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  • Well folks, 60+ hours of time making sure the upgrade went smoothly and fixing bugs afterwards tires a guy out! I'm doing to be a little scarce for a day or so, but will be back to fixing issues Saturday. Thanks for your patience!
    Hi Dave, I've not been around here for a long time now and would like to update my settings and so on. In short, I'd like to have the username which is displayed for me changed from Livius to my own real life name, which is Colin McGuigan.
    Is this possible? Thanks in advance.
    Hello Dave, I noticed your review of the PAP TrioTB and wanted to ask you some more of your impressions of the PAP sound, especially since you ran them mixed with box speakers as part of your HT. I am thinking of replacing my mains for 2 channel use with the Quintet 15s and keeping my center channel and surrounds for HT duty (1 hybrid system).
    Hello Dave,

    I would like to post a review of my Marantz SR-8012 and I just want to make sure that is permissible and if there are any special rules that apply before posting a review or only reviewers allowed to do something like that? Also I would like to mention the specialist who was my adviser and helped me make my purchase possible.
    Hi Dave!

    This is going to sound real silly, but I'm trying to reassociate all of my accounts with Firefox, and I seem to be unable to sign in my HTF account with this, even though I am signed in with Google Chrome, if that makes any sense?

    I'm hoping that either you or a MOD could walk me through this? Thanks!

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