1. Aaron Silverman

    Identifying Atmos Content Is Like Pulling Teeth

    I bought Baby Driver on Vudu. The PQ is nothing like a disc, but the Atmos track is actually really good. Neat, Ford vs. Ferrari is on sale this week! But, hm, Vudu only offers it in 5.1. (There are a lot of movies not offered in Atmos on Vudu; a long sad story.) Hey, Apple has it with an...
  2. Brian L

    Due to Covid-19 EU Proposal to limit streaming quality I don't do an awful lot of streaming (just Picard at the moment, and probably the Orville when they return), but I know a lot of you do and might find this interesting.
  3. ManW_TheUncool

    Currently free streaming of Met Opera and BPO...

    Especially at this time w/ so many staying home, if anyone’s looking for additional streaming options to try out, perhaps consider adding these currently free ones, if you’ve ever been remotely interested in classical music (and/or opera)...
  4. DaveF

    IMDb Streaming Service (I mean, srsly?) IMDb has its own free streaming service. This isn’t totally new. But it’s new to me. But also, WTF? IMDb is owned by Amazon. IMDb is competing with Amazon Prime. Why is amazon competing against itself with a...
  5. AlexO

    Bad tearing when streaming video

    Hello, Apologies if it's the wrong subforum to post. I repurposed an old Asus U35Jc laptop running Windows 7 to serve as a streaming video source (Netflix, Amazon Prime) to an LG 47LM8600 via HDMI. The TV is configured as the only output of the laptop at the native 1920x1080 resolution...
  6. Short Timer

    Streaming Live TV

    I recently decided to do away with cable TV and stream live TV instead. That's all good with smart TV's and Roku and firesticks but now that I have done away with the cable box in my basement, I'm looking for options to stream live TV/movies to a projector. Basically i want a device that will...
  7. Osato

    LG OLED surround audio HDMI ARC issue and not passing 5.1 audio with streaming devices??

    I have an LG OLED 65 inch TV. It is the OLED 65B7 a model. I am having an issue with streaming services and audio. The first issue involves the use of HDMI ARC. When Enabled my television eventually times out from the Internet and I am forced to disable HDMIARC before it will allow me to...
  8. Johnny Angell

    Sharing the iCloud?

    I have a bunch of photos I'd like to share with someone. Can I put them in a folder and share only that folder with the other party? And do they have to have an IOS device to access the photos?
  9. Nick*Z

    For Those Who Still Think Physical Media Has No Place in the 21st century... An interesting piece that reinforces the old adage "can't we all just get along?!?" Enjoy and be hopeful. Physical media isn't dying. While streaming services would...
  10. Adam Gregorich

    Best Apple TV for streaming?

    I currently have FireTVs because I use a FireCast for my OTA signal. Not sure when (or if) Disney+ will be available via Amazon so I’m thinking of picking up an Apple TV to have access on at least one TV. What will the 64Gb model do for me that the 32Gb won’t? I want one that supports 4K/HDR...
  11. S

    7.1 Signal into 9.2 Receiver

    Hello all. I am new to the site, and this is my first post on HTF. So thanks in advance for any and all feedback, My apologies if this is not the right area to post this topic. I am finishing my basement and have decided to put in a dedicated home theater room. The decision came to me a...
  12. Josh Steinberg

    Cheap tablet for Plex WiFi streaming?

    I know almost nothing about the current crop of tablets. I just set up a HTPC running Plex, and on a lark I tried installing the client on an old iPad Mini from 2012ish that my wife got for free ages ago. We’ve never used it for anything else - between our TVs, laptops and iPhones, there just...
  13. JohnRice

    Streaming Live Prime Sports

    I decided to try tonight’s Eagles at Packers game live on Prime sine it said it would be 4K. One great thing I noticed is that it seems to have dvr style pause and resume, but I can’t figure out a way to fast forward back to live. I suspect this is because they don’t want people to skip...
  14. Neil Middlemiss

    Battlestar Galactica NEW reboot coming 2020

    Looks like the creator of Mr. Robot will take on rebooting Battlestar Galactica a second time for NBC's new streaming service, Peacock. From the report: "Glen A. Larson created the original series for ABC in the late 1970s, while NBC Universal TV produced the acclaimed Ronald D. Moore-run...
  15. Cranston37

    Pluto TV 007 - a 24/7 ad supported streaming channel dedicated to James Bond
  16. Cranston37

    Yes or no: There are already too many streaming services?

    I can't imagine this will garner any reaction here ;)
  17. Charles_Y

    LG OLED TV Amazon streaming app malfunctioning - advice needed

    I've had a LG OLED55EPUA TV since last summer that has been pretty good most of the time. However, I've gotten rather interested in streaming content from my Amazon Prime account and the app is proving to be a real problem recently with error messages which don't say anything. The image freezes...
  18. Derek Duncan

    Why is there no My Fair Lady in streaming form

    My Fair Lady is my favorite musical, but I prefer digital streaming on my Apple TV. It’s just easier for me. But two film favorites of mine are My Fair Lady and Pink Floyd’s The Wall. Why is there no release for these in digital streaming form.
  19. Neil Middlemiss

    Interview Exclusive HTF Interview with Angourie Rice (Ladies in Black)

    Based on the bestselling novel The Women in Black by Madeleine St John, Ladies in Black has been called a “love letter to Sydney (Australia).” Set in the summer of 1959, at a time when immigration from European countries was rising, along with female empowerment and women’s liberation, young...
  20. Garysb

    Peacock - NBC/Universal Streaming Service - Official Thread

    Per today's upfronts NBC/Universal will be launching a streaming service in mid 2020 which will be free with ads. NBCUniversal gave the strongest hint yet that classic titles including The Office are set to be on the company’s forthcoming...
  21. Cranston37

    Too many streaming services leading to resurgence in piracy
  22. jagman653

    Unreliable stream problem

    I'm finding it very difficult to impossible to watch an Amazon Prime movie. Takes forever to get going, to the point that I just give up. My Spectrum cable service shows 450 Mbps download, but when my Sony Blueray does the initializing connection speed test it shows 12.5 Mpbs. Is that the best...
  23. Ernest


    The MPAA recently reported the sales of BluRay/DVD has taken a dramatic drop of 50% . Streaming was reported as the reason for the drop in sales of physical media. Netflix alone was reported to have almost 150 million subscribers. Recently important people in entertainment asked for rule...
  24. Johnny Angell

    Spiders Triple Feature in 3D?

    The Blu Ray Price Drops thread showed this release and the thread indicates the first film is in 3D. However the Amazon listing shows no indication of 3D. There are no reviews and little information. Does anyone know if this really has a 3D disc?
  25. John*Wells

    Netflix not Integrating into Apple Streaming
  26. F

    If MGM celebrates their 95th anniversary, can they collaborate with Warner Bros. to do it again?

    If MGM needs to celebrate not only their 95th anniversary but also their own legacy, can they collaborate with Warner Bros. on a publicity campaign (featuring a combination of movies and cartoons from pre-1986 MGM and a large batch of library titles currently owned by MGM) like they did in late...
  27. Adam Gregorich

    Looking to "cut the cord" Tivo a good option?

    I'm seriously thinking about dropping satellite TV. I was looking at Comcast, but the hidden fees for local and sports programming along with their equipment fees make it hard to justify the price. I'm thinking of installing an antenna in the attic for local tv, and then getting a streaming...
  28. Adam Lenhardt

    HBO Max - AT&T / WarnerMedia's New Streaming Service

    STATEMENT FROM WARNERMEDIA CEO JOHN STANKEY ANNOUNCING PLANS FOR DIRECT-TO-CONSUMER STREAMING SERVICE I looked for a thread on this but didn't find one; if there is one, please merge this in. Former NBC president Kevin Reilly is spearheading the project. The service will be a separate...
  29. MartinV

    For Sale: Matrox Monarch HD - Live Video Streaming for YouTube, Facebook + More

    I'm selling a Matrox Monarch HD device that does live video streaming for content platforms such as YouTube, Facebook and Ustream. A new unit goes for about $995 retail and I'm selling my lightly used unit for $795 with free UPS Ground shipping. If you're interested, please send me a message...