1. John Gilmore

    Warner video streaming pulled from Amazon?

    I was checking out some stuff on Amazon Video today and noticed that everything on my Watchlist that was from Warner is showing “This title is currently unavailable.” Some of the titles I checked were: Auntie Mame, Reflections in a Golden Eye, House of Dark Shadows. They do still show available...
  2. Sa5150

    Older Tv shows in HD ? Streaming , Possible bluray ?

    I'm trying to find shows that are in HD that you can not buy a blu-ray yet . Hulu has The Odd Couple but not every episode due to some music rights issues . I noticed Gilligan's Island in HD on Itunes . Anyone like to add to the list would be awesome
  3. Kyrsten Brad

    Press Release Wired Press Release: Blu-rays are back; Streaming Isn’t Everything

    Well folks, looks like we’re not the only ones who feel Blu-ray is alive & well. Brian Rafferty penned this interesting article on Excerpt: STREAMING ISN’T EVERYTHING, AND BLU-RAYS ARE BACK TO PROVE IT Some are drawn to Blu-ray because of the unsatisfying video quality of streaming...
  4. C

    How to know if you are streaming 4k amazon prime video

    I just bought a LG OLED65B8 OLED tv. When I watch the movies that are supposedly available in 4k, it shows as 1080p How do I know if I'm streaming 4k? Will it say "2160" instead of 1080p when I press pause? Thanks.
  5. dpippel

    Criterion Announces New Stand-Alone Streaming Service: The Criterion Channel

    NEWSLETTER - NOVEMBER 16, 2018 We are incredibly touched and encouraged by the flood of support we’ve been receiving since the announcement that FilmStruck will be shutting down on November 29, 2018. Our thanks go out to everyone who signed petitions, wrote letters and newspaper articles, and...
  6. Robert Crawford

    Please name the streaming services we're going to have by 2020?

    I'm losing track so can we list all the streaming services we're going to have in the next couple of years here?
  7. Peter M Fitzgerald

    Roku flicker problem on my Optoma projector

    I've had my Optoma projector for a couple of years now, with no other problems, but from Day 1, it's had a mildly-annoying signal flicker whenever I play streaming video from my Roku 3 device. The flashing/flicker is exactly like what is seen on this guy's YouTube video: I've gone into the...
  8. Jake Lipson

    Rogue One spinoff series with Diego Luna for Disney+

    Bob Iger announced today that the Disney streaming service will be called Disney+. I'm really surprised they couldn't come up with a better name than that. How long do you think it took somebody to come up with that name? But anyway, also in the announcement is a second live-action Star Wars...
  9. J

    Streaming an NFL game with the NFL app

    Is this an easy thing to do? Any tips? I have the adapter cable to plug into my iPhone 6, and the other end into my TV's HDMI input. Thanks.
  10. Sam Favate

    Marvel Plans Loki, Scarlet Witch Shows for Disney Streaming

    Variety reports that Marvel will produce shows for Disney's new streaming service. One will feature Tom Hiddleston as Loki and another will have Elizabeth Olsen as Scarlet Witch. There will be others too. Each series is expected to have 6 to 8 episodes...
  11. Darby67

    The Prisoner and Space: 1999 now streaming on ShoutFactory TV

    The Prisoner:
  12. ghostwind

    4K Blu-ray in HDR10, but iTunes streaming in Dolby Vision...?!

    In looking around, I've come across several titles that are available to rent/purchase in iTunes via the Apple TV 4K, that are in Dolby Vision. But when I look at the 4K UHD Blu-ray releases of these same titles, they were never released in anything but HDR10. So is Apple/iTunes converting them...
  13. J. Casey

    THE THING (1951) Streaming Tragedy

    Was just watching THE THING (purchased from Amazon in HD. Surprised to find it there in HD and further surprised that they have framed it in 16x9 widescreen! Surely WB knows that it's a academy ratio film! Hope if it ever makes it to blu-ray, it will be presented at 4x3, the format it was...
  14. J

    Streaming Media player to replace dead CD player

    My CD changer died and I have a ton of CDs. I decided to enter the new age and use my Synology NAS to stream ripped copies of my collection. Since I have a ROKU I added the appropriate channel and connected to the Synology device just fine and am able to stream music. I was actually rather...
  15. Sam Posten

    The Expanse on Amazon Prime

    Go watch it if you haven't already. If you have, see em again!
  16. EricSchulz

    Has anyone used the Tubi app/website for streaming? Thoughts and opinions, please!

    It sounds like a Hulu/Crackle hybrid (several movies I've also seen on Prime/Hulu/Netflix), but it's free. I would guess that it's advertiser supported. If anyone has tried it I'd love to hear your opinions! (not that I really need ANOTHER streaming option....)
  17. MatthewA

    PUNKY BREWSTER (live-action) on is rated TV-PG

    Nice to see it up, but exactly what is the basis for a TV-PG rating for this particular show? I don't even remember them ever using profanity when other family sitcoms of this era got the occasional four-letter word (albeit not any from George Carlin's list). This wasn't even one of the episodes...
  18. P

    QNAP NAS Remote Streaming

    Hi All, I've been able to stream content via DLNA from my personal NAS server through my Oppo 203 with no issues. However, I wanted to test if others could join the cloud remotely to watch my MKV ripped movies. 2 different individuals were able to log into my cloud account from 2 different...
  19. Neil Middlemiss

    Interview Exclusive HTF Interview with Director Alex Zamm (Woody Woodpecker)

    Director Alex Zamm has an impressive resume of family-focused films, He began his career with comedic short films, earning nominations from the Writer’s Guild of America and for the Palme d’Or for Best Short Film (Maestro). His filmography features a variety of direct-to-DVD films, including...
  20. Todd Erwin

    Sony's ULTRA 4k Streaming Service

    Well, Sony just updated the user interface on their ULTRA 4k streaming service available on Sony UHD TV's and, I assume, their older 4K Media Players. I do not understand why they changed the UI to this new design, which now shows EVERY SINGLE MOVIE & TV SHOW YOU OWN on UltraViolet, despite the...
  21. Brian Kidd

    Are there any cases where streaming is better than physical release?

    What I mean by the question posed in the thread title is, for a film/show where there is a comparable resolution release on both physical disc and digital streaming (i.e. Blu-ray and 1080p Digital), are there any cases where the digital release is a better version than that released on disc? As...
  22. Christian T Lee

    Smart TV Streaming UltraViolet in Canada alternatives?

    Hi All So here in Canada our ability to stream UV titles on Smart TV’s has become next to nonexistent. Apparently CinemaNow has shut their doors for Canada, Flixster closed up shop on Smart TV’s in Canada a while ago and VUDU is not valuable unless you resort to a VPN alternative. The whole...
  23. DaveF

    Disney+ Streaming Service (Official What? No! Thread)

    “Disney to offer two streaming services and end its movie distribution agreement with Netflix”
  24. Johnny Angell

    Streaming Radio with Amazon Dot

    We're in the market for an FM alarm clock radio for the bedroom. I was thinking the Dot might work. It can certainly be used to wake us up. I'm used to hearing my local (Little Rock) NPR station in the morning, but somehow I doubt I can stream that. Anyway to see if it's possible?
  25. R

    Please help with TV/Media storage set-up

    Hi, As you will probably be able to tell, I am a complete newbie when it comes to this... I am looking to buy a new TV - I don't want a very big one (like 32 inches), I want freeview, streaming and all that which I think pretty much comes as standard now but one thing I def need is for it to be...
  26. D

    Blu Ray 1:1 streaming

    I want to find out if it is possible to rip blu rays in 1:1 lossless format, with subtitles and everything, included to a PC or NAS (or something else) and be able to access them and stream them to a home theater system in the same lossless quality that a Blu Ray would play in and then also be...
  27. Scott Hart

    Roku Has 38.9M Users, Leading the Industry of Connected TV’s

    Scott Hart Roku Has 38.9M Users, Leading the Industry of Connected TV’s Roku has around 38.9 million users, as of July 2017, which is more than Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV and Apple TV, according to the latest report from eMarketer. The graph which eMarketer has created depicting the...
  28. C

    Need suggestions for streaming media player

    Hi everyone. First post. I am using Xfinity wireless connection and an old LCD tv with no smart function. I have HTPC doing the streaming but not satisfied with the performance so looking for a streaming media solution. My BluRay players are old and failing so I will probably replace them with...
  29. Scott Hart

    Video Will Comprise 82% of All Net Traffic in 5 Years, Says Cisco

    Scott Hart Video Will Comprise 82% of All Net Traffic in 5 Years, Says Cisco Online video's strong growth will continue for years, says Cisco. In 2021, 82 percent of all online traffic will be video, predicts the just-released Cisco Visual Networking Index (2016-2021). That up from 73...
  30. Jake Lipson

    Streaming exclusive bonus features; commentary on Beauty and the Beast

    I just discovered an audio commentary by Bill Condon as part of the Vudu Extras on the digital copy of Beauty and the Beast. Unless it's hidden as an Easter egg in the menus, this is not on the disc anywhere. Why do studios continue to devalue physical media in this way? I am so upset about...