When can we expect to see the Start Trek 5 Collectors Edition DVD?

Discussion in 'DVD' started by Moe Maishlish, Jul 15, 2003.

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    I picked up Star Trek 4: Voyage Home Collectors edition a few days ago to complete my current run of the SE's. I'm very impressed with the work that Paramount's done on the Trek Special Edition DVDs, especially the extra's and the restoration of the video & audio.

    So now we come to the sticky question - when is Star Trek 5: Final Frontier SE going to see the light of day? I know that popular opinion confirms that this is the least-liked of the Star Trek movies (it is for me), but I'd still love to own it, just to see what kind of supplements Paramount plans on compiling for this set. Will Shatner be interviewed, and what will his commentary be like? How will the rest of the crew react? It's with a fiendishly devilish glee that I await these extras. [​IMG]

    So is there any news on a release date, or extras for that matter?

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    No news on extras other than that it will contain the usual bunch of featurettes and a commentary with Shatner (others TBA). The artwork is online (looks similar to the SCEs of Treks II, III, and IV) and I think it will be out November or December. As per The Digital Bits' rumor mill, Trek V will be released before the end of the year (Paramount just announced their October titles) and Trek VI: Special Collector's Edition will be out next year.

    And I believe they've just started work on a new edition of Generations.

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