1. D

    Need help with Windows MiniPC displaying static on TV when woken up

    I've got my NUC MiniPC (NUC11PAHI5) running Windows 10, hooked up via HDMI to my TV - an Android TV (branded 'Motorola' in my country, but going by firmware, deviceId etc, most likely a rebranded Skyworth) which supports 4K HDR. When I wake it from sleep mode, it displays static, with loud...
  2. P

    AV receiver HDCP issues

    Hi all, seeking your advice! I connected a new Denon AV receiver with 2 HDMI outs to: A TV (full HD - no 4K) A 4K-60Hz beamer through a 4K -60HZ capable HDMI extender. (to another room) and this gave HDCP issues: the receiver did frequent drop-outs. (I used brand new HDMI 2.1 cables to...
  3. Christian Behrens

    SOLD! Toshiba HD-DVD player HD-A35 in original box with over 150 movies

    Need to make room, so for sale is my complete collection of HD-DVD movies, one of the best players for HD-DVD movies (the Toshiba HD-A35, with HDMI and analog outputs as well if needed), and also the XBox HD-DVD drive that can be connected to your PC or Mac to access those discs, too. The player...
  4. Helgaiden

    Bought a new TV, no more HDMI audio from PC thru receiver

    So I have my TV and PC connected to my Denon receiver (which I got in 2012). Its a 1080p receiver which I'm sure will matter. For the longest time, my Samsung 1080p 55" worked well with the PC thru the receiver. Audio over HDMI thru the receiver from the graphics card worked as it should...
  5. Tony Bensley

    HDMI connection to TV for PC Laptop keeps failing!

    A few days ago, my 32 inch Toshiba TV started periodically losing the video signal from my Acer PC Laptop, which is connected via HDMI from both ends. What has been consistent is each time I lift the lid on my PC Laptop, my TV starts receiving the HDMI signal again. When my TV stopped picking...
  6. B

    What Order To Turn On These Components?

    This probably has to do with HDMI handshakes - I regularly cannot get an image on my screen when turning on the following components. The system will always play audio from the Oppo, but "No Signal" shows on the video processor display. I've taken turns in what order I turn components on, and...
  7. M

    Multiple HDMI switch converter for older Plasma TV with no HDMI connection

    Hi, so I have an older Panasonic plasma TV that still functions beautifully and looks fantastic. The TV has neither HDMI or optical out ports, however. Currently, I have an X Box 1 connected to it via an HDMI to Component converter. I have the X Box connected to a separate soundbar via an...
  8. A

    Is discreet channel / input switching a thing of the past?

    I run my Windows 10 tower with a dual-display setup with HDTV as primary monitor run through my RXV385 home theatre receiver (HDMI), and desktop extended to a secondary screen. On my 15 y.o. old Pioneer Receiver (which recently died), if I switched to another HDMI device (say, HD cable box)...
  9. Type A

    Monoprice HDMI cable sale

    Just a heads up Monoprice has a three pack of 5' ultra high speed hdmi cables on sale for $9.45 shipped. Not a bad price if you are upgrading to 4k and need new interconnects.
  10. John G

    HDMI Cable Rec please!

    I have an incoming LG CX and Denon S960H and could use a HDMI cable recommendation please! I don't want to break the bank but don't want to go el-cheapo for an inferior product either. From what I understand i would need cables rated for 2.1, 120hz and eARC..?
  11. J

    HDMI 5 to 1 switcher issues

    My Onkyo receiver broke for the second time in eight years so rather than repairing it again I’m moving on. Rather than getting a receiver again I decided to get a Helios HDMI 5 to 1 switcher, because all I used the receiver for was as a switcher. But only my Apple TV 4 will actually pass any...
  12. G

    HDMI Audio Extraction functions ... for hearing aid gizmo

    I know HDMI audio extractors exist. My question is, can they extract audio to send to a hearing aid device AND SIMULTANEOUSLY allow the audio to pass through to the home theater receiver? We want the the hearing aid device and the receiver both getting the audio signal. Can that be done? If so...
  13. Jorge Y.E.

    Can't get sound from optical port on Samsung TV to Sony sound system.

    Hello everyone. I have an old LN32R83BD Samsung TV. It has a plethora of ports in the back, one of them is a Toslink optical OUT, so naturally, I want to connect said TV to an also old MHC-S7AV Sony sound system's optical IN. I thought it was pretty straight forward: OUT --> IN: done—no such...
  14. Gort69

    4K HDMI switch or new AVR?

    Greetings, Earthlings - I come in peace. I just bought a new 4K Blu-ray player. It has 2 HDMI outputs (Audio + Video and Audio Only) right now, I have to use both since my Denon AVR doesn't pass 4K. The audio out goes to the DVD input on the receiver and the A+V output goes directly to the 4K...
  15. sillymarmoset

    HDMI cables & Optoma UHD51

    Hello, This is my first posting so here goes! Since I have a 4K/3D LG TV, & 4K native blu ray (PanasonicDMP-UB900) player I decided to change my HD projector to a 4K one Optoma UHD51. I also decided to purchase another 4K native blu ray (Sony UBP-X700) player just for using with the new...
  16. N

    HDMI to VGA issue

    Hello. Thanks for your help. I am having a display issue with HDMI devices (Blu-Ray and Firestick) running through my ONKYO TX-NR609 to an old Toshiba TDP S25 projector. The projector supports VGA and RCA. The picture comes out distorted and purple. BLU-RAY >hdmi> receiver > hdmi out...
  17. A

    Getting audio out of TV speakers from non-HDMI inputs on Sony STR-DN1000 Receiver

    Hi friends! I've been setting up my partner's theater system for her new house, and am having some trouble with the audio from her DVD player. Setup is as follows: TV: -Phillips 55" 4K TV 55PFL5402 Receiver: -Sony STR-DN1000 Receiver (HDMI out goes to the TV's HDMI 1 ARC) Inputs: -Fire...
  18. TJPC

    Recordable DVD Machine — problem

    My cable company was recently bought by a larger one and we all have to switch to something called “Rogers Ignite”. This system uses the internet and with it we will get new PVRs which can record up to 9 programs at the same time. With my present system, I connect PVRs up to the TV with the...
  19. W

    question about HDMI output

    Can't figure this one out. I provide a list and links of my components at the end, but basically I have a 1st gen Fire TV Cube whose HDMI output is connected to a device that takes the HDMI in and outputs HDMI + SPDIF. The SPDIF output goes into the optical input of this really old Sony Home...
  20. E

    LG blue rar disc player will only work in Aux HDMI port with Onkyo TX-NR656

    I can only get my LG blue ray disc player to display on my Samsung Q70R tv if I plug the HDMI cable into the front Aux HDMI port. It used to work when it was plugged into the BD/DVD HDMI port in the back . I have tried all the rear ports and none work with the LG player. I also tried a...
  21. T

    denon 3500x hdmi monitor 2 out question

    So i have have everything running thru the avr using the arc out channel from avr the arc in channel on the tv. The one problem is the arc in channel of the tv doesn't support uhd deep color. This is primarly only a issue for my 4k samsung bluray. The hdmi 1 port on tv does support uhd, could i...
  22. Walt H

    HDMI 4k TV to A/V Receiver

    When connecting a HDMI 4K cable from a TV cable box to an A/V Receiver, is it best to connect to the TV's HDMI ARC input or just one of the regular HDMI inputs? TV is Samsung Q80R QLED Receiver is Yamaha RX-A3070
  23. C

    HDMI Splitter use

    Has anyone used an HDMI Splitter to run video and audio to 2 different receivers? Success? Tips. I am running 4K HDMI from my cable box to my Denon AVR-X4500H and want to run another HDMI cable to my 2nd Denon amp which runs 4 Aura bass shakers. This will also hopefully keep sound/video sync...
  24. KTS

    Audio from LG TV's ARC HDMI send to VSX-74TXVi

    Hi all, I tried to let my theater system VSX-74TXVi plays the audio of my LG TV. To do this, i connect the ARC HDMI of my LG TV with the HDMI Input of my theater system. I also make sure the TV's speaker output is set to be ARC. However, it does not work. For the similar scheme of connection...
  25. R

    HDMi Connection

    I have recently bought a new TV, the LG OLED65C9 PLA. All sources are routed through my Denon AVR-X2300W and connected using HDMi 2.0a cables. Do you think I should upgrade all my cables to HMDi 2.1 type? Also, I currently store many downloaded films on my Dell XPS 15 laptop and view these by...
  26. J

    Which HDMI Cable for Hisense H9F?

    I am upgrading to a Hisense H9F. Do I need to upgrade my HDMI cables? If so, to which version (2.0 or 2.1)? My current cables are several years old. The video sources are an Amazon Fire box DV83YW (Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, Sling) and the Panasonic DMP-BDT230 DVD player. Thanks!
  27. Osato

    LG OLED surround audio HDMI ARC issue and not passing 5.1 audio with streaming devices??

    I have an LG OLED 65 inch TV. It is the OLED 65B7 a model. I am having an issue with streaming services and audio. The first issue involves the use of HDMI ARC. When Enabled my television eventually times out from the Internet and I am forced to disable HDMIARC before it will allow me to...
  28. D

    Failing HDMI Cables

    I've just had 2 HDMI cables fail within 30 days of one another. They have little in common, so it seems odd. #1: Brand name (Forest), connecting Blu-ray player to TV, 9 year-old cable, never moved, jostled, etc. #2: Cheapo (AmazonBasics), connecting Apple TV 4K to TV, failed after only 4...
  29. GeorgeAB

    FIBBR Pure2 Fiber Optic HDMI Video Cable Review

    FIBBR Pure2 Fiber Optic HDMI Video Cable Review I was given the opportunity to evaluate a recent video interconnect technology product that promises to provide superior signal transfer for the latest 4K UHD HDR programming. My system has yet to be upgraded for 4K but I want to be familiar with...
  30. Radioman970

    s-video to HDMI conversation help

    I need serious help with Christmas coming up since I have a big set of old Russian fantasy movie DVDs I love to watch this time of year. Some are PAL and I have to use my Phillips DVD/VHS to watch. But right now it's connected with composite and everything looks terrible. I have a big...