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    Please Help!! I have a Panny PT-47wx42 and just received DIG cable with HD feed yesterday (Time Warner SCIENTIFIC ATLANTA EXPLORER 3100HD). I have surveyed all the HD Forums I could find and have not found a decent answer yet.
    I have a component connection from the SAE 3100HD to “component 1” and a coax to the tuner (side note: I have read some threads regarding losing PIP with DIG cable. Running coax to the tuner will solve this problem). So far I have 2 feeds going into the TV (component and coax). When I view the DIG cable through the tuner (coax) I can change the aspect ratio and view all the DIG cable channels EXCEPT the HD channels. So I switch to “component 1” and the HD channels look great, but the rest of the channels are in 4:3 and the aspect ratio function is locked out. I would like to view the non-HD channels through the component for a better picture and avoid the lack luster coax feed. I have read some solutions that suggested running s-video from the SAE 3100HD to the TV. Do they mean s-video to “video 1”???
    My other concern deals with the VCR. What’s the cable schematic to record on the VCR and watch another channel at the same time? I’ve always had my cable run straight to the VCR, then to my TV (no cable box). I need to learn how to deal with a cable box since I have no choice with DIG cable.

    Sorry for the ramblings. I hope someone can fill in the blanks for me and for other frustrated HD users out there.
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    I believe that I can answer your question. I have the Panasonic 47WX51 which is the predecessor of your set. The problem you are experiencing is caused by the set locking into "Full" mode when it receives a progressive/HD signal. The 3100HD upconverts everything comming out of the component outs to 1080i thus locking your TV into "Full" mode. The only solution is to use a different input on your TV for non HD viewing. I opted to use the s-video out on the 3100 to one of the S-video inputs on my set for non-HD viewing.

    As far as the VCR is concerned, I would recommend that you split the coax out of the wall and run one side to your cable box and the other to your VCR then run the coax out of the VCR to your set to use as your PIP.

    I hope this helps,

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