1. Reed Grele

    MISSION IMPOSSIBLE TV Series Blu-ray Box Set Like New $70 Shipped

    I only bought this to watch the first season which I had never seen when first run. Discs are like new. No scratches or fingerprints. Shrink wrap is still on the box. Will ship FREE Media Mail within the USA. If required faster, you can pay the exact price upgrade.
  2. TJPC

    Peacock Brave New World

    Is anyone watching this series? It is so different from the book as to be a completely different story. I was dubbing it on to DVD-RW, but I think I will erase them when the series is finished. The acting us generally good, but it is almost as if they are creating the world of the novel but...
  3. J

    New Columbia Catalog Titles

    Coming December 8th
  4. Wes

    My new DIY front left and right towers.

    I had designed these over 10 years ago but put off building them so I finally built them to replace the DIY bookshelf on stands I had been using. Dayton 5 1/4 and 30 year old (but new in box) Radio Shack 1" Mylar dome tweeters. These drivers are a 100 percent match to all my other 7.1 theater...
  5. F

    New and clueless-Integra 7.6

    How much is a virtually brand new Integra 7.6 av receiver worth. It was purchased when they first came out, put away and never used. Took it out a month ago to see if it worked. It did.
  6. G

    Need help choosing new replacement projector with 92 inch screen and projector mount 11 feet from screen

    I really need help. Twelve years ago I set up my living room with a 92 inch (diagonal) Stewart motorized drop down screen and a Sony VPL AW 10 projector. The projector and screen were professionally installed and the projector was ceiling mounted about 11 feet from the screen. Today, i...
  7. Robert_Zohn

    Marantz Announces two new premium stereo devices, Model 30 Integrated Amp and 30N SACD player/Network Streamer

    Marantz just honored Value Electronics with the very selective authorization for the new Limited Edition Model 30 Integrated Amplifier and 30N SACD/Network Server! A music lovers dream amplifier with built-in phono EQ and MM and MC phono stage with the new selectable impedance selector with...
  8. atlantasteve

    NIB: Marantz 7015

    I purchased this AV receiver but the dimensions will not fit my stand. My mistake is your gain. Unit is brand new, unopened in box. Asking $1949. I would prefer local pickup in metro Atlanta area, but would ship if buyer pays actual cost.
  9. jazzman

    Old Denon Turntable - Need New Cartridge

    Hi, Have a Denon turntable, model D45F, that I need to replace the cartridge. Have not been able to find a compatible cartridge, any suggestions would be appreciated. Sal
  10. Robin9

    International New Film Noir Box-Set From Indicator.

    Indicator U.K have sent me an email stating they are going to release several film noir movies on Blu-ray disc and the first stage will be a box-set of Sony titles which of course means Columbia films. Some, like The Line-Up, are very familiar, some like Drive A Crooked Road and The Garment...
  11. P

    New Scooby Doo Movie BluRay Defect

    Is anyone else who has the New Scooby Doo Movie Bluray having problems with the picture constantly scrambling? I have a BluRay Ripper on my computer and it does nothing but scramble. My other Blurays don't do that. They play with a smooth picture. I don't know what the problem is.
  12. Danny Lopez

    Hello all! Newbie from New York...

    Just like to introduce myself. I'm Danny from the great state of New York. I started working on my audio system in my Jeep and soon thereafter moved into the apartment with the thoughts of upgrading my home theater. Doing this in an apartment is tricky . First dealing with the wife and then the...
  13. H

    New, honest!

    Hi folks, I apparently registered on here 2 years ago, made 1 post, and forgot the forum existed. Now I'm back hopefully for some assistance
  14. R

    New member from South Carolina

    Hello everyone, I am not a hardcore audiophile but enjoy tinkering. I currently run a Denon 7.2, Klipsch set up. I have two Klipsch Reference 12's, a pair of RF-82II's, and R51 bookshelves. I am in the middle of replacing my old speakers that I have had for almost 17 years. I was running Polk...
  15. Johnny Angell

    I’ve Got a New Router—Hurrah! Oh Crap!

    Several months ago I signed up for Xfinity broadband, 200 mbps. WIFI-wise, I never got that. Then I realized the cheap bastards (and other providers, I suppose) had only supplied a 2.4 single band router. I bought my own, a Motorola MG7550. Now when a run a Speedtest on my ipad I ususally...
  16. P

    Introducing myself and a question about my new soundbar.

    Hi Paul here. First time on this forum having just bought a LG Sj3 2.1 soundbar. The only connections it has is the optical, USB and 3.5 jack. So no hdmi. What I learnt over the past couple of days is that a soundbar cannot play DTS or Atmos if only using an optical cable. Yet it says that this...
  17. A

    Under Garage build, new construction

    Interested in your ideas to help with a new home build. I currently have a home theater I built in my basement living room. It is not enclosed and I am excited to see shat kind of audio I am able to generate with an enclosed theater room. Current build is a Panasonic PT-AE2000U projector. A...
  18. F

    Hi from Seattle

    Trying to finalize my HT setup in the new house. I have dedicated room in upper floor 14.5' x 22' x 9' carpet floor with some sound treatment in the wall 6' wall all across, slightly better 5/8" GWB with sound dampening properties, sound absorbing insulation filled in all sides of drywall...
  19. Garysb

    Was 1962 the Best Year For Movies? A New Book Says Yes

    From Deadline From ‘Lawrence Of Arabia’ And ‘To Kill A Mockingbird’ To The Debut Of James Bond, Was 1962 The Greatest Movie Year EVER? A New Book Says Yes Looking for some good movies to keep you occupied while self-quarantining at home these days? How about watching some certified classics...
  20. dpippel

    SOLD: Night Passage (Kino Lorber Blu-ray) Like New - $10 Shipped

    ** SOLD **
  21. G

    New 65" TV in built in entertainment center

    Hi, just received our new 65" OLED TV and trying to figure out how finish the built in entertainment center and whether or not to wall mount the TV and if so, how. First, a woodworking question. On the left in the picture is a finish piece that appears to go under the top cabinets. How can...
  22. R

    Old vs New World

    I have a much loved Pioneer VSX-53TX, two PD-F27 CD players in series. Yeah, I know. Got a Vizio SmartTV. On DishTV and Wi-Fi. When I try to access the receiver SetUp with the 53TX remote the setup menu should appear- nope. Am I SOL? Can these 2 worlds function in unison? Help
  23. Gort69

    4K HDMI switch or new AVR?

    Greetings, Earthlings - I come in peace. I just bought a new 4K Blu-ray player. It has 2 HDMI outputs (Audio + Video and Audio Only) right now, I have to use both since my Denon AVR doesn't pass 4K. The audio out goes to the DVD input on the receiver and the A+V output goes directly to the 4K...
  24. B

    Delay in signal loading on new projector?

    I recently bought a Epson Home Cinema 4010 3LCD Home Theatre Projector for my home theater. It's mounted on the ceiling and connected to an Onkyo TX-SR607 A/V unit via BlueRigger in-Wall High Speed HDMI Cable - 35 Feet (10 M) - CL3 Rated - Supports 4K@30Hz, Ultra HD, 3D, 1080p, Ethernet and...
  25. P

    Onkyo HT-R550 old receiver, new use

    Trying to use an old Onkyo HT-R550 for a dance studio that will need audio input from a 2.5 jack of a computer and/or ipad/iphone. I am looking for the best option to use and the best ports to hook the cord into. I see 2.5 to component cords online, wondering if that is the best option (or a...
  26. moviebuff75

    The New, Original Wonder Woman

    I wish WB would release the first three episodes of WW under their original title on Blu-ray. They were ABC specials before it went to series. The pilot was available in two cuts: one more serious in tone. The animated opening was also slightly different.
  27. S

    Moved into new home. Building home theater. Bought TV. Need Sound System. Definitive Technology?

    Hey guys, New to the forum. Would love some advice on this. Best Buy Magnolia home theater crew said two 10" standing speakers fron DEFINITIVE TECHNOLOGY, as well as the front speaker, and two bookcase speakers behind me in corners. Powered by a Denon 9.2 ch receiver. I have attached a...
  28. dpippel

    Best Buy - Brand New Apple HomePods for $200

    Best Buy is once again selling brand new HomePods in both colors for $200 + tax...
  29. N


  30. M

    CIMARRON is a great film!!! Yes the 1960 "new" version.

    Although a flop, anmd panned universally, the film is a pleasure wioth its beautiful sweeping cinematography and Edna Ferber story. The stars might not fit their characters perfectly but Glenn Ford Maria Schell and Anne Baxter are always a pleasure to watch; another excellent Anthony Mann...