Which of these speakers is better?

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    Hey fellas I`m kind of new here. I have a doubt about my new speakers I got two here with me but don`t know which one put on the home theater. Well one of them will go to the home theater and the other just for my bedrom I want the better one on the home theater.

    These are the speakers:

    -B&W 685 Theatre (W/ Polk Audio Subwoofer)

    -Bose V35 Home Entertainment System (W/ JBL Surround System)

    Both of them with Denon Receiver AVR-4810CI

    A loooooot of people sad me that B&W speakers are way better, but I`m insisting on the others because of their size.I don`t know if the size compensate the quality, what did you guys think?

    Thaks for everyone for the help
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    Under no circumstances in this case does the size compensate for the quality. Many people rave about the bose speakers after hearing them in an "in-store" demo that grossly skews the ability and TRUE sound of the speakers. with that said, are you going for better sound or form factor? Lets break this down first:

    Bose: smaller drivers, unable to produce a nice, tight and flat freq. curve without the use of the rest of the system and subwoofer to compensate for the small cubes freq. response. "Bright" sound that is produced is actually over EQed to sound better than it is really supposed to. Good system for hiding speakers and using for a living room or den. I dont want to bash Bose as I plan on using something similar for my den where im not looking for the best quality but want all the equipment to leave the smallest footprint possible.

    B&W: Quality matched components that are able to handle the full frequency spectrum all the way down to where the subwoofer SHOULD take up, better speaker build and while may not have the WOW factor of the amazing size vs. sound of the bose, is all in all, a better build and quality setup that will yield more versaitily through testing many different musical styles as well as video content. Very tight and flat frequency curve. Good where you want real speakers, want to run your own amp, movie theater or music room setup. Can't go wrong with B&W and these are a great entry level setup. Same technology of the more expensive lines, in an affordable to you and me type package. haha

    Hope that helps

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