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Repair or replace Paradigm PW2100V2 sub? (1 Viewer)

Steve Armbrust

Second Unit
Jan 6, 1999
I posted this in another subwoofer thread, but realized that nobody had posted there for about six months. So please excuse me if you see this twice.

I've had a home theater system in my basement mancave for 20 years, and I've replaced components as needed. But the speakers have remained the same -- Paradigm Studio 40's in the front, Paradigm CC470V3 in the center, Paradigm mini-MON IV3s in the rear, and a Paradigm PW2100V2 sub. Unfortunately, the subwoofer now has a torn surround (I think that's what you call it -- rubber piece at outer edge of the speaker cone). No replacement parts available, so to fix it, they have to send it back to the factory, at about $400 for repair and shipping.

The folks at the store question whether it's worth it to do this for a 20-year-old sub, because they claim the average life of a sub is about 10 years and the electronics could go next. They recommend replacing the sub, and the one they recommend that would be as good as the one I have now (better actually) would be a REL HT/1205, at about $800. (I originally paid $700 for the Paradigm sub 20 years ago.)

I'm not an expert in subs, but the cheap replacement sub that I had laying around sounds like crap. So I'd really like to find something that is about as good as what I had. But I'm also not looking forward to spending $800. So my questions to you folks are, 1) Fix the old one or replace it? and 2) Is the REL a good sub for the money, or should I be looking at something else at (or preferably below) that price point? Any advice you could give this non-expert would be greatly appreciated.

What are you looking for (Speakers, Subwoofer or Both)? Subwoofer

Primary Use: 99% TV & Movies

Desired Configuration: 5.1

Room Size: 18x12 (that's about right) In a finished basement with low ceilings -- 7'

Is the room open to other areas of your home: Not really

Do you already have an AV receiver or amplifier? Yes

What's your budget (low to high): $800 or below

Any special requirements (Wife Acceptance)? Nope

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