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  1. S

    Home Theater Help

    What are you looking for (Speakers, Subwoofer or Both)? Both Primary Use: 30% Music, 70% TV & Movies Desired Configuration: 5.1 to 7.1 Room Size: 18x12 Is the room open to other areas of your home: No Do you already have an AV receiver or amplifier? No What's your budget (low to high)...
  2. Adam Lenhardt

    Home Theater Seating

    For the past fourteen years, I have watched TV and movies in the same oversized leather chair: I love this chair. I have practically lived in this chair. However, I woke up on the Fourth of July with a terrible stiff neck that lasted three or four days, and I've been dealing with neck...
  3. T

    Which will be the best home theater setup?

    I want to know the best setup under a low budget of 50,000. Can anyone suggest me a better home theatre?
  4. C

    new house that has speaker system. I need help figuring it out

    I moved into a new house, it was a model home in the past in the community. I found that there are built in speakers in 3 different rooms. Downstairs, there is a cabinet with wires for the speakers (I need to figure those out too). But we also noticed that there is a wifi being transmitted in...
  5. G

    Home Theater Upgrade - Suggestions please!

    Hi All, this is Kartik from Kansas. I have been living in an apartment and am about to move into a house. I plan to setup a theater room in the basement - the previous owners have already converted the non conforming bedroom in the basement into a 2-tier theater room so that's the perfect place...
  6. T

    "The Ray Bradbury Theater" TV series (1985-1986; 1988-1992)

    I'm a big fan of Ray Bradbury's short stories/novellas & have also enjoyed the filmed adaptations based on his work (notably The Martian Chronicles mini-series, Something Wicked this Way Comes, etc.). So, I was surprised when I recently found out about the anthology TV series "The Ray Bradbury...
  7. EnricoGon

    Home Theater without speakers

    Hi good ppl. I love film, but because of my healt it is difficult for me to go to a cinema, therefor I want home theater. I have a video projector and a home cinema sound system. The problem where I live is that I can't have high sound. So my question is : is it possible to use headphones...
  8. billwhitt

    8k QLED and Sonance Theater Project

    Been a long time since I have done a home theater. Looking for opinions on this set up. Samsung QLED Q900 75" 8k TV OR maybe a BENQ-HT9060 paired with a Dragonfly Thinline™ Fixed Ultra AcoustiWeave Projection Screen - 92" L/R Sonance Reference Series Speakers R1, Maybe R2 Center - SB46-75...
  9. billwhitt

    In-Wall Ported Vs Sealed subs for home theater

    Kind of a novice looking to build a home theater. Very limited space will require me to go in wall and ceiling with the speakers. I was looking at the sonance R12SUB as it has a frequency response down to 25Hz, the lowest I can find for an in-wall sub. I was thinking 2 of these in the front of...
  10. M

    Home Theater Klipsch wired + wireless possible?

    Hi guys, I just purchased a Klipsch home theater system and I am hoping to also connect speakers in other rooms to the system as a separate zone setup for wireless. My question is: can I use wired klipsch speakers and make them wireless somehow without losing much audio quality? The...
  11. U

    New Home Theater - Wiring Advice

    Hello! New user here hoping to get some advice and guidance. I am currently starting a project to finish my attic and plan to make it a combined rec space and home theater. The floorplan is a 38' x 28' colonial so a 45 degree roof pitch up to a 7' flat ceiling with a staircase splitting the room...
  12. BeezleBub_Ross

    Home Theater Speaker Comparison Question

    I am currently getting estimates on ceiling speaker installs and didn’t know if anyone had any input on the differences between these 3 types: Klipsch CS-16C-II 6.5” in-ceiling Episode 350 Series in-ceiling 6.5” TruAudio REV6P Revolve series 6.5” Honestly, I don’t know much about this, and my...
  13. H

    Setting up first Home Theater system with older Panasonic SA-HE100 receiver

    Hi all. I'm a newbie here, trying to set up a Home Theater system with an older Panasonic SA-HE100 receiver I've had sitting around for years. I've had it playing through a pair of Bose 901 speakers recently, and they sound great. But recently got some Klipsch R14M speaker to attach to the other...
  14. R

    For Sale: LG HU80KA 4K UHD Laser Smart Home Theater CineBeam Projector

    Here is my LG HU80KA XPR UHD Laser DLP Home Theater Projector I have decided to sell. Its in good condition, fully functional. There is a small scratch on the casing from installation on the side. Originally purchased and received new on July 2018. Asking $1500 shipped and insured or best...
  15. nohackmove

    Hello to everybody

    Hi All, I am a rookie person for Home Audio - Video Systems. I have purchased a Marantz NR1607 two year ago, and purt together with Canton Movie 85 CX 5.1 Speakers for my home theater system build. I was looking for a community to get in touch with other interested people with AVR systems for...
  16. Ernest


    The MPAA recently reported the sales of BluRay/DVD has taken a dramatic drop of 50% . Streaming was reported as the reason for the drop in sales of physical media. Netflix alone was reported to have almost 150 million subscribers. Recently important people in entertainment asked for rule...
  17. Cranston37+

    Netflix Buying Hollywood's Egyptian Theater

  18. S

    Which is the better home theater system? (please answer fast!)

    Hey all, I literally just signed up here. I love forums. As of this month, I have my first man cave and I'm looking for a low cost home theater surround sound system. It's just a bedroom so I don't need insane quality, just regular movies/music stuff. I don't know a ton about these, but in our...
  19. J

    Building a home theater questions

    Hi, I am building a new home with a room specifically for a theater construction will start in the next month or two. In my current home I have a theater and will be reusing the subs, LCR and buying surrounds and heights. The room will be unique as it will have ICF walls on all 4 sides and an...
  20. Dave Moritz

    Integrating a NAS into a home theater?

    Not that it is in my current home theater plans for upgrades and not currently buying any digital content. But I found myself wondering what would be involved in using a NAS in the network so it could provide content to my Marantz SR-8012 and Sony XBR55A9F 4K UHD OLED TV? What would it take to...
  21. filper

    My Home Theater In The Works

    It has been an ongoing retirement project for the past 4 winters. Great fun.
  22. L

    First home theater... Want to make sure I have my bases covered.

    First of all I need to put out the fact that I live in a mobile home currently and that this is my first home theater setup. I am purchasing a Sony 930E 65" or 55" depending on space and total cost. The plan is to go 5.0 or 5.1 using: Definitive Technology BP 9020 Towers, Definitive...
  23. T

    Home theater layout advice

    Hi, I'm in the process of planning a home theater room in my basement. The layout and dimensions are a little bit tricky. The width of the room is 9 feet, while the wall along the garage is 12 feet, and the wide wall is 19 feet. Ceilings are 9 feet high. I came up with 3 ideas for the layout...
  24. L

    Help with dimensions for a new home theater setup

    I am trying to purchase my first projector. We have a dedicated room with no windows. I have been dreaming about the LG HU80KA. I just measured my wall for a 150" screen. Oh...my... That's so big. I don't think I realized. I'm wondering if there are resources for how far away to sit and how far...
  25. P

    Help with dimensions for a new home theater setup

    I am trying to purchase my first projector. We have a dedicated room with no windows. I have been dreaming about the LG HU80KA. I just measured my wall for a 150" screen. Oh...my... That's so big. I don't think I realized. I'm wondering if there are resources for how far away to sit and...
  26. T

    Home theater projector set-up

    Hello everybody. I´m planning on turning my living room into a proper home theater. The room has a roof that slopes up from 8ft 6" to 11ft 10". Length of the room is 14ft 9" and width 8ft 9". Picture attached. My question is, on wich wall should I attach a movie projector, the tall one ore the...
  27. Brian Dobbs

    Podcast HTF Podcast Episode 2: Defining Home Theater

    Continue reading the Original Blog Post. https://static.hometheaterforum.com/podcast/htfp_002_defining_home_theater.mp3 Subscribe via RSS Subscribe via iTunes / Apple Podcasts Subscribe via Spotify Show Notes E-mail us at [email protected] VCDs Divx...
  28. dylanmitchell

    Home Theater Set up 2.1 Stereo Questions

    I'm setting up a 2.1 stereo system with my Roku and tv and have some questions about audio downmixing to stereo. This is a good small music system I'm also using to watch TV and movies. I'm looking for help understanding how downmixing to 2 channel stereo for my system works. I understand a 2...
  29. Dave Moritz

    Recommendations for home theater plaques

    In the past I have seen photos with all sorts of plaques that say, " This Theater Features". But what I am actually looking for and what I am hoping for are links to places that sell these plaques! I would love to have some that say 4K Theater, Marantz, Dolby Atmos, DTS;X, Auro 3D, Sony OLED...
  30. C

    New home..setting up theater room

    Hi, I just built a home and wired in a 7 channel system I’m wondering if I’m better going 7.2 or if 5.2.2 Atmos would be a better option...this I a basic drawing of my layout...the 4rears are ALL in ceiling. please give me your thoughts...I am concerned that being that all the rears are...