1. K

    IGood 5.1 audio on PS4 and TV, but cable box (receiver) blocking audio output (idk why)

    Hi everbody. I'm new to this world, and I bought recently a Sony RT3 (5.1). As a newcomer, I liked to start with a "basic" 5.1 system. I wanted a real surround system. After studying all options available in my country, I decided to give a try to that system (i's old, but a good budget...
  2. J

    Onkyo tx sr 606 avr receiver

    Hey there I'm Jamie from Blackburn Lancashire in the UK. I have recently got an onkyo tx sr 606 avr receiver and I have never used one before.. I don't have any microphone with it to set it up.. I'm going to use it as a 5.1 layout and I am using a pair of B&W p4 floor standing speakers and a...
  3. V

    Connecting a Sennheiser RS 175 RF Headphone Optically via HDMI/ARC Splitter Audio Extractor on Yamaha RX-A1050 AV Receiver

    My home theater centers around my Yamaha RX-A1050 A/V receiver. All of my HDMI devices are connected to my receiver and output via HDMI/ARC Output of the receiver to my Samsung Q65F 4K UHD TV HDMI/ARC Input. If I hook up a Sennheiser RS 175 RF (radio frequency) wireless headphone transmitter...
  4. D

    Denon Receiver and Audyssey... Need Some Quick Clarification

    So just need some quick clarification. I have a Denon AVR-S730H that I bough open box about 2 years ago. Therefore, it did not come with the Audyssey microphone. I am now looking to pick one up, but do not know what model microphone came with the AVR-S730H. Does anyone happen to know...
  5. autoengineer_70

    Time for a Receiver Upgrade?

    Time sure flies as it seem like not that long ago I got my Denon AVRx3000 from my wife for Christmas. Then I see that the same model is up to to a revision AVRx3600 and then I’m reminded that mine is pretty old. It seems to work well, but Im wondering if I’m not getting the latest decoding And...
  6. F

    Pioneer VSX-D850S DTS Audio Issue

    Hi there. I have a Pioneer VSX-D850S receiver that works and sounds great. My issue is that I can only get DTS surround to work when I have the channel input set to TV, despite the fact that the source is my OPPO blu-ray player. The audio is being sent via optical cable and the input is set to...
  7. D

    Yamaha RX-V2400 Receiver Manager Software Needed

    Hello to all, Whereas I do have a much newer receiver for my home theater, I am using my circa 2004 Yamaha RX-V2400 in another room. This receiver had Receiver Manager software that let you set it up with a serial cable and save the configuration, which I found very handy. Unfortunately, I...
  8. M

    Connecting to smart TV direct to AV receiver (Samsung QLED F6 to Sony STR-DN1080)

    Hi all, very new to all this... I'm trying to get my new AV Receiver working directly to my smart tv as I only use streaming service son the built in TV apps (Netflix, Disney plus etc). The only available output from the TV seems to an optical out from the 'one connect' box. I understand optical...
  9. D

    Harman Kardon AVR 70 AV REceiver 5.1 Channel - Works Great!!

    Remodeling my home theater setup and have some previous equipment that still runs great. Can't find the remote. Asking $120. Pickup in Tomball / Woodlands Area. email me at [email protected] for details.Thanks.
  10. B

    Receiver for home theater and outdoor speakers

    Just moved into a house that has existing speakers and wires. I am a total beginner, trying to figure out which receiver to buy. It doesn’t have to be fancy or high quality. I just want something at a reasonable price that gets the job done...doesn’t have to be super high quality. After some...
  11. Steven Weiler

    Xbox One S best settings for sound w/ Sony DH520 receiver.

    Hello, I'm trying to figure out how to best set my receiver up to work with our Xbox One S. The Xbox is connected to our Sony DH520 receiver via HDMI, and S/PDIF (both from Xbox to receiver). The speaker system is a 5.1 setup, and the HDMI out from the receiver goes to my 1080p Optoma...
  12. P

    Replacement for Yamaha RX-V 2600

    The sound is cutting out on multiple channels on my cbl/sat input. I would appreciate any recommendations for new receiver. (Yamaha, Denon, Marantz or others) thank you
  13. tdhcsc

    External bluetooth with a Pioneer Elite receiver setup question

    I've got 2 Pioneer Elite receivers in my home. A VSX-70 and a 50. I'm trying to get an external bluetooth device with 'line in' RCA plugs connected so I can listen to the show on bluetooth headsets at the same time my wife is watching the movie on the surround speaker system so,,, both the...
  14. P

    Onkyo HT-R550 old receiver, new use

    Trying to use an old Onkyo HT-R550 for a dance studio that will need audio input from a 2.5 jack of a computer and/or ipad/iphone. I am looking for the best option to use and the best ports to hook the cord into. I see 2.5 to component cords online, wondering if that is the best option (or a...
  15. A

    Getting audio out of TV speakers from non-HDMI inputs on Sony STR-DN1000 Receiver

    Hi friends! I've been setting up my partner's theater system for her new house, and am having some trouble with the audio from her DVD player. Setup is as follows: TV: -Phillips 55" 4K TV 55PFL5402 Receiver: -Sony STR-DN1000 Receiver (HDMI out goes to the TV's HDMI 1 ARC) Inputs: -Fire...
  16. W

    Surround problem in Marantz SR7007 Receiver

    Hello. I own this Marantz which I purchased new in 2013 and have had very little trouble since then; however, that all changed a few days ago when I noticed that my left surround speaker (channel) had dropped way low in volume. So I ran the Audyssey program again, after doing a receiver...
  17. ENDEE666

    Hum issues hooking up Pro Audio (Crown) amp to Home Audio Receiver (Yamaha)

    Hello everyone. Hoping someone can help me solve an issue I am having. I am expanding my sound system in my den at home. Mostly with stuff I already own, while adding a few new items. I have done a lot of troubleshooting already, and wanted some guidance before I started throwing more money and...
  18. S

    I have an Onkyo receiver connected to a Samsung smart TV via ARC.

    Sound for is great for cable but will not play Amazon, Youtube etc through receiver on the different inputs. I'm sure its probably a simple solution but I haven't figured it out yet. Help?
  19. G

    No image on PT-AT6000E beamer from Yamaha RX-A2080 receiver

    Hello there, This is my very first post on the forum and i hope somebody can shed a light on this puzzle. I recently switched from an RX-A3010 to an RX-A2080 for our home theatre setup. We are using a Panasonic PT-AT6000E projector and a Raspberry Pi with Kodi as a source. All cables are HDMI...
  20. Walt H

    HDMI 4k TV to A/V Receiver

    When connecting a HDMI 4K cable from a TV cable box to an A/V Receiver, is it best to connect to the TV's HDMI ARC input or just one of the regular HDMI inputs? TV is Samsung Q80R QLED Receiver is Yamaha RX-A3070
  21. P

    Dolby Atmos playing through receiver via Bluetooth but not TV

    I have a Yamaha TSR-7850 using Klipsch Atmos presence speakers with the cross over switch set to atmos on the speaker. When I play the official Atmos demo from YouTube via blue tooth connection to the receiver it sounds amazing, I can hear every little bird chirp, twig breaking and basket ball...
  22. P

    Purchased a Yamaha receiver

    Hi, I purchased a receiver from Costco. It was enough for what I need it for. I am wondering how to use the HDIM inputs on the back. It has 4 inputs and 2 outputs. If I plug in a DVD player into the receiver, how do I get sound from the TV? Are the 4 HDIM ports on the receiver like a splitter so...
  23. B

    Need receiver recommendations. Help!

    Hi there. New to the forums. Just got a really good deal on some Klipsch speakers and was looking for some recommendations on a receiver. I don’t mind buying second hand (used). It will be 5.1. Would like Apple airplay and Bluetooth for music from my apps as well as playing my QC 35 headphones...
  24. rick3r

    Few problems with a NAD T775HD receiver, pick one and provide your thoughts please :)

    Hello community, I just have received a receiver that I bought. Model is NAD T775HD, which had upgraded its audio board by a AM230 Digital Audio Board, and its video board by a VM300 Digital Video board. I have few problems, so if you can help with one of those, many thanks and kudos ! Most of...
  25. R

    FOR SALE: Yamaha RX-V477 4K 5.1 A/V Receiver $150.00 OBO

    Hoping to find some one in need of a great receiver for a great price. I am listing my Yamaha RX-V477 Receiver for sale. This unit is in great cosmetic condition as well as fully functional. The receiver will come only with the remote, no box or other accessories. Please email me if you have any...
  26. K

    ISO Split Screen Receiver

    I am looking for any sort of hardware, (preferable receiver with 5+ HDMI inputs) that will allow me to split screen between two HDMI inputs. With 4K UHD pass-through, any up-scaling would be a bonus. No picture cut-offs or stretching, only original size. Please tell me something like this...
  27. S

    7.1 Signal into 9.2 Receiver

    Hello all. I am new to the site, and this is my first post on HTF. So thanks in advance for any and all feedback, My apologies if this is not the right area to post this topic. I am finishing my basement and have decided to put in a dedicated home theater room. The decision came to me a...
  28. Z

    Tubes dried out - vintage receiver - Marantz 19

    My Marantz 19 receiver has been a bit noisy and needs a facelifting. Does anyone knows where I could buy new tubes, pls?
  29. Nico Morgan

    Yamaha Receiver registering audio as video - Can't use Pro Logic

    First of all, apologies if this is the wrong forum, it could have fitted in several. I have a simple system based around my PC. I watch video on a second monitor attached to the PC but also listen to music through the same system. My PC has on-board sound with three output jacks. It also has a...
  30. C

    Denon Receiver AVR - 883 When in the tuner mode there is no sound when in FM mode.

    I have a Deon AVR - 1803-883 receiver I only have the front speakers hooked up and a CD player when the CD player is on I have sound but when I put in the Tuner FM mode I get no sound when it is in the AM mode all I get is static.