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  1. U

    My wishlist of Disney films needs to be released on 4K Blu-ray?

    Hi. Forgive me if i introduce myself to all of you guys first. I'm Callum and i'm new to this forum. So while most of the Disney films have already been recently out on 4K Blu-ray as the company turns 100 this year, there are my wishlist of some of the Walt Disney Pictures films that are yet to...
  2. Fraschumi

    Samsung HW-Q950A

    Hi, If I buy a Samsung HW-Q950A I understand I'll have to connect it via the eARC HDMI port of my TV. Then I'd have to plug all my other devices to my soundbar input ports. The Samsung HW-Q950A has 2x HDMI inputs. What if I have to connect: -Apple TV -Blu ray disc player -Jvc XP EXT1 headset...
  3. DeWilson

    Warner Bros. To Exit Physical Media Production! (Cross-Post) Warner Bros. plans to shut down its physical media production department. Warner Bros-produced Films and Television series will still be getting Blu-Ray and DVD releases, though these releases will not be...
  4. Ronald Epstein

    RLJE Films Press Release: The Opening Act

    THE OPENING ACT On DVD and Blu-ray December 15, 2020 LOS ANGELES (November 4, 2020) – RLJE Films, a business unit of AMC Networks, will release THE OPENING ACT on December 15, 2020 on DVD and Blu-ray. Written and directed by stand-up comedian Steve Byrne (Always Amazing) and produced by...
  5. J

    CROMWELL at last on Blu Ray and proper aspect ratio

    On November 23rd CROMWELL with Richard Harris will be released in France on Blu Ray and in it's proper aspect ratio.
  6. darkrock17

    Where is The Man With The Golden Arm (1955)?

    I've known about this film for awhile, but hadn't really seen it until this past June when TCM was doing a spotlight on jazz music in films. They posted the opening credits to their social media's and I knew I had to see this film, unfortunately I missed it and missed it again last Thursday...
  7. Johnny Angell

    Compare Blu Ray Extras?

    There’s a site that compares extras, or lack thereof, between blu ray releases. Apparently, I don’t know how to phrase the google search because I’ve failed to find it. Anyone know what the website is?
  8. Osato

    Jaws UHD 4K Blu Ray Summer 2020? June?

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  9. JessicaN

    Horrible audio distortion from blu ray player

    My sister bought a Samsung 4K TV along with a LG 4K Blu Ray player (UBK 80) last September. The Blu Ray player has HDMI, and also a USB connection. Hooking up was simple and everything; CD's, DVD's, USB and Blu Rays, played great. We connected pair of THX-certified speakers we had though an...
  10. Rob_Ray

    Laurel and Hardy Restorations Coming to Blu Ray and DVD

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  11. Thomas T

    John Ford At Columbia 1935-1958 blu ray box set

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  12. Osato

    UHD Indiana Jones UHD Blu Ray in 2020?

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    Help Support the Puppetoon Animation of George Pal on Blu-ray

    Coming! The Puppetoon Movie Volume 2! Your continued contributions are very much appreciated. Screen Credit for all Donors Details here: In the 1930s and 1940s, long before Academy Award®-winning genius George Pal made classic features like The Time...
  14. Dave>h

    Black Friday Blu Ray Deals?!?! Not one at either Best Buy or Wal-mart

    Reviewing my local BB and Wal-mart Black Friday flyer i was shocked to see absolutely no ads for Bluray titles (DVD, UHD etc too), not one. I live in western Canada and I remember even last year there was at least a page of deals but this weeks flyer, NOTHING. Are other areas seeing this as...
  15. Osato

    2019 Black Friday blu ray and UHd Blu ray deals

    I actually don’t have a ton in my list but I will be out looking a bit and online of course.... I found a listing with Target’s titles...
  16. jim1174

    Do any of you own the Aussie blu ray of last of the Mohicans?

    if you own this which version do you prefer to watch the theatrical release or the directors cut?
  17. J

    International THE ANNIVERSARY on blu ray. BETTE DAVIS

    I purchased this in Paris 2 days ago and also watched this black comedy...Bette Davis as the nasty wicked mother from hell. It's restored...the transfer is exemplary . The Blu Ray is region B only. No forced subtitles.
  18. Reload3D

    3D Petition to Restore and Release WB 3D Classic

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  19. Nelson Au

    Blu Ray drive for Mac Pro

    Hey guys, I thought I’d check with you guys to see if you’ve had any experiences with adding a Blu Ray drive to your Macs. I have the 2013 Mac Pro, the last of the towers of that era. It’s still running strong on High Sierra. Haven’t quite made the jump to Mojave yet. I do have an Nvidia...
  20. D


  21. Osato

    The Avengers and the New Avengers - The Cybernauts Trilogy Blu Ray coming!

    Great news on this set! I’m hoping The New Avengers set comes to blu ray as well!!
  22. Thomas T

    Anyone else interested in That's Life (1986) on blu ray?

    Blake Edwards' underrated dramedy That's Life (1986) with Jack Lemmon, Julie Andrews, Sally Kellerman, Robert Loggia and Felicia Farr was shot in 2.35 Panavision but the DVD that was given us back in 2000 was in pan and scan! The DVD has been out of print for years and never available in an...
  23. Coressel

    Monty Python’s Flying Circus Restored for Blu Ray

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  24. Thomas T

    Follow Me! (aka The Public Eye) debuts on blu ray R2

    Carol Reed's last completed film Follow Me! (called The Public Eye in its U.S. release) makes its blu ray and DVD debut in region 2 courtesy of Network. The screenplay is by Peter Shaffer (Amadeus, Equus) and stars Mia Farrow and Topol (Fiddler On The Roof). It's a delightful romantic drama and...
  25. Thomas T

    Thomas T.'s never on laser/DVD blu ray wish list (1953-1959)

    The 1950s were the formative years in my movie film going. Hence the 1953-1959 time span. I skipped the VHS years and began collecting laser discs then later DVD/blu rays. But the following wanted films never legitimately made it to either laser disc or DVD. It's unlikely they'll make it to blu...
  26. P

    Question About Films with No Blu Ray Releases

    Hi, I'm new and I collect Blu Rays. Anyways one of my all-time favourite filmmakers Woody Allen has had the luxury of getting his films from his MGM days released through Twilight Time. Sadly I was late to get a Blu Ray of The Purple Rose of Cairo, Crimes and Misdemeanors, Radio Days and...
  27. sullum

    Deadwood Blu Ray Versions

    Hi. Does anyone know what differences (mainly Extras) there are between the Deadwood blu ray versions: "The Original Series" in the light colored box. And "The Ultimate Collection" in the dark colored box. Amazon is selling The Ultimate Collection as region free, but I think that it has less...
  28. Thomas T

    International A Tree Grows In Brooklyn (1945) on R2 blu ray 7/22/19
  29. John*Wells

    Blu Ray lines

    I watched my Blu Ray version of knight Rider season 1 episode Trust Doesn’t Rust and I noticed blue lines. Is this a scan or transfer issue?
  30. Thomas T

    Hold Back The Dawn (1941) on Blu-ray 07-16

    It's being released by Arrow in both R1 and R2. It's not up for pre-order at Amazon yet but it is at Amazon UK.
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