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    I've decided it's time to upgrade my five year old 27" set to something better. Widescreen and HDTV is a must... my question at this point is RPTV or not RPTV? There's a couple of issues I don't see addressed here often (or at all)...

    1) How much ambient light is too much for an RPTV? I don't plan on watching a lot during the day, but there will be some daytime viewing, and I'm concerned that my room is too bright.

    2) I have a perfectly nice Bush TV stand that is 47" wide , so it should accomodate up to a 50" 16:9 set with no problem. All RPTVs I've seen are already sitting on some kind of stand, but for many of them it appears to be little more than a color-matched box. Are there RPTV sets that will allow you to remove the stand and use one of your own?

    3) Recommendation time... the sets I'm considering:

    Panasonic PT-47WX42
    Toshiba 42H82
    Samsung HCM-4215W
    Samsung HCL4715W

    Or should I just say bump it and get a nice 36" tube 4:3 HDTV?
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