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Receiver Comp. Video output problem (1 Viewer)

Nov 27, 2002
I have had issues with the component video output on my receiver here was the situation:
Sony DVP-NS725P DVD Player ->Comp. Vid 1 Input (Receiver)
STR-DE685 Comp. Vid Output ->Sony KP-46WT510 HDTV Comp. Vid Input

When watching DVDs ocassionally we would see small artifacts on the screen, they looked like small lines and it wasnt the DVD because we had tried it later with the same disc at the chapter/time. It was random and not all of the time, but it was like at higher resolutions the comp. vid output couldnt handle it all.

This past week I added a HD set top box to the mix and saw the same results but much worse / much more frequent.

I have now ran all video straight to the TV and that has solved the problem. My question is, what do I look for in a receiver (specifications wise) when I go to buy my next receiver to try to not have the same problems.


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Feb 4, 2004
The specification you are looking for is Component Video Bandwidth. 35Mhz is about the minimum you can use and still sucessfully pass HD signals but 480p from your DVD should require far less but I don't know the exact numbers. I'm guessing your recv passes about 10mhz, which seems to work fine for 480i sources but not fine for much else. I've been looking at Rotel pre-amps and recvs to replace my Sony 9000ES pre-amp since it doesn't have component and I hate the remote. The newer Rotel stuff claims 100mhz Bandwidth.

Eddie Horton

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May 23, 2004
I've read that 35mhz is plenty, and have also seen where folks suggest 3 times the amount of the signal being passed. Personally, I use direct connections from my video equipment to my tv, but if that can't be done, just get the most that your budget will allow. I know that Yamaha's current models are rated for, I believe, 65mhz. Denon's current models are rated for 100mhz. Not sure about other brands.

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