1. R

    Help with old processor!! Krell HTS 7.1

    Hey guys! I'm new here!! I'm looking to get back into setting up my old home theater and connecting a streaming device and a bluray player. My setup: Krell Hts 7.1 AV preamp Krell DVD Standard Krell Kav-3250 Krell Full Power Balanced 600. Speakers: A pair of B&W Signature 800 A pair...
  2. L

    Perpetually Underwhelmed by my system.

    Hello everyone, I want to start out by saying that I'm new here and new to audiophile forums in general. I do have a pretty good knowledge of audio and equipment but I lack expert knowledge in installation and setup. I work in the industry but on the sales side of the business and I have...
  3. B

    FS: B&W 804S/HTM3/685 HT Setup

    I'm selling my B&W 804S home theatre set up, includes HTM3 and 685, all in Cherrywood. Original owner, all packaging included. Local p/u only. Located just outside New Haven CT. I'd be glad to demo them! $3,600.
  4. Michael_V

    Replacing the B&W panorama 2...

    When my seven-year-old plasma TV died and I had to replace it with an LG 4K OLED, my ability to keep using my beloved Bowers and Wilkins Panorama 2 went out the window thanks to its inability to pass 4K through HDMI. Man, that bar sounded good! I have the matching PVD1 subwoofer, which is...
  5. El Kapitan

    Polk and B&W

    Planning to add Atmos speaker. Im still deciding whether Polk VS60 or B&W model:CCM-362. Help pls tnx
  6. pvava

    Polk CS1 vs. B&W DM303

    I found a single B&W DM303 speaker for 7 bucks. Nice light wood veneer. I currently have a Polk CS1 as my center channel speaker. Would the B&W be a better center channel than the Polk?
  7. Jcj02

    Bowers CM5 or Klipsch? Other? Size of Rec room>

    Budget (not including receiver) $2500 for 2 towers and center love to save Willing to piece together tho also Room is 25x23 (10’ ceilings) Receiver Denon x4300h TV 70” curved Main Uses / Plans Will be incorporating Dolby Atmos 3D VR Ovulus TV Lots of Gaming Lots of Movies Some music Open to...
  8. crainone

    ELAC Debut 2.0 B5.2 vs B&W 686 S2 Bookshelf Speakers

    Hey everyone, Basic questions from someone who doesn't know much about audio. I'm looking to purchase some bookshelf speakers, and the reason for the specific ELAC and B&W speakers chosen is because I have a depth limitation that prohibits me spending more money. If I had another 3-4 inches...
  9. xx Brian xx

    CWM663 B&W

    Anyone running the B&W CWM663 in wall speakers? I just upgraded the fronts and center to B&Ws and am thinking of upgrading the rears. Currently running Klipsch RS 52 II in the back but would like to sink some speakers in the wall for a cleaner look. This is in the living room. Thank you for...
  10. valentins

    5.1.4 ATMOS Speaker setup - B&W CM8 S2, CCM662, CCM684

    Newbie here.. Currently working on a 5.1.4 ATMOS setup and would appreciate any comments/suggestions regarding the speaker choice and placement. Working with: Yamaha RX-A3060 Sub - BK P12-300SB-DF Fronts - B&W CM8 S2 Centre - B&W CCM 7.4 Rear Surrounds - 2 x B&W CCM662 Atmos- 4 x B&W CCM684...
  11. Takosan

    Replacement for Marantz SR-7000 to drive B&W 603 S2 & SVS setup

    Greetings! Love my SR-7000 driving B&W 603 S2 (left, right), LCR6 S2 (center), and 602 S2 (rears) and SVS sub (5.1). But I need to replace it; thinking of moving SR-7000 to office for sound-only. Reason for replacing SR-7000 that is in the family room is to get HDMI switching for easy of...
  12. John*Wells

    Has there ever been a thought of Colorizing some series that were B&W and releasing in Color?

    Mr. Ed. Season One of Gomer Pyle USMC Etc
  13. B

    JBL V.S. B&W Center

    Trying to pick out a decent center that will provide, preferably, a warm sound. I found the JBL Studio Series 3-Way S-Center for the same price as the B&W CC3. From what I am reading, the B&W would probably fit the timbre of my front left and right (warm vintage speakers), but it seems like the...
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