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  1. TheSteig

    The Invisible Man + The Creature from the Black Lagoon Blu Ray Legacy Sets coming 8/28

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  2. atfree

    International Costa-Gavras' "Missing" (1982)- coming from Indicator in August, 2018

    From an ad in "Sight and Sound"
  3. atfree

    Pendulum (1969)- coming from Sony 7/31/18

    Source: Amazon A cynical Washington DC police captain, honored for his capture of a psychotic rapist-murderer, finds himself the prime suspect in the murder of his own wife and her lover. When the conviction of the rapist-murderer he captured is overturned, he goes in search of the person he...
  4. M

    Where’s High Society on Blu Ray Warner’s?

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  5. Neil Middlemiss

    Interview Exclusive HTF Interview with Jo McLaren - "Annihilation" Stunt Coordinator

    Veteran stunt performer and coordinator Jo McLaren has made her mark on projects big and small. Everything from British television drama (Grantchester, The Tunnel), to the globe-hopping stunt spectaculars on Fast & Furious 6, World War Z, Gravity, Avengers: Age of Ultron, and more, she has made...
  6. atfree

    Superfly (1972)- coming from WAC

    SUPER FLY (1972) NEW 2018 1080p HD MASTER Run Time 91:00 Subtitles English SDH DTS HD-Master Audio 2.0 MONO- English ORIGINAL ASPECT RATIO - 1.78:1 16x9 WIDESCREEN COLOR BD 50 Special Features Theatrical Trailer (HD) One Last Deal: A Retrospective Documentary Commentary by Dr. Todd Boyd, USC...
  7. J

    International France...IRMA LA DOUCE and MIRAGE

    Just watched 2 new Blu Rays from France. Billy Wilder's IRMA LA DOUCE...Wow this must the the brand new transfer ( KL announced last year a new 4K transfer)....It looks spectacular! Good news is it is All Region even though the box says Region B. The French subtitles are moveable as...
  8. atfree

    International July 2018 Powerhouse/Indicator Films Releases

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  9. atfree

    The Colossus of Rhodes (1961)- coming in May from WAC

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  10. atfree

    Someone's Watching Me (1978)- coming from Scream Factory 7/24/18
  11. N

    Watch Blu ray Movies on iPad?

    Hey guys, I have many great Blu-ray movies and I want to watch them on my iPad Pro. I did some search on Google and they say I need to rip my Blu-ray movies to .mp4 format in order to play them on my iPad. I would like to know how can I do that without quality loss. Thanks a lot. Nov
  12. atfree

    International I Was a Male War Bride (1950) Blu Ray- 2/23/18

    German release, looks legit. Most likely Region B locked.
  13. Moore Maxx

    Northern Exposure The Complete Series [Blu-ray]

    Fully restored and in hi-definition, all 110 episodes, over 6 seasons, with all the original music as you remember it. At least that's what they say here...
  14. Jim*Tod

    THE LAST PICTURE SHOW.... will we ever see a single disc blu ray release??

    Peter Bogdanovich's THE LAST PICTURE SHOW turned up on TCM this week in a fairly poor standard definition transfer. The only release on blu ray in the U.S. is as part of boxed set of AMERICA LOST AND FOUND. I asked on the Criterion site a while back if they ever intended to release it as a...
  15. B

    Universal's Blu Ray Legacy Sets?

    Does anyone have any idea if we might be getting any more of these wonderful sets?
  16. atfree

    International April 2018 Powerhouse/Indicator Films Releases

    (Alan Arkin, 1971) Release date: 23 APRIL 2018 Limited Blu-ray Edition (World Blu-ray premiere) Adapted from the controversial stage play by Jules Feiffer (Carnal Knowledge), this savage, nihilistic black comedy was the startling directorial debut of actor Alan Arkin. When a severely...
  17. atfree

    Charles Bronson Collection- coming 4/3/18 from Mill Creek

    Synopsis: Internationally acclaimed action star, Charles Bronson, is the definitive on-screen "tough guy." His legendary status was solidified in the midst of his career with a series of leading roles in gritty, crime dramas. This action-packed collection showcases his diverse career with 4...
  18. atfree

    A Study in Terror (1965)- coming 4/3/18 from Mill Creek

    Synopsis: Three of 19th Century England's most famous characters come together for the first time in this sumptuous, exciting mystery, as Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson set out to bring down history's most notorious serial killer: Jack The Ripper! When a suspicious package arrives at the...
  19. W

    Saludos Amigos & Three Caballeros release on Blu Ray through DisneyMovie Club

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  20. morasp

    Question Dick Van Dyke show DVD vs Blu ray set

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  21. atfree

    International March 2018 Powerhouse/Indicator Films Releases

    • High Definition remaster • Original mono audio • The John Player Lecture with John Mills (1970): archival audio recording of an interview conducted by Margaret Hinxman at London’s National Film Theatre • New interview with actor Elizabeth Seal (2018) • An appreciation by film historian and...
  22. TJPC

    The Mummy Region Free 3D Blu ray from Amazon U K

    Hello! I acquired 2 copies of the 3D blu ray of The Mummy (2017) from Amazon UK. It is region free and unopened with slip case. I am asking $15.00 + postage. It would be nice if someone from the Toronto/Hamilton area wanted it, since that would make it an easy exchange. Otherwise we can...
  23. atfree

    Gray Lady Down (1978) coming from Shout! Factory 4/24/18 Charlton Heston, David Carradine, and Ned Beatty star in the suspense-packed undersea drama Gray Lady Down. When a nuclear submarine, the U.S.S. Neptune, accidentally collides with a freighter, Captain Paul Blanchard and his...
  24. battlebeast

    Criterion triple disc blu ray cases

    Does anyone know where one could purchase Criterion triple disc blu ray cases? Casetopia seems to be sold out...
  25. TheSteig

    Criterion to eventually release Showa era Godzilla movies on DVD and Blu ray

    Based on this article where Jon Mulvaney says there is a plan to release the Showa era Godzilla movies on DVD and Blu ray, which includes Rodan and War of the Gargantuas. I predict a box set ala the Zatoichi box set This is a Godzilla sized dream come true, and it's just a matter of when now...
  26. atfree

    Farewell, My Lovely (1975) and The Big Sleep (1978)- coming from Shout! Factory 2/20/18

    A RAYMOND CHANDLER DOUBLE FEATURE STARRING ROBERT MITCHUM Philip Marlowe (Robert Mitchum) is involved in a case of deception, double-cross and murder in Farewell, My Lovely. When Moose Malloy (Jack O'Halloran), a giant ex-con fresh from prison, asks Marlowe to find his missing sweetheart...
  27. atfree

    Games (1967)- coming from Scream Factory 2/13/18

    **NEW TITLE ANNOUNCEMENT** Happy early Halloween! We have a bunch of new titles to reveal today that will land in February. First up is the cunning psychological film GAMES from 1967 and directed by Curtis Harrington (What’s the Matter with Helen? Who Slew Auntie Roo?). James Caan (The...
  28. atfree

    The Night Walker (1964)- coming from Scream Factory 2/10/18

    **NEW TITLE ANNOUNCEMENT** And even more title reveals today! We dip into William Castle territory by serving up his 1964 deadly dream film THE NIGHT WALKER. First time on Blu-ray and features an all-new HD film transfer. Barbara Stanwyck and Robert Taylor, reteaming for their first film...
  29. atfree

    Colossus: The Forbin Project (1970) - coming from Scream Factory Feb 27, 2018

    **NEW TITLE ANNOUNCEMENT** More title reveals today. Up next is the 1970 sci-fi thriller COLOSSUS: THE FORBIN PROJECT from 1970! First time on Blu-ray in the U.S. & Canada and stars Eric Braeden (The Young and the Restless) and Susan Clark (Porky’s). The ultimate computer creates the...
  30. AlexNH

    JFK Blu-Ray Out of Print?

    Does anyone know why the Warner Blu-ray of JFK is out of print?