1. Steve Satch

    Pioneer SP-BS41 Speaker for sale

    Open box item, speakers never hooked up. $125 shipped.
  2. Craig Chase

    Axiom LFR-1100 Active Speaker Review Thread

    Hi all - We recently ordered a pair of Axiom LFR-1100 Active speakers for both ownership and review. The passive LFR-1100's are one of my all time favorite speakers, and consist of 3 front firing, 6.5 inch long throw woofers, 2 front firing 5.25 inch mids and 2 front firing 1 inch dome tweeters...
  3. N

    Speaker setup for 2 viewing seats

    Hi Guys, Sorry for the inconvenience my poor planning has caused but I have a problem. I have just refurbished my house an I have prewired a 5.1 speaker setup for my 65 inch tv, which is great and sounds awesome when on. The problem is this, if you can imagine I am sat in front of the TV and...
  4. C

    new house that has speaker system. I need help figuring it out

    I moved into a new house, it was a model home in the past in the community. I found that there are built in speakers in 3 different rooms. Downstairs, there is a cabinet with wires for the speakers (I need to figure those out too). But we also noticed that there is a wifi being transmitted in...
  5. M

    Passive Subwoofer with regular speaker wiresto go

    Bought a house that has this setup 4 speakers in ceiling 2 speakers in front wall 1 center speaker on wall 2 8” passive subwoofers on wall (Dayton Audio CS8SW-88 8" In-Wall Dual Voice Coil Subwoofer) All connection wires are coming to a different room ( all 7 speakers are banana plugs but...
  6. BeezleBub_Ross

    Home Theater Speaker Comparison Question

    I am currently getting estimates on ceiling speaker installs and didn’t know if anyone had any input on the differences between these 3 types: Klipsch CS-16C-II 6.5” in-ceiling Episode 350 Series in-ceiling 6.5” TruAudio REV6P Revolve series 6.5” Honestly, I don’t know much about this, and my...
  7. B

    Pioneer VSX-LX302 speaker setup?

    Hello all, I have a Pioneer VSX-LX302 that I am trying to figure out if I can use it in our theater that has a 9.2 speaker setup. I'm left with a set of surround speakers to connect. We just upgraded our projector to a 4K and our old Denon does not have the ability to support it. Is there a...
  8. B

    Need help with speaker placement

    Good afternoon, We are rebuilding part of our master bedroom. The area we sleep in is raised two steps above the rest of the master bedroom. We have a pass through fireplace being installed and there are 5' wide steps on either side leading up to the sleeping area. I have attached a copy of...
  9. O

    large speaker wall mounts

    I live in Japan so I`m dealing with a limited amount of space. I had bought definite technology surround speakers, center speaker and subwoofer and found a pair of Mythos 2 speakers on ebay. These were adequate for main speakers but didn`t include wall mounts. I contacted def tech and they...
  10. H

    Will placement of D.A. speakers change function

    I'm looking to buy Klipsch floor standing speakers with built in or separate Dolby Atmos modules...I have 10 foot ceilings...If I build a 7 foot high storage loft over where I plan to put the speakers, will it kill the functionality of D.A. modules ? ? ?
  11. eddified

    Declining Polk Speaker Price Trend

    I was looking at the price history of these speakers on Amazon (the CamelCamelCamel extension shows price history): https://www.amazon.com/Polk-Audio-80-RT-Loudspeaker-x/dp/B004LQDWO0/ref=sr_1_4 https://www.amazon.com/Polk-Audio-265RT-3-way-Speaker/dp/B004L9GWSK...
  12. Demonyx

    Center Speaker Suggestions

    Looking to upgrade my center speaker. Not ready for a complete speaker replacement but my understanding is a center speaker upgrade really improves dialog. I use my setup primarily for watching movies. Was looking at Klipsch RP-440C Center Channel Speaker? Thoughts? Suggestions? Should speakers...
  13. F

    Advice on Speaker Selection for Atmos in-ceiling

    Hi there, First time poster. Planning out an upgrade to add Atmos to my existing home theater. I already have a solid 7.1 setup and a receiver that can do 7.1.2. I'm trying to figure out what speakers to by for the ceiling channels. My fronts are Martin Logan (motion 40s and a 30 center)...
  14. J

    5.1.2 Speaker Height Placement

    I am installing a 5.1.2 Atmos system in my home theater. The builder installed speaker wire outlets at a height of 6' on the wall for the front speakers, and at the 8.5' ceiling height for the surrounds (middle and rear). I am installing in-ceiling speakers for the Atmos set using the middle...
  15. H

    Sony CT 800 and rear wireless speaker options

    Hi everyone! I have the sony ct800 soundbar and sw and was looking for wireless rear speaker options. Was told the only compatible speakers are the Sony srszr5. Can someone confirm this? If there are other options, would love to hear them. Thanks!!
  16. jim1174

    Do any of you not put the speaker wires in the wall

    I know that most people put their speaker wires through the wall. If you,don't do this what method do you use to hide the speaker wires and keep every thing looking nice ?
  17. D

    Speaker placement for odd room (yamaha presence speakers)

    Hello everyone. I am way behind in all things audio/video. I am 48 and just now doing my first set-up. The last 2 weeks I have acquired a used Yamaha AVENTAGE RX-A740, a Sony 4k blu-ray player, and a 5.2 Elac Debut 2.0 speaker package (50% off from Best Buy). A 55" 4k tv will be next. I know...
  18. A

    Speaker separating from its housing - Need advice

    Hi everyone! So I last posted about speaker placement. That’s since been done and I’m happy with it so far, outside of shorting the left surround about 2 feet so that length of cord will forever eat at me, but not enough to drop another $30 on more speaker wire! Anyway, the other issue I have...
  19. R

    Speaker Buzz

    Hello! New Member here and not sure the best place to post this question. I’ve recently swapped out an Onkyo TX-NR1010 AVR in my 7.2 home theatre system to a Marantz SR7012. After hookup and calibration I’m hearing audible (and irritating) buzz through all 7 speakers. I went though the process...
  20. R

    New Marantz AVR - speaker Buzz

    Hello! I’ve recently swapped out an Onkyo TX-NR1010 AVR in my 7.2 home theatre system to a Marantz SR7012. After hookup and calibration I’m hearing audible (and irritating) buzz through all 7 speakers. I went though the process of disconnecting inputs one by one to determine th source and I...
  21. P

    Recommendations for Compact Speaker

    I just finished wiring my family room for 5.1 surround sound and I am looking at starting to choose speakers and a receiver. The room is rectangular at 14x15 ft with 9ft, flat ceiling. As this is our family room, my wife is very adamant about it not turning into a home theater with an...
  22. C

    New set up nearly complete - one question

    Hi Thanks for the forum, I have been lurking around and learning many new things. For Christmas we are replacing a serviceable but unremarkable JVC dvd theater-in-a-box 5.1 system. It has done its job, but now time for retirement. I already have purchased an entirely new set up, and most of it...
  23. A

    Wall mount speaker placement - Need some help!

    Hi everyone, So I’m trying to finally install my speakers after 11 years in my place. I can’t handle the floor standing setup so I reworded everything and that has made a heck of a difference in sound quality, but I am torn as to where to mount the speakers on the wall. I am aiming to...
  24. backstabby

    3 front speaker mounting help

    hey guys so im needing help on where to put my 3 dali phantom s180 in wall speakers, at first i was going to put 1 to the left and right side of my monitors and last one under the desk i have been told this is a terrible idea what about all 3 above the monitors tho? the height from my floor to...
  25. J

    Need help on multi-room speaker system

    Hello, I am in desperate need of some help, I have found nothing on the topic through googling and I am far from tech-savvy. I am in the currently in the process of having a house built. The home builders are installing speakers in two rooms of the house, 2 speakers in the kitchen on the main...
  26. Nandan

    Center Speaker Upgrade

    Hi, I have an Onkyo HT-S7800 and i would like to replace my existing center speaker with Klipsch RP-250C. Is it compatible with my existing system? Is Klipsch RP-250C worth the upgrade from my existing center speaker? Thanks in advance
  27. B

    Can connecting only one speaker damage an AV Receiver ?

    I ask this because I want to directly compare a Sony 1080 with an Onkyo NR676 by hooking each to one speaker in mono mode and playing the same CD on the Onkyo and then the Sony, and repeating until I get a good idea whether there's any clear difference. I prefer the connectivity of the...
  28. D

    Best way to add speaker selector

    I am currently using a Yamaha Receiver RX-V681. I have a 5.1 system hooked up and a pair of Polk R-60i for zone 2. Everything works great, but I also prewired for another three pairs of speakers in various spots around the house. I would like to know what my options are for setting up all 4...
  29. R

    New home theater: Flooring, speaker layout, Atmos feedback needed

    Howdy. New to this forum. Looks like a great resource with lots of helpful folks. Pardon the lengthy intro, but I figure it will save some Q&A to get helpful feedback. I'm not new to home theater. Have built 5.1 and 7.1 setups in previous homes. Building a new home, and I have a blank...
  30. Dave>h

    Understanding Yamaha Rx-v1083 - speaker configuration

    Hi, I am trying to understand how my Yamaha routes sound in my current configuration and I am also curious about the speaker set up itself. I currently have a 7.1 setup which I think is a 5.1 set up with 2 "presence" speakers in Yamaha parlance. Which is to say that I have a traditional 5.1...