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  • Picture Settings 640x480 / Anamorphic None / Modulus 2 / Cropping Custom 0,0,0,0 / Filters Detelecine / Deinterlace Slow / Deblock off / Grayscale off for color on for B&W / Denoise NL Means Light Animation (you might want to use a different tune setting / Audio AAC Stereo Auto 256)
    To compress Academy Format animated films that are interlaced (either DV or MKV sources) we use Handbrake (MP4 Web Optimized on iPod 5G support on / H264 / 24fps constant frame rate / Constant Quality 17 / Preset Medium / Tune Animation (you might want to use film) / Profile Main / Level 4 /
    All analogue sources (film, tape, laserdisc) are captured to uncompressed DV format files 16/48 audio.
    To deinterlace DV files we use JES Deinterlacer and output back to DV.
    For DVDs and Blu-Rays we rip losslessly using MakeMKV.
    To split or combine MKV files we use MKVToolNix.
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