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FIBBR Pure2 Fiber Optic HDMI Video Cable Review (1 Viewer)


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Jan 28, 2001
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FIBBR Pure2 Fiber Optic HDMI Video Cable Review

I was given the opportunity to evaluate a recent video interconnect technology product that promises to provide superior signal transfer for the latest 4K UHD HDR programming. My system has yet to be upgraded for 4K but I want to be familiar with optical fiber at this stage and be prepared to make that transition. This sample is a new upgraded model to the FIBBR line of fiber optic products currently on the market. The model is designated as the FIBBR Pure 2 HDMI AOC 15 meter cable (49 ft 2 1/2 in).

This active cable is HDCP 2.2 compliant, which is the next generation of copy protection for the 4K era of programming. It includes Audio Return Channel (ARC) capability. One of the comforting features is its "BendRobust" construction which resists kinking from tight bends when handled, which can disable signal transfer. This is assisted by being tightly wrapping the fiber with a PET braided jacket. Another feature offers superior 3D program signal transfer for systems still providing 3D reproduction.

Bandwidth is rated to pass a robust 24 Gbps transfer rate at 12 bit color depth with 4:4:4 . That allows for up to 4K 60Hz refresh rates. Due to the long length of this cable, there are two USB 5V-2A pigtails integrated with the HDMI connectors at each end to boost the signal amplification if a video source component lacks sufficient signal strength. This new model's design combines Data Display Channel (DDC) and Hot Plug Detection (HPD) signals into an integrated copper wire, using the manufacturer’s proprietary "TransFuture" technology.

The packaging is very robust. The coiled cable is protected by a thick foam surround in the sturdy box. Three hook and loop straps secure the tightly wound coil until deployed.

My existing video system provided a 1080p HDTV program signal for testing from an OPPO Digital BDB-93 Blu-ray player. The display is a Samsung SP-A800B single chip DLP projector co-designed by video industry leading Joe Kane Productions. The optics used are exceptional, for razor sharp focus and brightness. Joe Kane collaborated with Da-Lite Screen Company in developing the JKP Affinity model of super-smooth screen surface I installed in the system for maximum sharpness of reflected image.

The existing video cable installed in the system is Monoprice's top of the line copper HDMI model at the time, with 22 gauge silver plated conductors and is 15 meters long. It's a really thick and cumbersome cable but was necessary to confidently preserve the best HD signal over such a long run. I am comparing the signal quality of this cable compared to the FIBBR model of the same length. I wanted to display the most challenging image I could think of providing for the comparison. What I chose was the one pixel on, one pixel off, checkerboard against a neutral gray field with a one pixel wide, black matrix grid, from the pixel clock and phase pattern in Joe Kane's 'Video Essentials: HD Basics' Blu-ray Disc test program. This is an extremely challenging and revealing test pattern for any 1080p display system to resolve correctly. Both cables resolve this pattern with impressive sharpness and detail. I look forward to a 4K UHD upgrade in the future that will benefit from FIBBR's fine product.

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Mar 4, 2001
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I’d be interested in your review after you go 4K. I’ll need something like this when I upgrade. I’ve got one or two good devices bookmarked, and wouldn’t mind having another solution to choose from.

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