1. P

    Sony A9G vs LG CX 77

    I'm really torn about the two and could use some advice. I spend say 45 percent of my time on SD/HD content, 45 on 4K/HDR/DV content and less than 10 percent on gaming. However I'm a bit worried about the lack of HDMI 2.1 and 4k120hz. Don't care about price.
  2. Robert_Zohn

    2020 OLED TVs - LG CX & Sony A8H, how do they compare

    For the entire months of March and April this has been the most popular question we have received by email, phone calls and PMs. So your wish is my command. Sony included Value Electronics on the first allocation of their new 2020 A8H Series 4K HDR OLED TVs. If all goes as scheduled we will...
  3. Robert_Zohn

    LG 2020 CX and GX Series 4K HDR OLED TVs

    I've been enjoying and testing our store demo 2020 CX series 4K HDR OLED TVs for a few days. For 2020 LG added several interesting new user menu items to control how you want to set-up and use your OLED TV. Some are for convenience and others can enhance picture quality and performance when...
  4. Stonesfan

    Black and white movies and OLED banding

    I watch a lot of older black and white movies and just wanted to ask about people's experiences with b&w films and OLED's issues with near black uniformity and banding. I'm coming from a 2012 Samsung E550 51" plasma, by no means the end-all-be-all of plasma picture quality, but it's a TV I've...
  5. andySu

    LG OLED 65C9MLB (UK model)

    I've had this LG OLED for a few months now since black Friday sale late last year 2019. Gravity bluray on the LG 65" OLED. The LG sits on the floor and projection light, just clears the screen. I was going to mount it on stand but its way too Heavy! Curious what are they made of that makes...
  6. MikeDE

    3D OLED or what to replace 3D plasma

    My old 60” LG 3D plasma is about to bite the dust, so I need to start looking at replacements. Yes, 3D is still necessary, and a projector isn’t a viable option, so that limits things. The local FaceBook Marketplace has a business with great reviews that sells cheap displays. They have a...
  7. Reed Grele

    I finally went ALL-IN on 4K!!!

    Finally took the 4K plunge a few months back with a 65" LG C9 OLED. But after having been bitten by the 4K bug in a BIG way, I just had to up the ante by getting me a 4K projector! And when I say "BIG", I mean near top of the line BIG! So last week I welcomed into my home theater, a full 4K...
  8. Sam Posten

    CES 2020 News and discussion - OLED all the things!

    First up - Samsung is going big on OLED: https://www.engadget.com/2020/01/02/the-morning-after-samsung-zero-bezel-tv/
  9. Dave_QP

    Problem with LG OLED55E6V Picture

    HI All I'm having a problem with a lighter bar top and sides of my LG OLED55E6V picture, it can't be seen all the time, is this something the picture cleaning will fix or do I need to go see the shop I bought it from? Any advice would be greatly appreciated :) Thanks Dave
  10. Osato

    LG OLED surround audio HDMI ARC issue and not passing 5.1 audio with streaming devices??

    I have an LG OLED 65 inch TV. It is the OLED 65B7 a model. I am having an issue with streaming services and audio. The first issue involves the use of HDMI ARC. When Enabled my television eventually times out from the Internet and I am forced to disable HDMIARC before it will allow me to...
  11. D

    2019 LG OLED Pixelating

    I just bought a 55" LG oled55c9aua fro Sam's Club for $1600.I changed cable companies so I have new cables. I bought a Netgear Nighthawk x6S AC4000 wi fi router for $250. I also purchased an Arris SB8200 Cable Modem for $180. They all sit within 3 feet of each other. I even bought a new cat6...
  12. Jim*Tod

    Sony A9G OLED: Aspect Ratio Issue

    I just got the new Sony A9G. Very impressed in every way but I have one problem: For all aspect ratios (2.20, 2.55, 2.75, 1.66, 2.35, 1.33) it works fine except for some reason 1.85 goes full screen which is 1.75. This is true with both blu rays and dvds played thru the UBPX700 player...
  13. Adam Lenhardt

    OLED Black Friday Deals?

    Anybody hear of any good Black Friday deals on OLED 4K TVs? I'm looking to upgrade my display.
  14. J

    Max angle to Mount OLED TV (LG C8)

    Good afternoon! We recently purchased a LG OLED C8, just mounted it yesterday, and it's been quite the visual treat. It had replaced an old Vizio 1080p TV which had the VESA mounts in the middle. Since the C8's mount holes are closer to the bottom of the TV, when we had mounted it, it was at a...
  15. R

    LG OLED Burn In

    LG OLED65 E6V panel (2016 build) I recently posted a problem I had with this screen that green horizontal bands had appeared. However, yesterday I was watching a recorded programme which was interrupted by a red screen warning that the signal had been lost. Having a totally red screen allowed me...
  16. Charles_Y

    LG OLED TV Amazon streaming app malfunctioning - advice needed

    I've had a LG OLED55EPUA TV since last summer that has been pretty good most of the time. However, I've gotten rather interested in streaming content from my Amazon Prime account and the app is proving to be a real problem recently with error messages which don't say anything. The image freezes...
  17. Robert_Zohn

    2019 LG OLED TVs

    Check out Tim Alessi's excellent presentation. I recorded this today at the John Singletary's Anahata OLED Art Gallery at the Delaware Contemporary Museum. Tim Alessi is LG's Senior Director of Product Development. Tim, Joel Silver and I were presenters on the museum's panel discussion...
  18. Andrew M


    First, let me say I love my LG OLED65C6P. It replaced a 60" 3D Plasma that died just in time for me to get one of the last 3D sets available. 95% of the time the picture is great. But, on occasion in dark scenes it suffers from posterization creating a blotchy image that distracts (and annoys)...
  19. Dave Moritz

    Sony XBR55A9F OLED 4K TV Feedback

    I am very close to purchasing my new tv to replace my non hdr Samsung UN55F9000 55" 4K UHD TV. I am about 1 week out from the purchase of the Sony XBR55A9F OLED 4K 55" HDR TV. Would love some feedback from anyone that owns this tv before I pull the trigger on 1/10/19! Am currently upgrading...
  20. C

    New Construction Home Theatre

    I am at the very early stages of planning my home theatre build. I have spoken with a local CEDIA certified installer / company and was planning on utilizing their design assistance services. However, after reading some of the recommendations from these boards, I'm wondering how much I should...
  21. Chris Strnad

    I rode the old display as long as I could; it's time to consider my replacement options...

    I completely passed on the plasma & LED/LCD waves (so I could finally finish my degree), and it looks like my rusty/trusty old Toshiba 50HX81 rptv is now showing signs that a failure may be close-at-hand. I've done a bit of reading here and elsewhere, so now I'm posting to get some...
  22. C

    Youtube 4k on new LG Oled super slow

    Hello, I just got a new LG 65 inch B8 Oled tv and was trying it out by watching youtube in 4k. Unfortunately its pretty much not possible. It constantly has to stop to buffer. I"m only able to see a second of content at a time before it stops again. I'm using the youtube app that comes with the...
  23. Nelson Au

    Panasonic TC-P65VT30 won’t turn on considering new OLED and repair

    Hey guys, I’m dissapointed with my Panasonic VT30 plasma seeming to die after only 7 years of light use. From what i’m reading on-line it’s likely the power supply. I’m not sure, but I did hear a loud pop and I wasn’t sure what it was as I was in another room and the TV wasn’t even on. That...
  24. Robert_Zohn

    Sony Officially Announce the 2018.5 OLED A9F and LCD/LED Z9F TVs

    Check out my video of the introduction of Sony's Z9F and A9F at Sony's Press Conference.
  25. Brian Price

    65" C8 or 65" E7 LG OLED?

    Just looking for opinions. Debating between getting a 2017 LG E7 OLED or a 2018 LG C8 OLED. If I can get the E7 cheaper than the C8 should I go with that? Is there a significant difference with the 2018 8 series OLED's compared to the E7? Thanks in advance for any comments.
  26. C

    Can OLED screens replace projection in cineplexes?

    Malaysia has installed 2 OLED screens in one of their cinema complexes. Is this the way for the future of cinema?
  27. Charles_Y

    LG OLED 55E8P: Measurement needed

    I'm planning on purchasing the LG OLED 55E8P next month and will be using the support stand. I need to know the width of the stand. I tried getting this information from LG Customer Support directly but they were ridiculously not able to help. I got a figure from another forum but wanted to...
  28. Robert_Zohn

    LG 2018 C8 OLED Owners Thread

    The eagle has landed, in fact, many eagles have flocked to Value Electronics! Our calibrator took one home so he can calibrate the C8 and put it butt next to his Sony A1E and LG OLED. I have one on display in our store now and will also take one home. 1st early impression is LG's new a9...
  29. BlackOps

    2017 LG OLED Question

    Do the built-in apps (such as Netflix and Amazon Video) on the 2017 LG OLED models trigger frame rate changes, such as 24p for films? I am hoping they do, but I haven’t been able to confirm anything. They do on the Apple TV 4 and the Apple TV 4K. I am considering switching to a Shield TV, but...
  30. Ronald Epstein

    Sony unveils OLED Bravia A8F Series and X900F 4K series at Cedia 2018

    Sony Announces New Premium OLED and LED 4K HDR TVs with Improved Picture Quality and Enhanced User Experience by Sony Pro Team 01/08/2018 New A8F BRAVIA® OLED 4K HDR TV series and X900F 4K HDR TV series incorporate a powerful mix of Sony picture and processing technologies with new Dolby...