1. John_Bilbrey

    Streaming from iPad to TV via HT receiver

    Hey guys, I ran into an issue last night trying to watch the NHL Finals. I have the PS Vue streaming service and the game wasn't available to me, so I started watching it on the iPad via the NBC Sports app. I thought I could stream this to my TV via Airplay, but all I got was sound - no video...
  2. David Deeb

    Streaming Channels - The Best and Worst

    With so many major new streaming channels, I would love to see forum feedback & reviews on the major options. I'm not talking just the biggies most are familiar with like Netflix, Amazon Prime, YouTube, Crackle, Sling or Hulu, but the other newer ones that are coming along nicely. What about...
  3. Scott Hart

    YouTube Bringing Original Content To Compete With Big Streaming Services

    Scott Hart YouTube Bringing Original Content To Compete With Big Streaming Services Each day we watch nearly a billion hours of YouTube videos, with an astonishing 400 hours of content uploaded every minute. Some reports suggest the video streaming site might even overtake TV viewership by...
  4. Johnny Angell

    Problem with Amazon Prime Streaming

    This has started to happen often. I start a program that is in HD or HDR and it starts in a mode that is clearly not even HD. I back out of the program, start from the beginning and it's in the correct resolution. Anyone else having this problem? I'm streaming with my LG 65UH8500.
  5. DaveF

    YouTube enters the streaming tv market
  6. Bernard McNair

    Australian Movie Streaming Service

    A new streaming service commenced in Australia on 1/26 and it is called Ozflix ( The aim of the service is to be able to present all Australian movies via the service. The service is billing on pay per view service and is available internationally. Please have a look at the...
  7. JayHink

    Video rental store still thrives in streaming age

    I work as a web content producer for a TV station group. We did this story today about a video store in our area. I thought folks here might appreciate it.
  8. dpippel

    HBO NOW on 2nd Gen Fire TV - Lousy Streaming Quality

    I just took advantage of Amazon's free 30 day trial subscription to HBO Now on my 4K Fire TV box, and I'm appalled at how terrible it looks. We decided to watch Westworld, and while we like the show the macroblocking, banding, and artifacting the app is throwing out is so distracting we almost...
  9. Garysb

    Criterion's New Streaming Service

    Dear friends of Criterion, We launched this newsletter more than ten years ago with the promise to keep you up-to-date about new releases and any exciting goings-on around here. Today, we’re writing you personally because we think the launch of FilmStruck and the Criterion Channel is truly a...
  10. MarkMel

    The Kettering Incident - BBC, streaming on Amazon

    Has anyone watched this series streaming on Amazon? Done by the BBC. It's like a murder mystery with sci-fi overtones set in a small town in Tasmania. They're calling it in the style of Tasmanian gothic. Has a similar feel to The Killing or The Bridge. I watched the whole thing - 8 eps and it...
  11. Todd Erwin

    FandangoNow Customer Service

    Went to watch my UV copy of The Huntsman: Winter's War on FandangoNow, which showed that I had UHD access for this title (I was curious how it fared when compared to the UHD disc). What a disaster! Although I can watch in UHD, the soundtrack that accompanies the film was for Luc Besson's Lucy...
  12. DavidMiller


    Have people read about this device yet. It looks like very cool tech and reasonable priced. It will be interesting to see if they can gain traction.
  13. L

    Blu-ray vs. streaming

    I'd like to get peoples' thoughts on Blu-ray vs. streaming when it comes to theatrical movies. I haven't rented a movie on disc in years now, but I still collect Blu-rays, especially of beloved classics. Why don't I just stream them? I think the image quality is better on disc, even when...
  14. J

    Going all Digital - Apple or Vudu advice?

    I have decided to go mostly all Digital for my movies due to the fact I am going to be moving to an apartment where space is limited. Therefore, I simply must organize and keep things more modern without the bulk of storing all my physical media. Having said that, I find it hard to get good...
  15. Todd Erwin

    Free UV Copy of "Stripes" thru 7/4 on FandangoNow

    Celebrate the Fourth with a free digital copy of "Stripes" starring Bill Murray, courtesy of FandangoNow (previously known as M-Go). The movie comes with an Ultraviolet license, so don't fret if you don't have the app on your smart TV or device. Offer ends 7/4/2016.
  16. bigshot

    Easy Way To See If Your ISP Is Throttling You

    A lot of people complain that they have very fast internet connections, but their Netflix stream always stutters and grinds to a halt. Netflix just introduced a way to test the speed of your connection to Netflix's servers. It's super easy. Just compare the number you get to your usual download...
  17. F

    Home Streaming solution

    Hi, I never watch TV, but for years I watch Youtube, Netflix, BBC player etc. on my laptop. I finally have some space in my new apartment and want to get something to primarily watch videos on it, but don't want to buy a TV if I'm not going to use the TV function anyway. The following...
  18. Todd Erwin

    Streaming VOD providers are getting fewer and fewer

    The competition of Streaming VOD providers is getting interesting. While some have closed shop (RedBox, Target Ticket), others have been acquired and/or merged. Fandango recently acquired both M-Go and Flixster (as part of their acquisition of Rotten Tomatoes), rebranding M-Go as FandangoNow...
  19. E

    TCM to

    start it's own streaming service this fall???!!!