1. Francois Caron

    House Of Marley Positive Vibration 2 Headphone Review

    This review of the Marley Positive Vibration 2 closed-ended on-ear wired headphones with microphone is being posted at House of Marley Canada, Amazon, Reddit, and The Home Theatre Forum. Test set-up: - HiFi Walker H2 non-touch media player loaded with high quality MP3 and FLAC music files, -...
  2. JohnHopper

    Item: KOLCHAK: THE NIGHT STALKER (ABC/1974-1975)

    Item: KOLCHAK: THE NIGHT STALKER (ABC/1974-1975) [voice-over] “This is the story behind the most incredible series of the Seventies to ever occur at Universal studio. Now, here are the true facts. Friday night, November 12, 11 P.M., name: Kolchak, profession: reporter… almost six decades later...
  3. John Dirk

    SVS SB-4000 Subwoofer Review

    Introduction: I’ve been a Home Theater nut for over 20 years but didn’t build my first dedicated room until around 2006. Even back then, when I went looking for a subwoofer it didn’t take me long to narrow my choices down to only one, and that was the SVS PB12 Plus/2. Arriving at my home on a...
  4. Josh Steinberg

    Possible to retrieve missing portion of old Harry Potter review?

    This wonderful review cuts off in the middle of the special features section - any chance of recovering the full thing?
  5. Brian Himes

    TimeLife The Best Of Cher - A Review

    I got my set yesterday and have done a quick preview of the set. There is good news and bad news. I'll start with the good news. For those of us who purchased the previous Sonny & Cher Set and opted to get the Deluxe Edition of the Cher Set, this time we got an outer box for the Sonny & Cher...
  6. GeorgeAB

    FIBBR Pure2 Fiber Optic HDMI Video Cable Review

    FIBBR Pure2 Fiber Optic HDMI Video Cable Review I was given the opportunity to evaluate a recent video interconnect technology product that promises to provide superior signal transfer for the latest 4K UHD HDR programming. My system has yet to be upgraded for 4K but I want to be familiar with...
  7. Ronald Epstein

    HTF REVIEW: Ekster Parliament Wallet

    I usually only write product reviews on this forum that are related to Home Theater gear. Once in a while a company will contact me and ask if I am interested in looking at something they are offering. If I find the said product to be unique and of possible interest to readers of this forum...
  8. Kyrsten Brad

    Skatetown USA (1979)

    Well folks, it took four decades but we finally got a high definition home media release of what had become a holy grail cult classic from the era of disco films which sought to forever destroy humankind’s sense of good taste. Skatetown USA (1979), two copies no less, arrived at my humble...
  9. Marsh

    Review of Bruce Springsteen's 1986 Bridge School Benefit Set on CD/download

    Hello all, Today, I published a web article/review of the recent Bruce Springsteen Live Archive release of his 1986 Bridge School Benefit set . Recorded in Mountain View, CA's Shoreline Amphitheatre (nearby now years later is the main offices for Google), it's a very entertaining listen. Now...
  10. Ronald Epstein

    Hardware Review Logitech Harmony Express Review: A Smarter Remote!

    The Harmony Elite stands as the very best remote on the market. Though introduced in 2015, it continues to stand as the pinnacle of the Harmony Remote lineup. With its responsive touchscreen and motion-sensing backlit keys, the Elite is an elegant device that combines simplicity with...
  11. Craig Chase

    Axiom LFR-1100 Active Speaker Review Thread

    Hi all - We recently ordered a pair of Axiom LFR-1100 Active speakers for both ownership and review. The passive LFR-1100's are one of my all time favorite speakers, and consist of 3 front firing, 6.5 inch long throw woofers, 2 front firing 5.25 inch mids and 2 front firing 1 inch dome tweeters...
  12. Dave Upton

    Mini Review: EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard

    EaseUS Data Recovery is software aimed at helping you recover lost data on your hard drive. It's dead simple to use, and is favored by many IT professionals and home users alike. The free version allows recovery of up to 500MB of data, which is somewhat limited but may work well for many home...
  13. Dave Moritz

    Marantz SR-8012 11 Channel Receiver Review

    Review Of The Marantz SR-8012 11 Channel Surround Receiver By Dave Moritz Date: November 2018 Posted: March 2019 A special thank you goes out to a good friend who was also my consultant through the entire reseach phase and made my purchase possible! Jon Gomes I have been I have been with...
  14. G

    Want to read 3d review

    New to the forum but don't how it all works out, all i want to do is to read all the 3d reviews but i keep getting error messages like *you got no permission* or you must be logged in to do that* or aceept terms and conditions without any *submit* button to do that.
  15. Paul_Warren

    The Fog (1980) 4K UHD mini review

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  16. Sam Posten

    Blu-ray Review The Martian Chronicles – Blu ray Review

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  17. Sam Posten

    UHD Review Dirty Grandpa – UHD Review

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  18. Sam Posten

    Vampyr - Game Review in Progress (Xbox 1 X)

    I'm currently a few hours into Vampyr and am reviewing it for HTF. Follow along with those updates here:
  19. Sam Posten

    Vampyr - Game Review - For Xbox One, Steam / PC and PS4 (Reviewed on Xbox 1 X)

    Sam Posten Vampyr - Game Review - For Xbox One, Steam / PC and PS4 (Reviewed on Xbox 1 X) -Review in Progress - Dontnod's Vampyr has been on my radar since about 2016. It is presented as an Xbox One X Enhanced game with terrific HDR and a spooky soundtrack. I'm a few hours into the game...
  20. Sam Posten

    UHD Review Hurricane Heist – UHD Review

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  21. Sam Posten

    UHD Review Fury – UHD review

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  22. Sam Posten

    Blu-ray Review Winchester - Bluray review

    Sam Posten Winchester - Bluray review Sarah Lockwood Winchester (Helen Mirren), widow and heiress to the Winchester Repeating Arms Company, has retreated from Connecticut to a home she is building in California. No mere bungalow, the house is a sprawling mansion with hundreds of rooms, a...
  23. Craig Chase

    Ohm SSC-4900 SSC Review Thread

    Greetings all - We had opened a thread that was originally going to be about all 2 channel audio, but after a lot of thought, it just seemed to make more sense to write a separate review thread about each set of speakers reviewed, starting with the Ohm SSC-4900's. We ordered the speakers in...
  24. t1g3r5fan

    The Psychopath (1966) - Blu-ray Review

    Movie: 3/5 Following the unexpected success of Dr. Terror's House of Horrors at the box office, Paramount Pictures and Amicus Productions entered into a three picture production deal; The Psychopath, the middle picture of said deal, is a entertaining horror thriller with a solid degree of style...
  25. Marsh

    Rock & Roll Hall of Fame: In Concert-Blu-ray review

    Hello all, I just wrote another web review/article, this time of Time Life's Rock & Roll Hall of Fame: In Concert Blu-ray. Here's the link: . The two Blu-ray discs feature the ceremonies from 2014-2017. The...
  26. Paul Penna

    Missing DVD review

    Why is the post of the HTF DVD Review of "Master and Commander" blank? Nor is it listed in the DVD Review Archive page. Thanks
  27. Ken_McAlinden

    Blu-ray Review Father Figures Blu-ray Review

    Ken_McAlinden Father Figures Blu-ray Review Father Figures is the directorial debut of Lawrence Sher, who was the cinematographer on several modern comedies including all three of the Hangover films. The bawdy approach to the "Who's your daddy" premise is certainly in that vein. Owen...
  28. Marsh

    The Wonder Years: The Complete Series Deluxe Edition-DVD Review

    Hello all, I know The Wonder Years DVD set was released a few years ago. But, Time Life has re-released it to commemorate the show's 30th anniversary. Here's my review of the set: Thanks, Marshall...
  29. Mysto

    Clip On Active 3D Glasses Review

    As promised here is a short review on the Clip On Active 3D glasses I purchased, I had never seen a post about active clip ons and I've always had trouble wearing glasses over glasses. Mine came yesterday and I'm very happy. They are light - stay with my glasses and work well. They are a...
  30. Marsh

    The Jackie Gleason Show In Color Single DVD review

    Hello all, I've just reviewed the single DVD edition of The Jackie Gleason Show In Color from Time Life. Here's the link to the web article/review: It ends up that this is Disc 4 of the recently released 10 DVD...