My Trip into Separates, Thanks all!!

Discussion in 'Archived Threads 2001-2004' started by Lance Dahl, Nov 3, 2002.

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    [​IMG] After reading this board for a long time I finally have my system up and running. Thanks to everyone for the help and ideas for gear that fit into my budget. I am now nolonger watching my 27" TV with mono sound. I just set up my HDX5082 With my new separates for my first 5.1 system. I decided to go with separates for the separate upgrade factor down the road. I decided to go with a Sherwood Newcastle amp and pre-pro becouse of the prices and sound quality for the dollars invested.I was able to get the pair new for the price of the new Outlaw prepro. This will let me use the Sherwood pre-pro for a year or so untill I can afford to upgrade again. Again for budget reasons I went with JBL N38II,N center,N24II, and a PB12 for my sub. After calibrating everything last week all I can say is Wow!!! I sure have been missing alot of my movies. Even my wife is impressed even with the difference after calibrating the speakers and doing what I could to tweak the set. Again thanks for everything and keep up the great work of converting us non theater watchers.
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    I love hearing stories like this. Congrats on your system Lance! Enjoy!


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