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  1. H

    Sony Home Theater DAV-DZ556KB USB connection

    Sony Home Theater DAV-DZ556KB how to connect USB please Help There is DMPORT IS IT CAN USE FOR USB CONNECTION.
  2. RobertR

    Reincarnation of Denver's Cooper theater

    Many of us who lived in Denver have many fond memories of the late, great Cooper theater: http://cinematreasures.org/theaters/824/photos/37641 It was one of the premiere Cinerama houses. I saw the original Star Wars trilogy there, along with other movies such as Jaws, Alien, and Close...
  3. RedKNAVE

    Home Theater In a Box Subwoofer Replacement

    Hello I have an Onkyo HT-S3700 5.1-Channel Home Theater Receiver/Speaker Package and my subwoofer has started to make a popping sound. I assume that the sub is popping because it is not receiving enough power from the receiver which is causing damage. Unless there is an easy fix that I am...
  4. DavidMiller

    Miller's Theater

    I thought I would share some pictures now that I got my theater back together. We actually did a home remodel, so the theater benefited from this as well. IMG_1967 by David Miller, on Flickr Picture of the front of the theater. I have a Samsung 85" 4K TV (UN85HU8550) + Samsung Evolution Kit...
  5. A

    HELP- Connect TV to play through Home Theater System

    Equipment: TV - LG LK520, TV Source - DirectTV model # C41W-100, Movie/ Audio Source - Samsung HT- E5500W. I currently have the DirectTV HDMI (out) to LG HDMI 1 (in) and the Samsung HDMI (out) to LG HDMI 2 (in). The Samsung supports ARC but the LG does not. The DirectTV has 1 red audio port...
  6. Nelson Au

    Egyptian theater in Los Angeles showing nitrate print films

    i just heard the story on NPR radio this morning about several nitrate print films screening at the Egyptian theater in Los Angeles. I'd never seen a nitrate print film and the story describes how amazing an experience it is to see Casablanca and especially Black Narcissus. I've seen Casablanca...
  7. D

    Getting 5.1 audio from an old Home Theater System

    Hey guys, so I have this old home theater, Samsung HT-TX 25 Home Theater, it doesn't support Audio Optical nor HDMI connections. But my main argue is that it does support DTS and Dolby Digital (and it hast a dolby pro logic 2 mod too which is not my concern here). The only input connections are...
  8. D

    FOR SALE Projector, projector screen, surround sounds HOME THEATER SYSTEM

    i have for sale an aspen a350 projector, an aspen a72 screen and a karmon home theater system. Im selling it all as a package for $1400 send me and email or txt if interested. (952) (five six seven) (4062)
  9. M

    help with new open wall home theater for surround sound

    hey guys. any help would be appreciated i am building a dedicated home theater in my basment walls and ceiling are open now i need help with the surround sound end of things since i am new to that. room size - 13x22 w 8 ft ceilings main seating area will be one row with about 5 feet space...
  10. phillip's dream room

    My theater dream coming true

    100" screen (kind of wish I would have gone bigger). Epson 5040 projector. Nad 758 receiver, furman line conditioner ( amazing addition) Samsung 4K player, sonos connect amp, connect, 5 play 1's through the house. Speakers. Still upgrading. Klipsh reference tower speakers front B&W has 61...
  11. tol

    Need advise on my first basic home theater build

    Dear Audiophiles, Hoping to get your kind insights. I am new to the AV world, and would like to setup a basic but solid quality ("value for money") home theater system - 5.1 to start with but expandable to 7.1 and Atmos addition if needed. My budget is $1000 total, but willing to go to $1,250...
  12. K

    First Home Theater Advice Needed

    Okay so i recently just got a 5.1 home theater setup and I'm a bit confused on the speaker placement I should use for surrounds. My receiver manual says 120 degrees from listening position and the manual that came with my speakers is only for 7.1 I believe, and then online it mostly says 90-110...
  13. R

    Home theater below 30K

    HI All , Am Planing to buy for a home theater/home theater AV package in below 30k INR, please suggest me which one is the best My Requirements, 1) Deep and High bass 2) Multiple HDMI inputs 3) Dolby PrologicII 4) Sub woofer Preout. 5) inbuilt sub woofer amp.100+W some1 please respond to my...
  14. DarthChowder

    Planning Home Theater Setup

    I am brand new to the forum and am looking for some advice. Summary: I am having a house built and should be done in June/July time-frame. They don't offer installing wall speakers and I would like to go that route. I am not looking for a super high end setup, as cost if a concern, but would...
  15. A

    PA Speakers in Home theater

    I was trying to find out that do PA speakers like PEAVEY PVX 12 sound better than home theater tower speakers. I was planning to upgrade my satellite front speakers with passive full size speakers. Please help me figure it out.
  16. S

    My budget home theater

    I've been working on a man cave for the past couple of years and wasnt real concerned with the theater side of it as I didnt think I could afford to do one that would compare to a good tv picture, but after doing some research and alot of DIY, I was able to put something together that fit into...
  17. H

    Home theater speakers

    So I'm new to home theaters. I just got a 70" 4K TV a couple months ago, now I'm ready to tackle speakers/receiver. I don't want to spend a ton of money......ok my wife won't let me spend a ton of money. I've done a lot of research on my own but need someone else's opinion (preferably someone...
  18. J

    FS: Home Theater Package (70% OFF!!!)

    For sale is a Home Theater Package worth $8,100 selling only for $2,500 (70% OFF!!!). *** MUST BUY ENTIRE PACKAGE TO GET THE $2,500 PRICE *** Running time for the entire system is less than 100 hours (only for movies). Reason for selling: we moved to small house and there is no space for a...
  19. New World Orders

    LED Movie Poster LED Light Box Cinema Frames

    Hello everyone! I'm Jesse and my company New World Orders, sells LED Light Box Poster Frames. We are located in Kansas City, MO and our frames are US made, warranty backed. Check us out www.neworldorders.com Or message me at [email protected] or here.