1. N

    Question/concern about the Sony 83A90J:

    Hello, So, I’ve been doing a ton of research for my next major TV purchase, which I will do once I finally get some peace of mind about my concern. I currently own a 55X850D (2016), which I still love, but everything I’ve read suggests the 83A90J will be a massive upgrade for me. Everything...
  2. P

    Paradigm speaker question

    I used to own a home theater using MileniaOne speakers. What would be the next step up from those in the Paradigm lineup. If I build a new home theater, I wanted to step up the quality a notch. Plus I want to use floor stands instead of wall mounting. I will still be a 5.1 system. I snagged a...
  3. P

    Crossover question

    When setting the crossover on a sub, are you setting the upperbound limit, or lower bound? That is, if you set the crossover to say, 75, the sub-woofer won't play frequencies above that? Or do subs come with both upper bound and lower bound knobs?
  4. Jkip74

    Receiver and Speakers Question

    STR-DH190 Stereo Receiver SS-CS5 3-Way Bookshelf Speakers I don't necessarily need surround sound for my apartment, but I need better speakers than the ones built into my TV, so I can actually enjoy watching a movie. For the reason above, I don't want to spend more than $400-500 (receiver &...
  5. S

    A Question For Robert Harris

    The discussion concerning the blu ray release of the Definitive Laurel and Hardy films made me wonder about the state of affairs with regard to how some films will be preserved/viewed in the future. For Mary Poppins, some scenes that were originally a daylight scene have become a scene in early...
  6. J

    Question about mini amps

    I'm talking about the mini amps like the Lepai, etc. I was going to buy one with Bluetooth for my daughter, but I don't know much about them. I have a small pair of bookshelf speakers to hook up. 1) Any recommendations under $50 ? 2) She has a Blu-ray player and a TV. Can they both be...
  7. P

    Introducing myself and a question about my new soundbar.

    Hi Paul here. First time on this forum having just bought a LG Sj3 2.1 soundbar. The only connections it has is the optical, USB and 3.5 jack. So no hdmi. What I learnt over the past couple of days is that a soundbar cannot play DTS or Atmos if only using an optical cable. Yet it says that this...
  8. tdhcsc

    External bluetooth with a Pioneer Elite receiver setup question

    I've got 2 Pioneer Elite receivers in my home. A VSX-70 and a 50. I'm trying to get an external bluetooth device with 'line in' RCA plugs connected so I can listen to the show on bluetooth headsets at the same time my wife is watching the movie on the surround speaker system so,,, both the...
  9. Mredwards

    Speaker to amp wiring question

    Receiver: HT-R540 2 Speakers: JBL SP6CII Receiver is rated as 120w + 120w (8ohm Front) 170w + 170w (4 ohm, Front) Speakers are 8 ohm Speaker spec says: maximum recommended amp power is 80w Im trying to use this old home theater receiver to power these brand new JBL speakers I just got. I...
  10. alasdairm

    very basic question about ARC

    hello, i’m moving in to a new place and i’m going to upgrade my tv/receiver/surround set up. i don’t need any earth-shattering 9.2 setup - just a half-decent 5.1 setup. i have one question.this is what i’m looking at doing: i have yamaha receiver already (HTR-6230BL) but it does not - as far...
  11. T

    Custom Cover Built a shelf- would like some opinions for a question I have.

    Hi friends. Hope everyone is doing good. Well I finally took the time and built a quick DIY shelf in my office. So far I'm very pleased but I have one concern that I'm hoping someone on reddit can chime in on? I made sure to have my last row about 2 inches above my heater. Heater is usually...
  12. Zachman54

    Basic wiring question so I get the best home theater sound

    Hello everyone, looking for some help wiring my new LG Soundbar with Dolby Atmos. I view movies from 3 different sources, ultra Hi-Def Blue Ray DVD player, the latest Roku devise, and my Xfinity cable box. I want to make sure I wire my new Soundbar so I get the best possible audio from each...
  13. Mark Y

    Harveytoons question

    For some reason I have gotten on a Harveytoons kick and have been revisiting the so-called "Complete Collection" DVD set that came out back in 2006. I also have the Casper complete 2-DVD set and the Herman & Katnip disc, which leads me to my question... The Casper complete set includes two...
  14. B

    Question about Bluebeard DVD releases

    Hi there, Apologies if this has already been answered, but I have the Edgar G. Ulmer Collection DVD release of Bluebeard (the one that has the Bluebeard Revealed featurette). I just read that there was a Roan DVD release (the Black and Blue Collection) of Bluebeard, Black Dragons and The Black...
  15. W

    question about HDMI output

    Can't figure this one out. I provide a list and links of my components at the end, but basically I have a 1st gen Fire TV Cube whose HDMI output is connected to a device that takes the HDMI in and outputs HDMI + SPDIF. The SPDIF output goes into the optical input of this really old Sony Home...
  16. T

    denon 3500x hdmi monitor 2 out question

    So i have have everything running thru the avr using the arc out channel from avr the arc in channel on the tv. The one problem is the arc in channel of the tv doesn't support uhd deep color. This is primarly only a issue for my 4k samsung bluray. The hdmi 1 port on tv does support uhd, could i...
  17. AndyMcKinney

    Oppo BDP-93 Firmware question

    Sorry for posting this query about a now-ancient player, but I'm having trouble finding reliable info online. I know that the most recent firmware (the one still downloadable from Oppo's site, 9x-82-1009) is one of the 'broken' releases (no more support for ISO, MKV or BD5/BD9 blu-ray discs)...
  18. rsamsel

    ASC CX1102 on a basic HT install - - Really stupid question

    I have one of the dumber questions you have ever heard. I have access to a few CX1102 power amplifiers. I have a basic onkyo nr676 receiver on a 5.2.2 Atmos setup. I would like to run more power to my fronts and center. Can it be done? Does it make any sense to do it? Should I upgrade the head...
  19. JoelM

    Hertz Question?

    Do you set your speakers in your reciever as to the freq data sheet for your speakers? Ex. A 35hz speaker set to 40hz in the settings? I recently started upgrading my stuff and have a 7.8.6 system and was curious. I remember back in the day everyone said set everything to 80hz and wondering if...
  20. D

    Newbie Speaker Question

    Hello, New to home theater and looking to build one. I recently built a house and pre-wired for in-ceiling speakers 3 in front and 2 in the back. However it has been recommended that I use an external center speaker by one person and another person said that using an in-ceiling R/L and an...
  21. Oswald Pascual

    Tagging ATV Media Question

    Is there a way to tag an ATV movie with a widescreen wallpaper image that appears in the background when a movie is selected on the new ATV's? Currently I have the standard poster shape image for the movie and if I add a widescreen image instead of poster shape it appears as a small widescreen...
  22. BobR

    Lens system question

    I have had 3 projectors, 2 Sanyo and 1 Optima. With the 2 Sanyos, once I had it focused I could adjust the zoom and it would stay in focus. On the Optima, if I adjust the zoom I have to re-focus. I assume this is a difference in the lens system but I can't find any info on it. If I get another...
  23. D

    Question about player...

    So, this is my 4K UHD player, copied it from where it was purchased.... Sony - UBP-X800M2 - Streaming 4K Ultra HD Hi-Res Audio Wi-Fi Built-In Blu-Ray Player - Black. Last night, I started watching final season of GoT on it. Noticed there looked to be a lot of rendering lines in it? Guessing...
  24. Johnny Angell

    A Question for 3D Nuts Who Have Given Up 3D

    We were there for some shopping and we checked out the 4K LEDs and OLEDs. I've always considered Visio to be the brand you buy if you don't have the bucks for better. They've raised their game, though the Samsungs and LGs are still better. The LCDs for Samsung and LG seem better than what my...
  25. morasp

    Sub Woofer question

    I'm looking at a budget 5.2 Sony STRDH receiver but it requires a powered sub. I have an older Titan II LE powered sub from my two channel system that I'm not using. It has frequency and level adjustments and RCA line inputs. Would it work with the Sony or do I need to buy a new sub?
  26. Foxman

    Sony XBR65X900F settings question

    Hey guys, I just upgraded from an older Samsung to an XBR65X900F and am impressed by the picture already. I have turned down some of the color, brightness, and various settings just to get them off of the factory max setting. I am curious if anyone has a standard-setting calibration suggestion...
  27. J

    Question about 4k TVs and subtitles

    I'm looking to buy a 75" 4k TV for our family room. We use subtitles a lot and I was wondering if we are better off with a FALD TV or an edge lit TV? A couple reviews I watched of FALD TVs showed quite a bit of blooming/glowing around the subtitles, and it looked bad. Is this common? I am...
  28. P

    70 - 75 inch mount Question

    Hi , new here ,I was searching through the past posts and couldn't find an answer so figured I'd ask. I'm going to purchase a 70 or 75 inch display soon , I'm wondering if the mounting hole measurements on the back are the same for both .thanks in advance
  29. morasp

    Shout Factory Leave it to Beaver complete series question

    I was wondering if anyone who owns the complete leave it to Beaver box set has compared seasons one and two to the Universal Pictures sets? In my system the season one audio is a little rough. Thanks in advance.
  30. Jim*Tod

    Question about 4K compatibility with existing sound system

    This is very preliminary thinking. I am considering an OLED 4K purchase maybe in another year. Currently I have a Panasonic 50" Plasma which still looks great. My sound system uses a Yamaha HTR-3066 amplifier which is five or six years old. At the time it said it would pass an HDMI signal...