1. EricSchulz

    Hollywood (Netflix)

    Is anyone else watching this? "Inspired" by some real life events in Hollywood's Golden Age, it gets the trademark Ryan Murphy sex/soap opera/stylized adult drama treatment. Loved the first two episodes, and it's GREAT to see Holland Taylor and Patti Lupone in this!
  2. PODER


    Last night I re-watched Horton Foote's brilliant 1918. It's one of the nine plays that make up his Orphan's Home Cycle, and one of the five which were filmed. Apart from being as close to perfection as any 90 minute viewing experience can be, it's now incredibly timely, as it deals with not...
  3. Adam Lenhardt

    I Am Not Okay With This (Netflix)

    I was stuck home today with a stomach bug and gave this a shot because, at seven 20-minute episodes, it wasn't a huge time investment. Most of the show is pretty standard issue coming of age stuff, albeit well-written and well-executed. But the reason to seek this show out is Sophia Lillis's...
  4. DVBRD

    MGM Sale: Studio in talks with Amazon, Netflix

    This is an interesting read. CNBC uploaded the article about a few days ago.
  5. skylark68

    Netflix, Apple in Talks with MGM to acquire titles

    Not sure if this was already posted somewhere, but it appears that MGM is shopping around its titles for streaming.
  6. Adam Lenhardt

    Daybreak (Netflix)

    After the United States is destroyed by bombs and biological weapons that leaves nearly every adult dead or a flesh-eating braindead monster, the teenagers of a post-apocalyptic Glendale, CA revert to their cliques and fight for territory. Meanwhile, one antisocial Canadian, a pyromaniac tween...
  7. S

    El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie (Netflix)

    I apologize if this should be posted in the Movies section but it just seems to fit more here. Figured we should have a discussion thread for it. Feel free to move it if needed. Does anyone know the specific time it will drop on Netflix? If it's midnight my time zone (EST) I might actually stay...
  8. C

    brand new UK TV Netflix style service

    hey guys there seems be a new UK TV Netflix style website
  9. Adam Lenhardt

    Lost in Space 2 on Netflix

    Season 1 thread After a twenty month wait, the Robinsons return December 24th on Netflix. Teaser Trailer:
  10. Adam Lenhardt

    Netflix Series - Stranger Things 4

    First series thread Second series thread Third series thread Press Release:
  11. Matt Hough

    The I-Land (Netflix)

    I started watching this limited series on Netflix this afternoon. It's got a great assortment of people all stranded on an island with their memories gone and only intriguing "finds" on the island to keep them going. Obviously, some kind of experiment is going on, but I have certainly gotten...
  12. Josh Dial

    Dark (Netflix) Seaons One and Two

    Dark is a German-language science fiction show about time travel and the implications across multiple generations of a small German town. The show touches on themes of existentialism, nihilism (in the classic German tradition), and, of course, the good/evil duality of human nature. Dark is a...
  13. Dick


    Whenever I see the word "Netflix" attached to a new film release, I want to vomit. I have come to despise this company with its proprietary streaming-only business. MUDBOUND, OKJA, THE IRISHMAN, and a dozen more are not coming to Blu-ray in the foreseeable future. I refuse to pay for a streaming...
  14. Gary Seven

    Ultraman on Netflix

    Netflix has brought the latest in the Ultraman saga... For those not totally familiar, this series seems to directly fall after the original 1966 Ultraman. Hayata, from the SSSP (Science Patrol) crashes into a UFO which contained Ultraman, chasing Bemular across the sky. To save Hayata...
  15. Adam Lenhardt

    The Society (Netflix)

    I just finished the 10-episode first season. The junior and senior classes of the town of New Ham go on a class trip. After driving for hours there is a bad storm, and the school buses return home. The students are dropped off in the town square in the middle of the night, and then the buses...
  16. Cranston37

    Netflix Buying Hollywood's Egyptian Theater
  17. Ernest

    2.7 Million active mail accounts Netflix DVD.

    Yes it is true Netflix DVD/Blu-ray service has 2.7 million active customers. Why because the DVD/Blu-ray catalog is much larger than streaming, much cheaper when you consider in order to view popular movies, series, you need several streaming accounts. Families living In rural American can't...
  18. benbess

    What are you watching on Amazon Prime, Netflix, etc.?

    Here's a thread for reporting on what you are watching on Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc.
  19. John*Wells

    Netflix not Integrating into Apple Streaming
  20. Adam Lenhardt

    Sex Education (Netflix)

    Every episode opens with a fairly graphic depiction of a different sexual dysfunction, so this show won't be for everybody. But I'm six episodes in, and unless the final two really suck, this will be my favorite coming of age story on television since "Freaks and Geeks". It's a British show...
  21. Adam Lenhardt

    Locke & Key (Netflix)

    "After their father's gruesome murder, three siblings move into a house with magical keys that grant them powers. Adapted from the comics by Joe Hill." Meredith Averill (“The Good Wife”) will co-showrun the series with Carlton Cuse ("Lost", “Bates Motel”). This is the fourth or fifth...
  22. Adam Lenhardt

    Russian Doll (Netflix)

    Just in time for Groundhog Day comes this latest take on a time loop story. Natasha Lyonne co-created the series and stars as Nadia Vulvokov, a hard-drinking, hard-partying software engineer who avoids intimate attachments. She dies on the night of her thirty-sixth birthday. Again, and again...
  23. Reggie W

    Space Force!!!

    Ha, is this for real or a gag? (mod: removed dead video link)
  24. Ronald Epstein

    Netflix upping subscription pricing

    This from our friends at Media Play News
  25. Adam Lenhardt

    The Christmas Chronicles (Netflix)

    Anybody else check this out? It's a quintessential Christmas TV movie in a lot of ways, but it's Netflix so they can afford better actors and much better production values. Kurt Russell stars as Santa. While definitely still family-friendly, it's quite a bit rougher around the edges than the...
  26. John*Wells

    Netflix Paid $100 Million to license Friends To license "Friends" And has over $19 Billion in commitments
  27. Adam Lenhardt

    The Umbrella Academy (Netflix)

    In October 1989, 43 women around the world gave birth; none of these women had been pregnant when the day first began. Sir Reginald Hargreeves, the wealthy philanthropist and world-renowned scientist, adopted seven of these children. When six of them began displaying extraordinary abilities, he...
  28. JQuintana

    The Kominsky Method on Netflix

    I was scanning Netflix last night and stumbled on this new series so I decided to watch episode 1. I was pleasantly surprised with it and am now on episode 5. It's got just the right blend of humor and human interest. It's a series by Chuck Lorre of Big Bang Theory fame. I highly suggest you...
  29. Josh Dial

    Maniac (Netflix)

    Netflix dropped all episodes of Maniac on September 22, 2018. Created by Patrick Somerville (based on a Norwegian TB series) and skillfully directed by Cari Fukunaga, the show can best be described--without spoilers--as a combination of Black Mirror, Legion, The Leftovers, and Mr. Robot.
  30. JQuintana

    Klipsch RSB-11soundbar issues with Netflix sound.

    A friend of mine recently purchased this soundbar and is using it with his new Sony X900F smart TV. He hooked it up via HDMI (ARC) and he said sound works for everything except the Netflix app. He says he gets no sound from Netflix and has tried every setting under the sun and is having no luck...