Stan Brakhage Redux

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    As the Brakhage information seems to get lost in the generic column thread, I've taken the liberty of breaking it out:

    A bit of additional information on the Stan Brakhage Collection...

    It is confirmed that the set will include somewhere between 25 and 30 films from Stan's earliest through a period inclusive of the last decade.

    The actual transfer were overseen by Fred Camper for Stan.

    The set will include, among many other elements, a conversation about his work with Bruce Kawin, with whom he taught film at UC Boulder until his recent move.

    For those not familiar with Stan's work, he is generally considered to be one of the fiercely independent filmmakers, who has been known to take a film off the projector after screening it and pass it among the audience so that each frame may be examined.

    And while video may not be the more desired means of viewing Stan's work, it is certainly, understanding both the fragility and accessibility of prints, a reasonable alternative.

    Especially with DVD's ability to allow frame by frame exploration.

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    Stan Brakhage died Sunday March 9 in Victoria, British Columbia, of complications from an infection. He was 70.

    Let God bless Him!

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