1. L

    Help: choosing speakers and your opinion on my other choices

    Hello all, I am new here so I apologize if I am doing anything wrong. I am in the planning phase of my Home Theater setup with projector and would like to hear your opinion on the choices I have made so far and get some help filling the gap for the missing items, I have not bought anything...
  2. S

    Application to use VR w/ 7.1 home theater surround speakers? Good or bad idea?

    Hi everyone! I'm a little new here, I was just googling around looking for a program that tracks your in-game orientation and maps it to a surround sound home theater setup through a chromecast compatible device and I couldn't find anything. I have a 7.1 home theater setup in the area of my...
  3. J

    Help Needed. Second hand speakers

    Hi everyone, I am after a bit of help, i currently have a denon 2309 7.1 avr which is working pretty well and i am happy with. I am currently using a budget Eltax jupiter speaker system which i have had for about 8 years. (2x tower, 1x center, 2x small bookshelf). Teamed up with a B&W AS2...
  4. T

    Looking to buy a Dolby atmos surround sound system, but stuck on receiver channel power!

    Hello! I'm thinking of picking up this complete set up for a home theater setup () I can save a bit of money buying the package then buying them separately. Each speaker seems to be rated for 100-145 watts max. And I've been looking around for some receivers, I know some people recommend going...
  5. J

    For Sale: M&K MP7 Pair White Speakers UK ( NEW)

    Hi! I am selling my M&K MP7 Pair White Speakers for £750 - Brand new - never used, only taken out the box (which I sadly don't have anymore). Pristine condition, astonishing speakers. Comes with 10 years manufacturers guarantee. I wanted these for in my living room, but I found the layout...
  6. G

    Infinity speakers for sale

    I am new as of today and have not yet learned to navigate. I was looking for Infinity RS 3 and it appears 2 people have them at a reasonable price. Get back to me if that's you.
  7. C

    Help selecting Bose surround speakers

    I recently purchased a Bose Sound Bar 700 and I’m trying to decide on which surround speakers to buy to compliment it. I have been reading up on this and it has left me totally confused. The system is going in my family room which is 24’ deep by 12’ wide. The 60” TV is in front with the sound...
  8. Jkip74

    Receiver and Speakers Question

    STR-DH190 Stereo Receiver SS-CS5 3-Way Bookshelf Speakers I don't necessarily need surround sound for my apartment, but I need better speakers than the ones built into my TV, so I can actually enjoy watching a movie. For the reason above, I don't want to spend more than $400-500 (receiver &...
  9. John Dirk

    ***SOLD*** Floor Standing Speakers - Various Makes & Models *** SOLD***

    Hello HTF! I have the following floor standing speaker pairs priced to sell. Please see links below for details. First come, first serve and I will reduce asking price by $50.00 for anyone here who wants to grab a pair. As the ads state, these are for local pickup or delivery within 100...
  10. O

    Need Help Please - Testing Speakers.

    Hello Everyone, So I have a chance to buy a set of, USED Def Tech BP-8 or Def Tech BP-10's locally from someone. He does have power I can use there, but no Amp. Any thoughts on a way I can test the speakers to be "somewhat" certain they work well? I have a 7.1 Receiver but I would really...
  11. D

    Old speakers

    I have a Boston Accoustics 5.1 speaker set. I dropped one and wrecked it. I bought a pair of Polk S15 as replacements. The sound is quite amazing. If there is ever a good deal on an S30 I will probably get it. While I was waiting for my Polk's to be shipped I hooked up my old Audio Research...
  12. D

    Matching speakers

    I was setting up my AV system in a new room. Yamaha receiver with Boston Accoustic 5.1 bookshelf speakers. I was wall mounting a the surround Right and dropped it. The pegs holding the face (not the cover) onto the speaker body broke. The next morning I Gorilla glued it back together. That...
  13. J

    SVS + which in ceiling speakers?

    I am putting together my Atmos system I plan to buy as soon as things return to normal. Pretty much settled on SVS ultra bookshelf, center, and surrounds but for my elevation channels I am wanting to use in ceiling speakers. Any recommendations? My main concern is getting something that...
  14. John Dirk

    SVS/Axiom Speakers And Panasonic Projector

    Hello HTF members - I have the below items available. All speakers are black ash and in excellent condition. One of the Prime Tower grills has a crack in the plastic but still perfectly fits the speaker. Panasonic projector will include an extra bulb however both do have significant hours...
  15. B

    Receiver for home theater and outdoor speakers

    Just moved into a house that has existing speakers and wires. I am a total beginner, trying to figure out which receiver to buy. It doesn’t have to be fancy or high quality. I just want something at a reasonable price that gets the job done...doesn’t have to be super high quality. After some...
  16. L

    Speakers Set Up

    Hi all, Just moved into a new home so I need to set up my home theater system again. Previously, I have a 7.1 system with Polk CSI A6 as center; Polk RTI A7 as main, Polk FXI A4 as surround, Polk Monitor 30 for rear, and Hsu VTF-3 MK5 as sub. Receiver is Yamaha Aventage RX-A1080 with Emotiva...
  17. alexlipa91

    Missing part from stereo TV speakers

    Hi all, I got these 2 speakers from a friend who left town. They have no brand on it nor any kind of code that can help me figure it out. I tried to plug them (red and yellow plug) in my TV with a SCART adapter but it didn't work. I assume I need some additional piece (maybe some kind of...
  18. Spencer Draper

    Can a Plasma TV make speakers blow diaphragms?

    I’ve had a weird issue pop up and have been posting around trying to see what people think. My main setup was built around my HDCRT originally. About six months ago I found a plasma to play with and so I've had to have my Panasonic ST60 on a stand in front of my CRT stand and receiver. Suddenly...
  19. Peter Trent

    Presence Speakers

    I hooked up all my speakers but my back ones So I have left and right fronts with a center speaker which gives me 3 speakers so far Hook up the back surround speakers gives me 5 total so far. For a 7-2 receiver it shows 2 back speakers also to the rear of the listener. Where do these speakers...
  20. A

    Getting audio out of TV speakers from non-HDMI inputs on Sony STR-DN1000 Receiver

    Hi friends! I've been setting up my partner's theater system for her new house, and am having some trouble with the audio from her DVD player. Setup is as follows: TV: -Phillips 55" 4K TV 55PFL5402 Receiver: -Sony STR-DN1000 Receiver (HDMI out goes to the TV's HDMI 1 ARC) Inputs: -Fire...
  21. Johnny Angell

    Mini Spotlight & Speaker for my T-Rex

    I’ve got this baby on order (paying it off monthly) and will probably get it in late March or April. This will be the most expensive collectible I’ve ever purchased. I think it’s about 15-16” tall. Just checked and it’s actually 21.5” tall. It’s huge. I’d like to show it off with some...
  22. Nandan

    Spare speakers as atmos

    Hi, I have two spare speakers from my old system which I want to use as atmos speakers. Problem with room is i have false ceiling and AC, so either I can put both speakers at around 6.5 feet so that they are equal distance from sitting area or put both of them near (4-5 feet apart) at a height...
  23. I

    Bookshelf speakers

    Hello all, hopefully someone can point me in the correct direction. Problem i seem to be having is after changing speakers that the bass is really really tinnie where im sitting. Ill start off where everyone was "ok". Fredde desk from Ikea Technics SU-V550 Jamo D265 3 way bass reflex speaker...
  24. B

    Subzero Speakers?

    Looking for outdoor, in-ceiling speakers that can withstand subzero temps. I talked to Bose and they used to make a Bose 131 Marine speaker that could withstand as low as -40 but they don't make those anymore. Anyone know of any that fit this criteria?
  25. R

    Bose accoustimas 10 speakers

    Hi everyone! I’m a newbie here. I have 5 Bose accoustimas 10 speakers without the bass module. Can I connect them to my Harman Kardon 147 reciever and my Earthquake FF10 subwoofer? What would be the best connection diagram to optimize the sound quality? Many thanks and more power to this forum.
  26. RolandL

    Perforated screen and in wall speakers?

    OK. Just moved to Florida. Met with home theatre installation people today. The room is 12ft 8 inches by 14 feet deep. They are recommending in wall Klipsch speakers for the front wall with a perforated screen in front of them. I heard Klipsch speakers at a store years ago and thought they...
  27. Foxman

    Initial Impressions of Klipsch CDT5800II In-Ceiling Speakers

    Initial impressions of the CDT5800 II in-ceiling speakers. For a number of years, I used the Klipsch RS-7 for my surround speakers in a traditional 5.1 set-up. My room is less than ideal for surround largely due to the fact that the room did not allow for proper placement of a surround speaker...
  28. Foxman

    Let's Talk Ceiling Speakers

    I have a pair of Klipsch CDT5800's arriving sometime today. The area above the speaker is a pretty traditional attic space with blown-in insulation and for the life of me, I cannot find anywhere that states definitively if I need to either: A: Box in the speakers B: Move the blown-in...
  29. Ronnie1a

    Can speakers wear out?

    I have a set of Bose cube speakers well over 20 years old. They no longer have the sharpness or fullness that they used to have. They are used all the time. Is there such a thing as speakers wearing out or slowly dying because of age?
  30. MarkWC

    New - Paradigm Reference In-Wall/In-Ceiling Speakers

    I have three sets of brand new Paradigm SA In-wall/In-ceiling Speakers. I have included the link below with respective details. They were purchased for a renovation that never took place many years ago. Everything has been tested and working. There is one pair of each listed below...