrique Gomez Vadillo (Vinegar Syndrome)

French Revelations: Fanfare of Love/Bad Seed (Flicker Alley)

Frenzy (4K/UHD) (Universal)

Ghost Nursing (Vinegar Syndrome)

In Love and War (Warner Archive)

Justice League vs. RWBY: Super Heroes & Huntsmen, Part 2 (Warner)

Justice League vs. RWBY: Super Heroes & Huntsmen, Part 2 (4K/UHD) (Warner)

Limbo (4K/UHD) (MPI)

Mad City (Warner Archive)

The Man Who Knew Too Much (1956) (4K/UHD) (Universal)

Mission: Impossible Dead Reckoning Part One (Paramount)

Mission: Impossible Dead Reckoning Part One (4K/UHD) (Paramount)

Mission: Impossible Dead Reckoning Part One (LE 4K/UHD) (Paramount)

Mother’s Milk (Vertical)

My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3 (SDS)

Nanny (Criterion)

National Lampoon’s Animal House (45th Anniversary 4K/UHD) (Universal)

Oklahoma! (Platinum Edition) (Goldwyn)

Phantom of the Idol: Complete Collection (Image)

Rankin/Bass Christmas Collection (SDS)

Rapa-Nui (Warner Archive)

Retribution (Lionsgate)

Rope (4K/UHD) (Universal)

Schindler’s List (4K/UHD) (Universal)

Topaz (1969) (4K/UHD) (Universal)

Torn Curtain (4K/UHD) (Universal)

Witness (Arrow)

Witness (4K/UHD) (Arrow)


American Graffiti (4K/UHD) (Universal)

The American Buffalo (PBS)

The Admirer (Filmrise)

Black Hawk Down (4K/UHD Steelbook) (Sony)

A Bullet for Sandoval (VCI)

Buster Keaton Collection Volume 5 (Cohen Media)

Clerks I-III: Premium Box Set (Lionsgate)

Fargo (Collector’s Edition 4K/UHD) (Shout! Factory)

The Gamblers (VCI)

Gran Turismo (Sony)

Gran Turismo (4K/UHD) (Sony)

The Guns of Navarone (4K/UHD Steelbook) (Sony)

Jackie Chan: The Emergence of a Superstar (Criterion)

OSS 117 (Music Box)

Our Town (1940) (Classicflix)

The Perfume of the Lady in Black (Raro)

Scrapper (Kino)

Scrooged (4K/UHD) (Paramount)

South Park: Season 26 (Paramount)

South Park: The Streaming Wars (Paramount)

Surviving the Game (Shout! Factory)

Trading Places (4K/UHD) (Paramount)

Violent Night (4K/UHD) (Universal)

Warhorse One (Well Go USA)


2 Days in the Valley (Kino)

Battle Kaiju Series 02: Ultraman vs. Alien Baltan (Mill Creek)

Blue Steel (Lionsgate)

Computer Chess (Kino)

Days of Heaven (Criterion)

Days of Heaven (4K/UHD) (Criterion)

Desperation Road (Lionsgate)

Dr. Caligari (4K/UHD) (Mondo)

Doctor Who: LE Complete New Who Collector’s Giftset (BBC)

Duel (4K/UHD) (Universal)

For All Mankind: Season One (Sony)

Justified City Primeval: Season One (Sony)

The Last Picture Show/Texasville (Criterion)

The Last Picture Show/Texasville (4K/UHD) (Criterion)

Muzzle (Image)

Neon City (Kino)

The Nun II (Warner)

The Nun II (4K/UHD) (Warner)

Rudy (30th Anniversary 4K/UHD) (Sony)

Shadow of Death aka Macabre (Mondo)

The Sinister Dr. Orolff (Mondo)

The Sonny Chiba Collection Volume 2 (Shout! Factory)

Sound of Freedom (Angel Studios)

Sympathy for the Devil (Steelbook 4K/UHD) (Image)

Terms of Endearment (4K/UHD) (Paramount)


Babes in Toyland (1986) (Kino)

Columbo: Complete Series (Kino)

The Criminal Acts of Tod Slaughter: 8-Movie Collection (Indicator)

The Eight Mountains (Janus)

Farscape: Complete Series (25th Anniversary) (Shout! Factory)

The Fugitive (4K/UHD) (Warner)

Gator (Re-release) (Kino)

Godland (Janus)

La cérémonie (Criterion)

Mean Streets (Criterion)

Mean Streets (4K/UHD) (Criterion)

The Police Academy Collection (Shout! Factory)

Resident Evil: 6-Movie Collection (4K/UHD Steelbook) (Sony)

The Scarlet Letter (1934) (Film Masters)

Silver Bullet (Collector’s Edition 4K/UHD) (Shout! Factory)

Stalag 17 (70th Anniversary) (Kino)

Stalag 17 (70th Anniversary 4K/UHD) (Kino)

Tori and Lokita (Janus)

Train to Busan/Train to Busan Presents: Peninsula (4K/UHD) (Well Go USA)

White Lightening (Re-release) (Kino)


Barbarella (1968) (Arrow)

Barbarella (1968) (LE 4K/UHD) (Arrow)

Blackhat (Arrow)

Blackhat (4K/UHD) (Arrow)

The Carpetbaggers (Kino)

Cause for Alarm (Classicflix)

Chopper (Shout! Factory)

The Conformist (Raro)

Count Dracula (4K/UHD) (Severin)

Death Wish (2018) (4K/UHD) (Shout! Factory)

Doctor Butcher M.D./Zombie Holocaust (4K/UHD) (Severin)

The Emerald Forest (Re-release) (Kino)

Inside the Mind of Coffin Joe (6-Disc LE) (Arrow)

The Last Tycoon (Kino)

Looney Tunes: Collector’s Choice Volume 2 (Warner Archive)

Marvel Studios’ WandaVision: Complete Series (Steelbook) (Disney)

Marvel Studios’ WandaVision: Complete Series (4K/UHD) (Disney)

Monk: Season One (Kino)

The Monster Squad (Kino)

The Monster Squad (4K/UHD) (Kino)

The Naked Gun: From the Files of Police Squad! (4K/UHD Steelbook) (Paramount)

The Sandman: Season One (Allied Vaughn)

The Sandman: Season One (4K/UHD) (Allied Vaughn)

Tales from the Dark Side: The Movie (4K/UHD) (Shout! Factory)

Tremors 2: Aftershock (LE) (Arrow)

Tremors 2: Aftershock (LE 4K/UHD) (Arrow)

Tsurune: The Linking Shot (Season 2) (Image)

Valmont (Kino)

Vampir-Cuadecuc/Umbracle (Severin)

World on Fire: Season 2 (PBS)


Babylon 5: Complete Series (SDS)

The Ballad of Little Jo (Kino)

Bibliophile Princess: Complete Collection (Image)

Blast of Silence (Criterion)

Creepshow: Season Four (Image)

I…for Icarus (Kino)

Mille Milliards de Dollars (Kino)

The Odd Couple: Complete Series (CBS)

Odds Against Tomorrow (Kino)

The Questor Tapes (Kino)

Monsters of California (Cinedigm)

Office Christmas Party (4K/UHD) (Paramount)

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds Season 2 (Paramount)

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds Season 2 (Steelbook) (Paramount)

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds Season 2 (4K/UHD) (Paramount)

That Uncertain Feeling (VCI)

Titanic (4K/UHD) (Paramount)

Tokyo Pop (Kino)

Young Black Jack: Complete Collection (Image)

Young Guns (4K/UHD) (Lionsgate)


The Blue Jean Killer (88 Films)

Face/Off (4K/UHD) (Kino)

Guillermo del Toro’s Pinocchio (Criterion)

Guillermo del Toro’s Pinocchio (4K/UHD) (Criterion)

Hail Caesar (MVD)

Horrors of the Black Museum (VCI)

House of the Long Shadows (Kino)

The Inspector Wears Skirts (88 Films)

The Man Who Wasn’t There (3-D) (Kino)

Marvel Studios’ The Mandalorian: First Season (Steelbook) (Disney)

Marvel Studios’ The Mandalorian: First Season (4K/UHD) (Disney)

Marvel Studios’ The Mandalorian: Second Season (Steelbook) (Disney)

Marvel Studios’ The Mandalorian: Second Season (4K/UHD) (Disney)

Mondo New York (MVD)

The Quatermass Xperiment (Re-issued) (Kino)

The Red Balloon and other Stories: 5 Films by Albert Lamorisse (Criterion)

Running Scared (Re-issued) (Kino)

Stella Maris (VCI)

Suspect Zero (Kino)

Suspect Zero (4K/UHD) (Kino)

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutant Mayhem (Paramount)

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutant Mayhem (4K/UHD) (Paramount)

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutant Mayhem (4K/UHD LE Steelbook) (Paramount)

The Terror (1963)/Little Shop of Horrors (1960) (Film Masters)

The Warriors (Arrow)

The Warriors (LE 4K/UHD) (Arrow)

Weird: The Al Yankovic Story (Shout! Factory)

Weird: The Al Yankovic Story (4K/UHD) (Shout! Factory)


Carole & Tuesday: Premium Box Set (Image)

Farming Life in Another World: Complete Collection (Image)

Monk: Season 2 (Kino)

The Retirement Plan (Vertical)

Sinner: The Secret Diary of a Nymphomaniac (Kino)

Underworld (1985) (4K/UHD) (Kino)

What Happens Later (Decal)


The Devil’s Partner/Creature from the Haunted Sea (Film Masters)
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