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    Hi all

    Quick question. I have a 32" Sony Wega and I also have the Sound and Vision calibration disc. Now I am doing the contrast test. It tells me to adjust the contrast to the point just before the top boxes on the test pattern bleed into each other. My question is even if I turn the contrast all the way up I don't see what they are talking about. It doesn't seem to bleed at all. Any thoughts on this? Also on the tint and hue tests with the blue filter do I just adjust them until the boxes stop flashing, because I can't make them disappear like they say.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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    I am going to assume the contrast test has 4 boxes in the relative center of the screen and go from white to shades of grey. All you are looking to accomplish here is to have a noticable different in the shades of grey and white. Each box looks like a different combination of grey/white.

    The Saturation and Hue (Color and Tint) has the test pattern with the color bars and flashing boxes. The point or setting you should try to obtain is while looking thru the blue filter, the color bars for saturation (color) on the left and right, have boxes flashing in them that match the level of blue of the color bar. (to say it another way would be: the flashing box is the same level of blue as the color bar behind it.)

    Tint is the exact same procedure just using different color bars for reference. It is probably going to take some back and forth tweaking to get the best combination of Tint and Color setting.

    Hope this is helpful in some way.
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