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Mar 7, 2000
Hi All!

It's moving time and thus time to shed some Home Theater items that won't be making it to the new abode. Accordingly, the following items which are in MINT, IMMACULATE, NEAR-NEW condition are available for your consideration and purchase. These items were hardly used, kept in a smoke-free, child free, temperature controlled environment and look as new as the day they were unboxed and all function flawlessly. They were originally purchased from Harvey Electronics in New York City, a high-end purveyor of stereo and home theater equipment. They can be picked up in person (I am in Staten Island, NY) or if shipping is necessary, I will utilize UPS' "pack n' ship" service to get your purchase to you professionally packed and safe!


1) Velodyne HGS-10BG Subwoofer (with Monster cable)
2) Energy RVSS Bookshelf Speakers (Pair) with stands
3) Energy AC-300 Center Channel Speaker
4) Low-profile, bi-level (one adjustable shelf), hi-end all black wood TV stand measuring 39" wide, 23" deep and 20" high. (Note: It is preferred that THIS item be picked up in person as it is an awkward size / shape. It "could" be shipped but I imagine it would be quite costly to properly pack and box it but if you are willing to pay the cost, it shall be shipped!

Please make a REASONABLE offer on any or all of the above; I estimate "pack n' ship" costs as follows:

Item Number:

1) $ 75.00
2) $ 85.00
3) $ 55.00
4) Pick-up in person preferred, shipping cost unknown

The "pack & ship" costs listed are "guestimates" on my part as until the item is brought into the UPS store, measured, weighed, etc. the TRUE cost to ship is NOT known. If anyone has a better handle on these costs, feel free to enlighten me and I will adjust accordingly. I am NOT a shipping expert and do not normally ship many things so these are new waters for me.

Attached are some pics so you can see what is available!


  • Velodyne HGS-10BG Subwoofer (Front).jpg
    Velodyne HGS-10BG Subwoofer (Front).jpg
    88.2 KB · Views: 24
  • Velodyne HGS-10BG Subwoofer (Rear).jpg
    Velodyne HGS-10BG Subwoofer (Rear).jpg
    97.8 KB · Views: 40
  • Energy RVSS Speakers (Front).jpg
    Energy RVSS Speakers (Front).jpg
    100.5 KB · Views: 24
  • Energy RVSS Speakers (Rear).jpg
    Energy RVSS Speakers (Rear).jpg
    100.5 KB · Views: 23
  • Energy AC-300 (Front).jpg
    Energy AC-300 (Front).jpg
    67.7 KB · Views: 25
  • Energy AC-300 (Rear).jpg
    Energy AC-300 (Rear).jpg
    124.8 KB · Views: 25
  • TV Stand.jpg
    TV Stand.jpg
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