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Considering Paint vs Silver Ticket or Carl's Place DIY 1.3 Gain Materials (1 Viewer)


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Mar 22, 2023
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Don't mean to repeat the same question others have asked, but my conditions are a little different, so I'll try to make this quick:
  • The screen size I will build will be 162" long and 76" high. (The projector is an Epson LS12000, which at 2700 lumens is bright...but looking for boosting the brightness due to the size of the screen and the lack of anamorphic lens or processor.)
  • For the past 2 months we've been watching everything on our wall, for the purpose of deciding on our final screen size and AR. Our wall is (poorly) painted glossy sky blue, but blacks are pretty good. However the "shiny/sparkly" reflective image we get with bright scenes (probably due to the glossy pain and the not-so-smooth drywall) is not desirable.
  • Today we received 6 samples from Silver Ticket and taped them up on the wall in the center of our screen area. They sent us five 1.3 positive gain materials and one 2.2 gain (which is way too bright).
  • We like their ALR Grey 1.3 gain the most...although, it looks nearly exactly like the wall we've been watching on (apart from the shiny/sparkly effect). We're willing to sacrifice some of the brightness in exchange for the deeper blacks and better contrast. (The 1.3 White materials they sent us are great...and if all content were bright, it's a hands-down winner, but the dark images suffer and look grey instead of black.)
  • Considering I'll probably need to order a custom cut of material for the large screen we're going for, I'm starting to wonder if painting a wooden screen (something I could attempt to make by seamlessly joining 2 cheap pieces of wood together) might be a better place to start. I've been recommended Wilson Art D345 in matte white, but I wonder if painting a wooden-made screen might be better.
  • I came across this review that recommends this paint as a solution. I haven't been able to find any information on whether paint (specialized for projector screens, or not) has any positive gain...that would compare to the Silver Tickets 1.3 Gain ALR. Do you know if it does? If you had to surmise what type of gain paint provides, what would it be?--from white to different shades of grey?
Thank you for your time,

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