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Looking for a Slim or small receiver/amplifier that works 100% with HDMI-CEC (1 Viewer)


Nov 10, 2020
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Ive been attempting to look for information in numerous places, but I am having difficulty finding very much at all on this subject.

Does anyone know of a receiver that plays extremely well with HDMI-CEC? I'm wanting to setup a discrete speaker (5.1) amplifier/receiver system that takes 100% of its controls directly from the TV (new Samsung) it is plugged into. (similar to how surroundbars can do)

Ideally I want to keep the budget low and I can do the work and configurations myself (previously an AV tech but many years removed at this point) and I would like to keep the hardware as minimal as possible.

  1. The room this is going in is a purpose-built mini "theater" in the house and there is not much extra room at all.
  2. Universal remotes are not an option as they add complexity nobody but I am willing to deal with.
  3. The room is pre-wired (5.1) front and center of the room with no reasonable way to relocate wires anywhere, leaving me nowhere to hide equipment.
  4. One of the users of this system barely knows how to turn on Netflix and I just want this to work for them.
    1. (Admittedly I also want them to stop complaining about the weak soundbar :rolleyes: and lack of rear surrounds)
  5. I dont need tons of power, Giant receivers will easily overpower a room of this size.

I investigated wireless rear surrounds but the room setup and lack of outlets in the back simply cannot accommodate anything of the sort.

Any pointers on where to look is greatly appreciated.

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