1. dpippel

    SOLD: Apple TV 4K 64GB (MP7P2LL/A) - $99 Shipped

    ** SOLD **
  2. Marc_Sulinski

    Apple TV or Amazon Fire TV Cube?

    I am looking to get a streaming device that supports HBO Max (at a minimum) with Dolby Atmos. My Samsung tv has HBO Max, but I cannot get an Atmos signal out to my receiver. It looks like the Apple TV box or Amazon Cube are the best options, but I don’t have experience with either and am...
  3. A

    Fire TV Cube 4K or Apple TV 4K or ? for playback

    I am setting up a new home theater and need help on what playback hardware/content to use, Fire TV cube or Apple TV 4K or ? My receiver will be a MARANTZ SR6014 9.2 and speakers are Klipsch Dolby Atmos 5.1.4 sound with a JVC NX5 projector I plan to be mostly viewing Netflix, Amazon video's, and...
  4. Ronald Epstein

    Some Apple TV+ shows streamed free for a limited time

    Very good news! I personally recommend THE SERVANT.
  5. Sam Posten

    Apple 2020 iPad Pro owners thread. Your computer is not a computer

    Badass. Expensive but badass. Brilliant marketing too.
  6. dpippel

    Best Buy - Brand New Apple HomePods for $200

    Best Buy is once again selling brand new HomePods in both colors for $200 + tax...
  7. Sam Posten

    Hold onto your butts, Apple Spring Event rumored for 31 March iPhone 9 (The SE replacement, not the big yearly release) and more?
  8. skylark68

    Netflix, Apple in Talks with MGM to acquire titles

    Not sure if this was already posted somewhere, but it appears that MGM is shopping around its titles for streaming.
  9. Oswald Pascual

    Apple TV Home Sharing Limit?

    My understanding is that ATV has a library limit of 2300 movies. What happens when the library exceeds the limit if your home sharing the movies to ATV devices?
  10. Adam Gregorich

    Best Apple TV for streaming?

    I currently have FireTVs because I use a FireCast for my OTA signal. Not sure when (or if) Disney+ will be available via Amazon so I’m thinking of picking up an Apple TV to have access on at least one TV. What will the 64Gb model do for me that the 32Gb won’t? I want one that supports 4K/HDR...
  11. Sam Posten

    Deal alert: Apple TV 4k for $90

    At AT&T but you don't need to be an Apple TV Customer. You get the free year of AppleTV+ too
  12. dpippel

    Apple TV 4K 32GB for $90 at AT&T Store - SOLD OUT

    Screamin' deal that comes with a free year of Apple TV+: Better hurry!
  13. Johnny Angell

    Apple News+ ?

    I got an email saying my subscription to the service is confirmed. I’m getting a free 30 day trial after which they’re going to charge me $10 a month. The email looks authentic, but I didn’t sign up for it. I didn’t even know apple had a video news service. Anyone else getting this?
  14. Sam Posten

    Apple Arcade

    For now this belongs here instead of Gaming, time will tell if that changes. This video does a better job of selling Arcade than the Keynote did.
  15. Sam Posten

    Apple music web beta

    Boom, finally
  16. Nelson Au

    Apple Inc called me. It’s a faaaake!

    Wow, I got a phone call from Apple Inc on my iPhone. It said that my iCloud account has been breached. I hung up but I think it said I can talk to a rep to discuss what needs to be done about my account. I was pretty sure it was a scam and I thought, why should Apple call me? I looked it up and...
  17. Ronald Epstein

    Are You Getting An Apple Card?

    When Apple recently announced plans for its own credit card, I think my jaw opened just as wide as everyone else as our eyes focused on its beautifully clean slate and accompanying money management tools. The card should have been announced by now -- especially with this week's release of iOS...
  18. Sam Posten

    Jony Ive will leave Apple later this year

    starting his own design firm with Apple as client #1.
  19. Cranston37+

    Apple tvOS 13

    If anybody is in the Apple public beta program, the tvOS 13 beta is now available...
  20. Sam Posten

    Disney 4k on Apple TV

    It's happening.
  21. Dennis Nicholls

    Should Apple purchase Tesla?

    This guy sets forth arguments on why Apple should purchase Tesla. What do you think? Older articles.
  22. Sam Posten

    WWDC 2019 Live discussion - Was: Sooo umm Apple just released new MacBookPros

    I did not see this coming.
  23. Dave Moritz

    What titles are highly recommended for apple tv/itunes ?

    Ok after saying I wouldn't get into digital streaming here I am with a 4K Apple TV! And yes I have purchased content so I have done a 180 and added digital content to add to my movie experience and collection. What classics would anyone who owns an 4K Apple TV suggest? Doesn't need to be in...
  24. Carlo_M

    Folding displays (or...why Apple isn't always the first to jump on bandwagons) I know Apple gets a lot of flack and criticism for "not truly being the first on the block" for a lot of things. Glad they sat out on folding displays until this...
  25. Sam Posten

    2019 Apple Cinema Display refresh

    'Micro LED'? Whatever. Assuming it can really pull off WCG and HDR and doesn't cost $5k, it will be mine. Oh yes, it will be mine!
  26. DaveF

    Apple laptop keyboards: an ongoing disaster?

    “Apple keep insisting that only a “small number of customers have problems” with the MacBook keyboards. That’s bollocks. This is a huge issue, it’s getting worse not better, and Apple is missing the forest for the trees.”...
  27. Patrick_S

    Apple cancels AirPower

    The long delayed AirPower is now officially dead.
  28. John*Wells

    Netflix not Integrating into Apple Streaming
  29. Sam Posten

    Apple spring 2019 event

    Buzzfeed says: March 25th at Steve Jobs Theater Subscription service focused No Airpod refresh We'll see!
  30. Sam Posten

    Apple misses, 2018

    Food for thought, not snark.