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  1. TBSWV

    Best home theater system with wireless rear speakers??

    Hello all: Could anyone provide me with advice about buying a home theater system with wireless rear speakers? I am looking for one for under$600.00 or so with at least 4 hdmi inputs and a digital optical audio out. Thanks in advance for all replies!
  2. D

    Moved to a House, Home Theater in Livingroom

    Hi! I'm new here.. And pretty recently I moved into a new house, well not NEW... It's built in the 80's. But it's new for us. The livingroom is doubling as Home theater, and I'll try to make the best out of it while still keeping the wife happy. A lot of renovation was done before we moved in...
  3. T

    Budget Home Theater (Suggestions)

    Hi, Below is a home theater on a budget, for a room of size 27ftx12ft. Please can you suggest if this is a good combination or there is a scope for improvement with minor cost increase. Thank you in advance for the support.
  4. Nelson Au

    Cinemark theater premiere reserved seating maps? The Last Jedi

    I'm not sure anyone could help, but I just preordered tickets for The Last Jedi at my local Cinemark theater for tonight in 3D. I've not gone to the theater this past year, I think the last film I went to see was Alien Covenant. So it takes a big film now to get me out. Anyway, I see this...
  5. J

    Home Theater Speakers

    Hello everyone, I currently have a Denon AVR-S700W 7.2 receiver and the speakers and sub are from an Onkyo HT system. The sound isn't bad for the room size (18' x 10' with 7' ceiling). With the holidays approaching, I am looking for some better choices on speakers for a 7.1/7.2 system (6...
  6. C

    First home theater system advice and speaker placement needed please!

    I just bought a home with my wife and am renovating. Wehave an open floor concept and I bought a 70 inch TV a few days ago, and want a surround sound to add to the experience. I have an open attic to wire speakers, but have no clue what speakers to buy or where to mount the surrounds. My budget...
  7. A

    New home theater with Atmos

    I am thinking of installing a home theater with Atmos. But my hall has a high ceiling and as the Atmos requires to reflect the sound off the ceiling, can you suggest me this possible. I have actually found a set Onkyo - HTS 7800 it actaully has a good receiver and a Atmos enabled speakers.As I...
  8. Articfox918

    My First Home Theater

    Hello all! I stumbled across this forum in my search for information on building my home theater. I just recently purchased a house with an unfinished basement that has so kindly provided me the ability to not only finish it off the way I want to have it but has also provided me an opportunity...
  9. Imjonesin

    McIntosh THX home theater equipment

    For sale: McIntosh THX certified home theater setup minus the wall mount tweeters MC 7106 6 channel amp very good small chip top left glass C 39 pre amp very good small chip backside glass top center MAC 3 surround sound processor like new L-R-C HT-1 speakers good cabinet...
  10. E

    Best router for home theater setup with 3D, Netflix, Hulu+, etc.

    Many people complain that downloads from Netflix are interrupted or lost! Would like as many Comcast users to comment on what Router they have and any problems or solutions that corrected their problems. I know about Netgear NDR3700, Asus N56U as being many peoples favorites. Would like feedback...
  11. A

    Replicate the remote control for my Sony home theater system

    I am trying to replicate the remote control for my Sony home theater system. I started with anaylzing the demodulated signal of power on button using a TSOP1738 IR demodulator(http://www.kynix.com/Detail/840529/TSOP1738.html). It looks like this: You can see the signal (along with the decoded...
  12. Wayne_j

    Palace Theater Albany 2017 - 2018 Classic Movie Series

    The films for the 2017 - 2018 Classic Movie Series at the Palace Theater have been released. October 23 - The Rocky Horror Picture Show November 13 - The Music Man December 11 - Die Hard December 18 - Love Actually December 19 - The Muppet Christmas Carol December 22 - It's A Wonderful Life...
  13. M

    Suggestions on Home Theater Speakers

    Hello Everyone, I am looking for your valuable suggestions on Home Theatre speakers for my basement. I am planning to setup new home theater system in basement which is not a closed room. My budget is USD 6000 for Projector, AV Receiver and 5.1/7.1 speaker system. I would like to have more bass...
  14. M

    new home theater projector

    I am making a new home theater but dont know what projector is the best for the price. I dont want to spend more than a one thousand and want a 120 inch screen. Mostly used for movies and TV. i am thinking about Ben Q HT2050. is this a good one, or any other ideas?
  15. M

    building new home theater, cluless

    What are you looking for (Speakers, Subwoofer or Both)? Speakers and subwoofer, recevier Primary Use: 90% TV & Movies Desired Configuration: 5.1 Room Size: 14 x 24 Is the room open to other areas of your home: no Do you already have an AV receiver or amplifier? No TV source: 120 inch...
  16. S

    Basement Home Theatre in Pakistan

    I had posted on this forum a few years back and had gotten tremendous feedback. At the time I was planning the construction of my house. Now I am getting ready to actually finish the Home Theatre. I've attached a drawing of the area. About the Room If you are facing the screen, it is concrete...
  17. K

    Home theater questions and audio problem

    Hello, Here is a simple breakdown of my components and how they are connected. First, the audio problem. When I watch something from the apps on the TV I get a periodic cracking sound in the audio (no break in the video). I should mention that when I set up the ARC the TV instructions told me...
  18. David Flora

    Help on Setting Surround Speaker in Opening for New HT

    Hey all. I've got a large space in my basement that is going to become my new home theater. I've got a large space, but I see one issue initially. On the right side of my room, there's an open space where the room goes back about 8 feet. This is an issue because I'm not exactly sure how I'd...
  19. R

    Please help - Need advice on a home theater system.

    PLEASE HELP: I have a nice size room with vaulted ceilings. I need a relatively concealed 3.1 home theater/ surround system. This isn’t a main/ intended theater room but I have a nice 75 inch QLED HDTV coming and wanted a really nice sound system to go with. System is mostly for TV/ movies but...
  20. Bryan^H

    Starting a living room theater

    im just starting my new theater project in my living room. New home with a lot of work to be done. Right now it feels like I'm living out of a box. Everything is makeshift, hope to get this livable, and comfortable ASAP.
  21. S

    Home Theater in living room project

    Hello Everyone Pardon me if I am unable to provide you information in a format generally required. I am setting this first time and I and going through this selection process first time. I am setting up home theater system in the living room Dimension 16 ft x14 ft contains 1 dining table...
  22. N

    Outdoor theater on a budget

    Hi all, I am in the process of redoing our backyard to make it functional and fun for the kids and family. We recently finished installing soccer nets and I am building several couches and coffee tables. We're going to add a fire pit too. I am looking at installing an outdoor theater. I...
  23. C

    Possible to get a good home theater projector for under $500?

    I'm looking to get a decently bright projector to replace our TV but not I'm looking to spend a fortune. Any there any good projectors out there that anyone can recommend coming in under $500? A big must is being able to use the projector with a streaming device -- we have an Amazon Fire Stick.
  24. D

    Do I have enough space for a theater room?

    So I just finished framing and doing the initial sheetrocking on my garage conversion, we are adding 2 rooms, spare bedroom and "my office". I didn't even think about a theater room until I randomly saw a topic on a skinny room theater conversion and a lot of rooms looks awesome . My...
  25. K

    Finished Home Theater Build

    First time poster but I wanted to share my recent build. Room is in the basement approximately 13' wide x 16' deep. Has a standard 6' window for emergency egress. I tore out the closet that was in there and built a custom riser with steps. I did everything in about two weeks including...
  26. L

    New Home - Set up Home Theater

    We just built a new home and had the living room space wired for internet and speakers. We have our current TV, but nothing else. (A couple years old Sharp 60" 1080) Well, I did buy some Dayton cubes just because they were so darn cheap, but I don't have to use them. I have had some good...
  27. D

    Newbie - Needs Advice on setting up audio/home theater system in new home

    My husband and I just purchased a new home, that the previous owners had an audio system wired and installed. The area behind our entertainment system has some sort of audio plugins, that are black and red in color. From what we can tell, there are 3 zones, one in our living room, one in our...
  28. C

    Setting Up an Outdoor theater

    Hey folks.... new here. Looking to setup a "no frills" non permanent theater outside. Was planning on a projector and some sort of USB viewing attachment to allow streaming via wireless network (amazon fire stick, google chrome etc) My questions are... 1. What is a medium level but...
  29. M

    Looking for audio visualizer for Home theater

    I am looking for a audio visualizer for one of my client. My concept is to show visual effects on screen in Home theater when client is playing only music from his iphone. I want to show visual effects (like in winamp, jetaudio, vediolan) on screen and to play audio from amp in Home theater. I...
  30. gadgtfreek

    Question for you theater buffs (not home theater)

    I have not entered a movie theater in over 2 years, recently the one by me was purchased by AMC and it seems it has been upgraded. My wife and I went almost every week for a Sunday 11am, etc... early flick to avoid crowds, I always loved and this was actually a pre-wife ritual back to my younger...