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Audio problems with Panasonic DP-UB820 (4 Viewers)


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Jan 5, 2006
Richmond, VA
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I just bought a Panasonic DP-UB820 4K player to replace a Sony UMP-X700M. The Sony player developed a problem where if I turned the Dolby Vision switch on no video would be output.

I have Sony 90J OLED TV and use a Yamaha HTR-3066 amp.

From the Panasonic Player I have the #1 (Video) HDMI out for video connected directly to the tv and #2 (Audio) HDMI connected to the amp.

I am having two issues here:

1. Often the sound gets slightly out of synch. I realize this can be adjusted but it is inconsistent so I don't want to make that as a change.
Also usually if I turn tv, amp, and player off and re-start each the synch problem is solved. But it is happening fairly frequently. I did not have this
issue with the Sony player.

2. When switching between the tv speakers and the amp when the tv is set up to recognize if sound is being output to the amp or if it is only being output to the tv.
With the Sony player this switching happened seamlessly, but if I have the amp on but then turn it off, the tv speakers do play. However if I turn the amp back on a loud buzzing is heard and then the sound no longer is reaching the amp. Turning off the amp and then back on generally, but not always, restores the sound.

I have tried the following:

Making changes to the audio output for the tv, turning off and on the option to prioritize either tv speakers or the amp.

On the amp on the set up function I have turned the HDMI control on and off, tried changing the standby synch, and the audio output.

On the Panasonic player both Dolby and DTS are set to Bitstream and the secondary audio is off. The optical down sampling is set to 96 kHz.
The HDMI video and audio outputs are set to auto. The 7.1 reformatting is set to off.

Before starting any of this I did download the latest firmware updates for the Panasonic player.

Any and all suggestions are welcome here. I am at a loss to understand why this is happening. My guess is that on some level the amp being the oldest component in this combination may be the culprit. I'd like this to work but maybe I need a different 4K player. I don't want to get another Sony UMP-X700M, but any suggestions on a more appropriate player would be good. I will say when everything is working the Panasonic player seems to output better quality audio and video than the UMP-X700M.

Thanks and happy holidays.


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