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Apr 17, 2015
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Sinisa Vujkovic
So, this is my recommendation. BTW, I like the lights and setup of the room And with those side openings to kitchen I think it is only way to have balanced presentation ( switching 90 deg would not work as sound would bleed onto one side only…). I think important part will be discussion with wife about moving your seats about 3-4 feet toward TV. That way you will be able to place back surrounds on the wall behind, consider running flat wire on the wall to the back if you can’t reach it through the atic. Then place wall surrounds on the left and right walls. You would then be able to repurpose your present ceiling surrounds as back height and install front heights. That would get you to 7.2.4. Now as for what other said about subs, if yours peak at 400 and 500 W that is not enough for such a big and open space, you will need more powerful woofers… ( I have my subs in 13x15x7.5 enclosed room 500 RMS and peak to 1100W and they have impact, so your big open space will need more) Those are my thoughts, I used your diagram and jotted in red where I would consider placing 7 speakers, yellow atmos, blue BIGGER subs. Hope it helps.


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Feb 19, 2023
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Deron Dunham
As others suggested, I imagine better subs may be in order to better match those B&Ws for the kind of impact you're expecting.

Also, those 702s "get as low as 28hz", but can really only be expected to be +/-3db down to ~45hz (based on B&W's own specs), so probably don't go setting the crossover based on that 28hz spec. Probably 60hz would be the lowest for good crossover choice, but maybe higher would be better, particularly if you have/get better subs.

Another thing. While those 702s are rated to be 8ohm nominal, apparently, real measured impedance drops to 3-5ohm throughout substantial portions of the FR and dips down to 3ohm especially around the upper-bass region. One reliable review of your Marantz amp I saw does indicate it should handle dips to 3-4ohm fairly well although Marantz themselves do not seem to offer any rating for that 4ohm loads, so maybe the 702s are pushing the limits of the amp a little bit possibly yielding a slightly less impactful sound (particularly in the upper bass to lower midrange region) than you expected -- this may not be the top reason for what you feel underwhelming, but maybe it's one of various smaller, additive/contributing factors.

Thank you for this advice. I will check my settings today. I believe that I have the crossovers set at 60hz currently.


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Aug 18, 2001
The BK
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I think important part will be discussion with wife about moving your seats about 3-4 feet toward TV...

I don't recall mention of wife/WAF, but yeah, definitely make sure your wife is ok w/ whatever. Us enthusiasts probably too often overlook/underestimate the reality and importance of WAF. :eek::blush::P


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