1. 3

    Home theater automation.

    Is there any software that will let me automate lighting,(L.E.D.) through a computer or laptop?AS would like to automate as I do at my theater. I push start and everything I schedule activates like non-sync, sound off or on lights, we have 2 lights functions trailer and feature. thanx for any help.
  2. P

    Best Movie Scenes to show off a Home Theater

    Post about movie scenes that show off a home theater. You can post as many as you want. Please note the date of the film. ...... Cinderella (2015) - Disney's live action take on the classic story. SCENE: flight from the castle where the carriage turns back into a pumpkin. ..... Oblion...
  3. C

    Atmos soundbar vs. home theater in a box

    I’m about to provision my first home theater. It will be a living room in a one-bed apt, so nothing too fancy, and no wall or ceiling mounting. I’m looking to spend at or below $1000 for audio. Debating between a Atmos capable soundbar with sub and satellites and a 7.1 or 5.1 “home theater in a...
  4. N

    Rustic theater

    I am currently starting my my theater build out it's a small space but it's finally mine and I am av Installer by trade I have been doing it for about 15 years but this will be my first theater of my own with my wife's "permission " the room size is 21x11 it will have a 120" screen I already...
  5. B

    Receiver for home theater and outdoor speakers

    Just moved into a house that has existing speakers and wires. I am a total beginner, trying to figure out which receiver to buy. It doesn’t have to be fancy or high quality. I just want something at a reasonable price that gets the job done...doesn’t have to be super high quality. After some...
  6. S

    First home theater; house in design phase

    Hey everyone! I am in the process of designing (well, paying someone to design) my new home. We have had lots of back-and-forths about the kitchen, porch, bathrooms, windows, etc., (wife's priorities). Obviously, right before we submit for permitting, I'm allowed to talk about my home...
  7. Wes

    My newly renovated Atmos 11.2 dedicated Theater

    My Youtube tour It's my 20 year old theater that I just finished a renovation to do some fixing and repaint that it so greatly needed!
  8. A

    Component recommendations for complete DYI Home theater under ~$10,000 USD

    Please help on recommendations on what model and components to purchase for a DYI complete package home Theater for under ~$10,000 USD Theater room size 12’x22’ 10’ ceiling Projector?- Reference ~16’ throw distance ( I like the JVC NX5 ? ) Speakers?-5.1 or 7.1 (Klipsch?) Receiver (DOLBY...
  9. Foxman

    Home Theater Calibration

    My apologies if this should have been posted elsewhere. Preface: My Rotel Pre-Amp is older and does not have the calibration microphone and built-in software than many of the new AVR's do. So, I have almost zero knowledge on this subject. I have a SPL meter, which comes in very handy and for...
  10. S

    Moved into new home. Building home theater. Bought TV. Need Sound System. Definitive Technology?

    Hey guys, New to the forum. Would love some advice on this. Best Buy Magnolia home theater crew said two 10" standing speakers fron DEFINITIVE TECHNOLOGY, as well as the front speaker, and two bookcase speakers behind me in corners. Powered by a Denon 9.2 ch receiver. I have attached a...
  11. orangele

    The Tower of Terror Theater

    The theming of my home theater was based on my decade-long dream to recreate the Disney Tower of Terror basement elevator ride entrance from a standard sliding glass door entrance to my home theater. I originally started with the goal of recreating the look of the elevator entrance, but has...
  12. Zachman54

    Basic wiring question so I get the best home theater sound

    Hello everyone, looking for some help wiring my new LG Soundbar with Dolby Atmos. I view movies from 3 different sources, ultra Hi-Def Blue Ray DVD player, the latest Roku devise, and my Xfinity cable box. I want to make sure I wire my new Soundbar so I get the best possible audio from each...
  13. E

    My DIY Home Theater with pics (On the cheap)

    I've been planning a dedicated Home Theater for years. I knew what I wanted it to look like but had no idea how to get it done. Enter research on Google and Pinterest! My somewhat simple home theater project morphed into a 3 year project with a whole bunch of cool gadgets and unique aspects...
  14. Sarah Matheson

    Home theater seating

    How crazy did you guys get with home theater seating? I know you can spend a fortune on Seatcraft Bass Shaker full grain leather w/ LED lights, but I assume most people use a regular sofa or reclining chair?
  15. R

    Per Channel Watts Specs for Home Theater Receivers

    Here is something I have always wondered about the RMS Watts spec of a home theater receiver. Any time you view a spec (of any brand) of a multi channel receiver (let's say 7 channels), it is always written in this format: "140 watts per channel into 8 ohms (20-20,000 Hz) at .08% THD, with 2...
  16. Jeffreybomb

    Basement Home Theater

    Here's a very, very rough draft of my home theater layout and a bullet point list of ideas that I'm considering, though are likely to be revised in one way or another as I go: The room will be its own entity, not an open floor plan to the rest of the basement. AV closet: a space for all the...
  17. J

    Fixing up an old home theater- complete beginner overwhelmed!

    So I have been browsing this forum for a few days and the amount of expertise and information here is- overwhelming, to say the least! We moved into a new (to us) house a few years ago- they had some semblance of a home theater setup in the basement that life has kept us too busy to really look...
  18. Jay20nj

    Setting up Home theater questions

    Hi couple questions. Im setting up a cable box, blu ray, receiver, and tv. My router is also in same cabinet. I plan to wire the tv and receiver to the router as well. The blu ray and cable box will go into the receiver then to the tv. My 2 questions are: 1. Should i also run an hdmi from the...
  19. P

    7.1 Channel Home Theater

    My builder gave wire setup for 7.1 channel. I have no idea what kind of speakers to buy! I would like to stay in the budget. Can I setup using these? or do I need to buy extra speakers...
  20. S

    Advice for New Home Theater

    My wife and I recently purchased a new home. I’m finally getting my man cave back but need some advice on placement of my new home theater. Below are the room dimensions. Room dimensions The projector being used will be the BenQ 2150st. I know the Logitech surround sound isn’t the best but...
  21. liberty610

    New to home theater gear; looking for opinions on my setup

    Hi all, A little over a week ago I upgraded my LCD tv to a LG OLED C9 55" Tv. I never understood the hype about 4K until saw one of these work their magic. I have been more then thrilled with it thus far, and show it off to everyone that visits. Purchasing this TV has triggered the tech geek...
  22. R

    TV source on Samsung Home Theater keeps changing

    I have a Samsung HT E5550W Home Theater. Lately, the TV source keeps changing randomly while using the HT. I have done a factory reset and updated to the latest s
  23. S

    7.1 Signal into 9.2 Receiver

    Hello all. I am new to the site, and this is my first post on HTF. So thanks in advance for any and all feedback, My apologies if this is not the right area to post this topic. I am finishing my basement and have decided to put in a dedicated home theater room. The decision came to me a...
  24. John Dirk

    Building My Home Theater - The Evolution

    I've been at this expensive hobby for quite awhile. Here is the evolution of my HT from where it [basically] began to where it is today. It's been a tough journey at times but worth it in every way. I'm hoping this thread will motivate and inspire some of our future enthusiasts. For the more...
  25. D

    Will this room have any chance at working for a home Theater

    I have a storage room that I would like to try and use as a home theater room. Any advice and/or suggestions on making this work are appreciated. I'm using a free floor planner design for the below images and could not find ceiling speakers, so the lights in the ceiling are meant to be...
  26. RobertR

    The Rescue of my Home Theater, Part 2

    I love my VMPS main speakers. They have such substantial build quality, MUCH better than the typical speaker. They sound fantastic. Next month I will have had them for 25 years. In speaker terms, I suppose they could be called senior citizens. Seniors know that body parts wear out. Last...
  27. broomrider

    Audioline home theater speakers

    Are these good brand speakers
  28. A

    Sony vs polk vs onkyo home theater

    How is the quality of sony home theaters like n9200 comparing with onkyo or polk or yamaha at the same price range??? I will buy for watching movies in home and i want a true surround sound system.... Thnks
  29. D

    Advice for Stereo Home Theater Speakers or possibly Sound Bar

    Hi everybody, I have a new home and am setting up a temporary home theater room until I can build a more dedicated space in a year or two. I would very much appreciate some of your expertise on helping me with a simple set up. Here is what I'm looking for: - I watch movies - not really any...
  30. S

    Home Theater sytem: Rebuild

    i Do not know if you all remember the Camp fire that swept through Paradise California on November 8th of 2018 that was my where I lived for 15 plus years before the fire, leaving all my stuff behind to burn up, a good quarter century of building a Home Theater starting out in the Mid 80s with...