1. J

    Amp/Center Speaker

    I am very new to home theatre tech and need some equipment. I have four speakers in my home right now (two front, two back) and am looking for an amp and a front center speaker to match (potentially a subwoofer as well). The two front speakers are PSB Stratus Silver, and the two back speakers...
  2. A

    Need help with home prewired/installed for multi-room speaker system

    Hi all, novice here and need some advice on a multi-room speaker system that was pre-installed in my home (finally got around to utilizing it after many years!). Didn't receive any documentation or much information from the seller, so flying quite blind here. There are speakers installed in...
  3. Dave Scarpa

    Yamaha RX-V683’s speaker Test

    Setting up my receiver and speakers in my new home media area. Utilizing the receivers test probe mic and auto setup. It’s finding one of my back surrounds with a wiring polarity error when the is absolutely not one. Double checked on both sides it’s is wired correctly. I am using banana plugs...
  4. G

    Wireless Speaker System

    Hello, everyone am new here. Ive been out of the Home Theater game for a long time. I am upgrading my tv above the fireplace to a Samsung 70 Inch. Am waiting to put some in ceiling speakers in the room and wondering if there is any wireless options or what the best way to set this up without...
  5. G

    Assistance on proper connections for Home speaker system

    Hello, I have a home speaker system (that home owner prior to me installed). I originally had a receiver there for playing music/DVDs. But wanted to know if there is an option to connect the wires that went to the receiver into another device (like the Logitech Bluetooth Audio Receiver ). I...
  6. D

    Newbie - First post - Def Tech BP2000TL - Speaker tower wiring help.

    I'm using speaker towers for only HT and don't have a dedicated sub yet. If I wire the High/MId for my Front R & L, should I put the tower subwoofers on the same channel or separate sub channels using LFE? (Receiver Sony STR-DN1080) Example of back panel below:
  7. P

    Paradigm speaker question

    I used to own a home theater using MileniaOne speakers. What would be the next step up from those in the Paradigm lineup. If I build a new home theater, I wanted to step up the quality a notch. Plus I want to use floor stands instead of wall mounting. I will still be a 5.1 system. I snagged a...
  8. T

    4 Ohm speaker with 6/8 Ohm AVR.

    I accidentally purchased a $400 Center Channel speaker with 4 ohm impedance, forgetting my Denon AVR-X4500H only supports 6 and 8 ohm impedance. How will this negatively affect my audio quality? Is there a a piece of hardware I can add to add impedance? Hopefully one the goes on the speaker wire...
  9. C

    Speaker placement

    Rough drawing but it gives an idea of the set up, would anyone have any ideas as to where would be best to place the speakers for a 5.1 set up. The way things are now, the front three speakers are placed beneath the projector screen, which obviously works fine whilst watching the projector but...
  10. D

    Streaming Preamp

    I have an older Amplifier with just RCA inputs. I want to utilize it for a room for just audio playback. Would a streaming preamp such as a Yamaha WXC 50 be a good option?
  11. K

    Center speaker exchange... opinions are welcome.

    Hello all members, I'm here to ask you expertise and tips about some doubts I'm getting with my 1st home cinema setup... So, I have a Yamaha RX-V459 AV receiver (europe model) with the following audio specs: • Minimum RMS Output Power for Front, Center, Surround, Surround back 20 Hz to 20...
  12. Y

    Manual Speaker Size Setup Yamaha RX-V4600

    I don't have the proper remote for this rcvr. Is there a hidden menu accessable from the front panel? Thanks
  13. W

    Speaker advice

    I am a new member creating my first surround sound system. I am planning on a 5.1 system with in ceiling speakers. Any recommendations on speakers? Has anyone had experience with episode series 7 speakers which are being recommended by my installer? thanks
  14. J

    Yamaha RXV 773 speaker output issues

    My Yamaha RXV 773 receiver, the center and surround speaker outputs do not work. The right and left speakers work fine. I ran Test Tone and get tone on all of the speakers. Anyone have advice? Jeff
  15. Jeff16

    Home Theater Speaker Layout Help (5.2.4)

    Hello! We will be beginning a basement finishing project next month and one of the things I am most excited about is the home theater area. I am planning to do a 5.2.4 setup, but have a two different layouts I am considering and seeking your help and advice. The two attached png files are the...
  16. I

    5.1 vs 6.1 surondsound speaker placement/Denon 3802?.

    Hello, I just installed my 1st HT with a Denon 3802 receiver. In the instruction for 6.1 it recommends placing the surrondsound speaker placement slightly forward beyond normal placement to get the sound to float in mid air. I took this to mean slightly in front of my ears by 2 feet. Was this a...
  17. G

    Left / Right in wall speaker height? (see diagram)

    Looking for some help on how high up I should mount my in wall (L/R) speakers. I am also trying to figure out how high my rear surrounds should sit. The will be facing one another mounted on the wall about 1.5 ft behind viewing position. I am also open to feedback on any other measurements like...
  18. T

    Hello new here and im having issues with was supposedly a great

    Hello I'm new here and relatively new to home theater and audio in general. I have a supposedly really good center speaker that sounds super muffled and really not great, I suspect it may be the tweeter. I drove over 45 minutrs away to pick up a paradigm cc 370 v.2 for 30 bucks. Of course it...
  19. autoengineer_70

    Mixing speaker Impedances

    I'm not too happy with the sound of my center channel so I'm thinking about upgrading. My current speakers are all 8 ohm. Some of the centers I'm looking at are 4 ohm. I have a Denon AVR-X3000 receiver. Is it possible to run a 4ohm center with the rest of the speakers being 8ohm? I recall...
  20. I

    Speaker placement in a tricky room

    Hey everyone. New to the forum. We converted the mother-in-law room to a TV room, but it has a weird layout with the doors and couch. The couch is a very nice one we inherited and want to keep it, so we're trying to make the layout work. The room is 13' long and 11' wide. TV is about 11-12'...
  21. D

    Paradigm PDR-8 HT Bass Speaker - Works Great!! Asking $100

    Remodeling my home theater and selling some existing equipment. This Paradigm Bass still works great. Asking $100. Pickup in Tomball / Woodlands. Please email me at [email protected] if interested. Thanks!
  22. Jaurhead

    Designing the space - speaker and sub placement.

    Buckle in - this is a lengthy one. TL;DR: Building a flex theater with ridiculous aspirations and need help with speaker, sub and sound panel placement based on room layout. The idea was to have a generic entertainment space, so I wouldn't technically call this a "home theater," more just a...
  23. P

    Speaker Placement

    I am moving into a new home soon and would like suggestions on the rear surround speaker placement. I have attached a couple of scenarios I was thinking of. At the top of the drawings you see a 4 foot wall. Should I mount one speaker there just under the counter top or just put them on the...
  24. A

    Yamaha amp - flashing speaker lights

    Hi, I am slowly going crazy after several hours of fidding with my amp, hopefully someone here can help. I have an oldish Yamaha RX-V377 amp, a newish Panasonic TH-55FZ950U Tv, and a very new set of Kef surround sound speakers curtersy of the insurance man after my house got flooded. I have...
  25. Mredwards

    Speaker to amp wiring question

    Receiver: HT-R540 2 Speakers: JBL SP6CII Receiver is rated as 120w + 120w (8ohm Front) 170w + 170w (4 ohm, Front) Speakers are 8 ohm Speaker spec says: maximum recommended amp power is 80w Im trying to use this old home theater receiver to power these brand new JBL speakers I just got. I...
  26. D

    Onkyo SR606 playing music only which speaker input

    I have this receiver and I have two sets of speakers that are used ONLY for music that are controlled thru a speaker controller (A,B,C). The speaker controller connects to the receiver. Which of the speaker inputs: surround, surround back, front, or c enter should I connect the controller to...
  27. J

    Need help with speaker placement

    I've been looking into getting a HT set up in my room for a while, but the current layout doesn't seem like it'd work. I'm looking to get JBL set up with x2 590 or 580/ x2 530 / 520C / 250P or A120P / Denon AVR S940H. The room is around 1000~1050 sqft. Though, I'm considering if I should go for...
  28. Peter Trent

    Speaker levels

    Can you use the mic to set speaker levels more then once? Should I wait to get all my updated speakers in place first? My center is coming tomorrow, but my surrounds will not be here for awhile. I never did this speaker setup using the mic provided, so I am a little gun shy
  29. Peter Trent

    Center speaker, is it best to match your left and right?

    I have Vegas on each side of TV. I want to upgrade my Center speaker and surround speakers. Should I stay with Vegas, or just buy what's a good deal? These cubed Bose and rear 151s Being used for surround I am not happy with. Also should I wait to use the YPAO used to auto set your speaker...
  30. T

    Audyssey mt32.. and speaker setting(largevssmall)

    I'm running avr3500x. Klipsch rf3lls mains 5.1.2. rc3ll center.. and two rs311 surronds. Klipsch ceiling speakers for the height channel. Svs isdn dual 12. Quick question. When listening to two channel source like general music. Sound is only output to the fronts, no sub. I went thru the...