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  • Neil Brock I am totaly intersted in The Paul Lynde Show and The New Tempertues Rising show with Lynde. I'm truning 60 this year and would love to have these to shows befre I cash in. Anyway you can send me a list of what you have PLEASE!
    Would you be interested in the Season 6-10 My Three Sons, or did you have other interests?

    One of my biggest collections would be Ozzie & Harriet. I have 391 out of the 435 episodes, only missing 44 episodes.

    I have references of previous trades I have done. A couple my references are members of this forum.

    I have a webpage with most of my collection, if you would be interested. Thanks !!!
    I have been searching for My Three Sons recorded off of Nick @ Nite and noticed you mentioned having recorded them uncut. Do you trade, or make them available for others? I never see ones from Nick @ Nite. I have uncut versions of Seasons 6-10, but am interested in the other package that NICK had for Seasons 1-5; the second half of Season 11 and all of Season 12.
    Apologies for delay in responding, only just seen your note. I record 'Taliking Pictures' onto the hard disc of my Blu Ray recorder & copy ontp Blu Ray discs. To make copies I would have to transfer them to a different format which is a bit complicated & I'm not sure how they would turn out.

    Chris (Silverking)
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